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  1. Well golly, this certainly looks interesting. Shame i don't have a shot at any of these roles. Hope everything works out however. I wish everyone here good luck.
  2. And so... the magical adventure of Shin continues...As Bartre poems come, Wallace level ups get thwomper, and no Lord promotes yet. Truly an amazing playthrough. Wait a minute... it's not here!
  3. The Last Promise was alright.

  4. It will indeed take a long time and alot of work, and possibly a crew... If of course that was possible, for now imma have to experiment with some tools and firstly create a map for the entire story. If i was to play around the 12 chapter limit, the maps would have to be massive and extremely limiting to try and fit everything. For the 24 character limit and increasing it, imma have to play around the home castle, ending and children systems to not destroy it all. Either by somehow getting rid of Home Castles and have all the characters somehow fielded, therefore damaging the arena, item shop and pawn shop systems, or by increasing the number of possible units to be fit inside of a home castle, seeing that there are a ton of units. Maybe i could get rid of some of the less important characters to decrease the work... But that would mean getting rid of characters, and i would not want that. Also about children characters for the 2nd Generation (FE6), some characters would work very wierdly. Since some fathers have the children and the mother doesn't matter, i would have to make the game count some male characters as female characters (Eliwood, Hector) unless i make them have automatic pairings. I feel like i opened up a box of problems with this concept idea, an okay idea but insanely hard to create.
  5. I understand that concern, that it would indeed be preety stupid, but if executed properly, it might work out very well, remembering that a small number of characters that appear in FE7 also appear in FE6, as well as some characters don't even have children. There are 13 playable females (14 if the tactician is female) that would have children. Alternatively, we could either forget about the tactician and start the story at Eliwood's begginings. It would also be wierd when it comes to somebody like Eliwood and Hector, who have their children no matter their wife... so would they sorta count as mothers? Or maybe have them have their special pairings.. but then with who?
  6. Sorry for any mistakes, my first language is Polish. I was curious for a while, since Fire Emblem 6 happens some time after Fire Emblem 7, what if somebody remade those 2 games into the Fire Emblem 4 format? It may sound silly due to character limits but lets think a little bit about that... Eliwood and lets say... Ninian could produce a child inheriting both their traits, growths, bases and weapons. Eliwood wielding a Rapier could get inherited for Roy efficiently acting as Sigurds silver sword. Maybe with some coding, it would be possible to have more characters than FE4 normally allows for, i don't belive many people experimented with that so it would be preety interesting for that to exist. We saw what japanese hackers can do via FE4:Binary or FEGirls and the likes, people started introducing the concept and eventually the creation of a CON growth so maybe increasing the character amount doesn't sound like something impossible. I would really love to hear everyone's opinion. Inherition would probably be the most annoying of things to balance but who knows.
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