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  1. Got some more data! Lissa: Atk 20; Assault 10 Attacked Cavalier: Res 5 -> 7 damage Attacked Mage: Res 6 -> 7 damage In addition, with Lucina's passive skill of Atk+2, Lissa did 8 damage to both the cavalier and mage. So far, Topaz's formula looks right! (Reg damage calc)/2 rounded down works in both of these cases. Will continue to experiment!
  2. I would also like to know the answer to this!
  3. Sorry, but are you sure the highlighted points are correct? I remember Raider weapons and Darting Blow helping preventing enemy double attacks, but I could be wrong. Do you have a source by any chance?
  4. My Castle Code: 04124-86755-43080-76936 Chosen Affinity: Hoshido Region: NA Food Resource: Rice Mineral Resource: Coral Battle Level: Medium Unusual Skills (out of in-game base class): FeMU (Draconic Hex, Poison Strike, Lethality) Jakob (Elbow Room, Luna, Aegis) Hayato (Shove, Seal Res) Male Kana (Luna, Lethality)
  5. Does someone mind posting the amount of experience you earn based on level difference? Thanks so much!
  6. Yeah, all of the royals' children inherit Dragon Vein. EDIT: Lmao looks like I was a bit too late For a question of my own: Does Hayato get Dark Mage from Friendship Sealing Kaden (secondary class is Diviner)?
  7. Awesome, thanks for answering. Going off of that, can the ally and enemy units both double attack in the same turn due to this mechanic? (For example, comparing base speeds of 10 vs 10, and ally unit is using both a Javelin and the skill Darting Blow.) According to this explanation, each separate ES calculation should be 5 vs 10, and 15 vs 10, so they should both double attack. Can anyone confirm if this actually happens?
  8. Ah, I think I see. So essentially, the effective speed and double-attacking thresholds are calculated separately? And each effect is calculated individually to see if that specific unit can double or not?
  9. I'm a little confused with what goes into calculating effective speed and doubling. So today I used Subaki to attack an enemy unit with a Javelin (Subaki's base speed: 11, enemy's base speed: 12). The Javelin has the effect of -5 effective speed, so now Subaki: 6, enemy: 12. However, Subaki also has the skill Darting Blow, which has the effect of +5 effective speed, so shouldn't their base speeds balance out to the original (Subaki: 11, enemy: 12)? Why is the enemy still able to double Subaki during Player Phase? Thanks in advance!
  10. It's white and gold vs black and blue all over again lmao
  11. Light green means capped, dark green means there's some kind of stat bonus (either from pair-up, a skill, a Beaststone, etc)
  12. MU (Dark Blood) Xander (Paladin-now Swordmaster for skills) Camilla (Malig Knight) Leo (Dark Knight) Elise (Strategist) Laslow (Lodestar) Kaze (Elite Ninja) Silas (Great Knight) Mozu (Dread Fighter) Jakob (Butler) Keaton (Wolfskin) Niles (Adventurer) Azura (Great Lord- but I regret so much .-. I should've kept her a singer) Lutz occasionally (Wyvern Lord)
  13. Same! Chapter 10 was by far the most fun and strategic map I've ever played.
  14. I played on Normal, so it's probably just a difficulty level thing. Also maybe RNG blessed me that day, but at least on my map, enemy foxes only had Beastbane on the top portion of the map. So I just sent my mounted units to the left, while I sent tankish Camilla and Lutz to deal with the top enemies.
  15. Can someone explain why Nohr Chapter 19 is considered rage-inducing? I just used a Beastkiller and Flannel's Beastbane, and it was pretty straightforward.
  16. It's still available even after you switch out of the class.
  17. As long as an enemy is standing next to another enemy, and enemy 1 is not in a pair up, there will be a dual strike.
  18. I had a similar problem recently, where I reached Chapter 16 and most of my army was around level 11-12 because I'd been trying to spread the exp equally for all of my units. I'm doing a lot better now, and IMO the sweet spot is around 15 units (including royals and singer). You seem like you're using a reasonable number of units, so that might not be your issue. Are you always pairing up/using Guard Stance? If so, then that means you really only using 8 units total. And definitely don't feed your high-leveled units kills. That's all the advice I have, unfortunately. Hope this helped!
  19. I'm a girl with pretty mainstream romantic interests. Awakening: Chrom (I'm actually pretty surprised at how few people married him in this thread) Nohr: Xander Hoshido: Jakob Revelation: Shigure
  20. The thing is, I have been feeding them kills. I've avoided killing with any of the higher leveled characters as much as possible. I'm honestly not sure what happened, lol. In a few of the beginning chapters, however, I accidentally ended them too early without killing as many enemy units as possible, so maybe that's a cause. I'm going to try focusing exp on 3/4 of my army instead of all of it, so we'll see if that works.
  21. Just reached Chapter 16, where most of the enemy levels hover around 16-17. However, I realized a good majority of my army is somehow very under leveled (11-12). I've tried to share the exp equally between my whole army. Is there any way to not be under leveled without benching units? Or did I mess up somehow? Any advice is appreciated!
  22. Pretty sure that's because Revelation is only going to be released on 03/10.
  23. Not really a relevant thread, seeing as OP is asking for advice. And that thread is just posting your already decided Assets/Flaws.
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