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  1. I actually was refering to trying to stop the others feeding into that, and letting the person obtain this information.
  2. Thanks for this pretty well thought out response. I figured I shouldn't do so on the large test, considering it's after the fact and I couldn't do much about that. I do believe the vocabulary quiz word switch is going to be a wake-up call. This quizzes are given out weekly, and would average out pretty shortly. But that's probably not the point you're trying to make. In honesty, the class itself isn't terribly difficult. You can't easy mode on through it, but if you think when your in the class and take it seriously, you'll come out smelling like a rose. I feel that she isn't taking this very seriously. I felt that it was insulting to me and people who have to prepare more for these things, and this person among possible others who employed this tactic have literally half to prepare for. And, while I can't say for sure that there is something pressuring her to be doing well, I can say that these things have happened before in previous years on some lower level classes that, to my knowledge, weren't very stressful. To be honest, I've considered confronting her about this, if not for the fact she is dating one of my closest friends, and I'm pretty scared about what would happen to that if I went through with that.
  3. I'm a junior in high school, and I've been taking AP English as of this year. I have a few friends in this class which makes it much more bearable. However, there is ONE person among them that has been picking away at my nerves since the first few weeks. She has been consistently asking for what certain words are used on a weekly vocabulary quiz. These quizzes aren't particularly hard, but it's not just simple multiple choice stuff. 10 words (of 20) from that unit and 5 from previous units. I didn't think much of it the first 2-3 times, but then I decided I didn't like that, so I started making excuses like "Oh I forgot them". Then I just danced around the question completely, but it didn't matter, because there were about 3 other people who were willing to do so. I've tried to get them to stop subtlety, but that failed. So, today, I finally brought it to teacher's attention, and he agreed to changing the words for that classes quiz to the inverse words, and if I'm right, would probably cause a pretty hard drop in % for that person and anyone else who happened to employ that tactic. I thought that would be it. But as today unfolded, something else this person did completely disgusted me. She had went home early yesterday because she was sick, and missed a pretty freaking hard test (Equivalent of the SR portion of the AP Exam.). Today in my Media class, I saw her writing answers down on a discreet slip of paper, which would be unnoticed because people who missed it were sent to the library to complete it. We went over the answers in class today, and my other friend, I suspect, gave them answers. I can't in good conscious let this slip by as it's wrong, and utterly insulting to people worked hard and won't even get to do as well. What do you guys suggest I do? I feel like I have to do something about it, but using their name would lead to a confrontation from the teacher, and there were only 2 people who would've even known (Myself and the person who let them cheat), and it would easily point to me, which would be less than beneficial.
  4. For writing and fundamental stuff: Right handed. For a lot of not fundamental stuff that isn't too precise: Ambi For when I'm bating in a game of Baseball: Left handed.
  5. You're correct. Dragons have 4 limbs + wings, while Wyverns have 2 limbs and wings OR 4 limbs, where arms double as wings.
  6. - Abyssion (ToS) - Unlimited Ragna (Blazblue: Calamity Trigger) - Biolizard (SA2) I had more, but I forgot.
  7. I'll gladly have my entry in by the end of tonight :) EDIT:
  8. I'm waiting for a mod to post and close this thread.
  9. Hopefully a bad guy kills him halfway through the game.
  10. So, I've decided to keep 2 healers (May be revised to 3), and similar to what Ryuji said, I will drop 1 (in the case of 3 healers, 2 will be dropped) once Lilly gets access to staves. Chad's free till Astol, no combat. So then, on with chapter 2. [spoiler=Chapter 2] "She's in this castle, I swear!" Soldiers; sucking since not Tellius Bors, keep this up and I will use you forever. "...to the bench!" Normally, I'd be angry. This is pretty normal, and now I'm pretty angry. Made a small mistake with Ellen's positioning, but it's alright, cause she felt like dodging all of it. "I left my sword at home." Ennggggg, I'll let that slide. 4 Res in 5 levels. 16x, here I come. WOW MARCUS, YOUR GROWTHS ARE SO LOW, MY ALAN AT LEVEL 20 COULD EASILY BEAT THAT Marcus gets bosskill ala armorslayer. Rowy seizes.
  11. Like I said, I'm open to suggestions for other units. I suppose Healers are allowed. I think them not promoting is a fair price to pay.
  12. Right then, so to celebrate my return, I shall be doing a FE6 run (HM, as usual.). Now then, I will be doing an Ostian only run. I believe that leaves me Roy, Bors, Wendy, Barth, Lilina, Astol, and Oujay. Marcus until 8x. Aight? Aight. I'm open to suggestions for other possible units. [spoiler=Chapter 1] Chapter 1 bandits, you never learn. Bors, you're already not disappointing. Only thing Bors isn't afraid of. ' I don't know how I feel about this. Well, other than uncomfortable. Suddenly Ward Roy is scaring me with this defence. Says the guy who got killed by Roy who hasn't proced Str yet. + 2 Res in 3 levels. stahp rowy My guess is just as good as yours, Eliwood. Am I good at this LPing thing?
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