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  1. Sure. Although it's possible you don't need a game file, if it's just the learnsets. The basic info for that can be found in the data-mined sheet, on this page.
  2. Oops, been busy and kinda forgot to check back. @ZanaLyrander I've updated the class page now, but if you still want access, give me a shout. @Tediz64 Nice work, but I hope you got some rest! Although I'll admit I can be a workaholic sometimes. Preferences can probably be data-mined, but I imagine there should be some people with the relevant saves.
  3. Cheers, both. Huh, a bit weird it stops at 199. Makes me curious if they extrapolated the formula, rather than data-mine. Also, looking at the growth rates, it seems they rounded to the nearest 5? I kinda want to do that as well, but the current values we have are already a minor approximation. Lots of other cool stuff too. Didn't realise characters had preferred expedition locations, although the bonus/penalty seems pretty minor. Apparently they don't have enough samples, but I wonder if I could find it... EDIT Reminder for myself
  4. Cool. Do you have a link? Or does anyone have some base level up costs (eg. level 1 to 2, 2 to 3...)? I have a feeling I saw something like that somewhere in the files. What's curious though is that everyone only has growth vectors up to Level 120. But they could always expand the file. (Unless the level ups cycle or something.) EDIT Does it look like this?
  5. Ta-da Does that look right? I can add the dialogue later; bit busy at the moment ^^
  6. Oh, very interesting. Didn't think the responses would be that varied. With all the data you provided, I think I narrowed the file down. Just need to figure out the best way to organise it...
  7. If I have some spare time, I can try to run some tests. Maybe hack an applicable character's growths so they're all 0% or something? Or maybe something small like 5%? I never got round to running a modified version of Three Houses, but hopefully it's not too hard...
  8. Huh, that's odd. If changing it, I would mention the in-game description has an error, so people don't get confused.
  9. Oh, interesting. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Sparkles are always nice : P
  10. Ooh, nice. I think I have that strategy active right now. I need to remember to spam more spells during side quests... Added a quick page for cooking. Also, added forging data to the data-mined sheet. I think there's a lot of unnecessary data though xD BTW, in case anyone was wondering, I think there's a mistake or ambigious phrasing in the tutorial for unleashing relics. When you unleash accessories, it says some accessories may grant "increased stat growth". I thought this meant boosting growth rates. But I think it means boosting the accessory's stats (eg. Spd +3 to Spd +6). I mean, I guess the phrasing isn't wrong per se, but that was not the first thing that came to mind XD
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I think I just missed two rows for Brigand (1-star art and 2-star ability). Will slowly fix the affected pages... If you or anyone else notices any omissions, do let me know ^^
  12. It's worse than I thought. Might be closer to 0.4% for C support. That would align it with 1/256. Which would make a lot of sense, in terms of programming (256 is the max value in hexadecimal). B seems to be 3% (459 samples) while A has decreased to around 7.5% (210 samples).
  13. Huh, that's very interesting. I'm trying to figure out where they'd squeeze their data, but nothing is coming to mind. That said, I think only the learn set data has minimal room. They could expand it easily, but I would've expected them to pad the file, if they were expecting/planning additional characters. However, if they were only playable in a campaign and didn't join you (thus they don't learn any abilities/arts), I could see it making sense. Might be disappointing for players though...
  14. I made a sheet with a list. Hopefully it looks right. I noticed those in the Brawler line can teach all of their arts. Presumably so females can learn them.
  15. Oh yeah, I updated the sheet sorta recently. Did more testing and A support art/spell tutelage seems to have around 10% success rate. B and C need more samples, but I think they're around 5% and 1%. Hopefully C is higher, but I don't have high hopes...
  16. From the 4 characters I looked at (Shez, Lysithea, Marianne and Holst), it seems to be arts/spells learned in their preferred classes? However, there's a little snag. Anyone with a preferred class in, say, Warrior or Wyvern Lord can't pass their art down because everyone learns the same art in those classes. That's why Hilda only gets 1 teachable art... It seems massively random. I didn't record it (I thought I did), but one time I learned the spell on the very first cast with C support.
  17. Trying to estimate how long it takes to pass down arts/spells to adjutants. Even with perfect conditions (infinite use arts/spells), it's painful. A support seems OK. About less than 1 min on average of non-stop art/spell spam. B currently averages 3.5 mins of non-stop spam, but I need more samples. Likewise, C needs more samples, but is around 5.5 mins of non-stop spam so far. Of course, in a real situation, you can't spam arts/spells for anywhere close to 1 min...
  18. Ooh, sounds promising. I'm in the middle of a hacked playthrough and could probably test some case scenarios soon. So far I haven't recruited any of the Ashen Wolves or Byleth/Jeralt. Currently on Chapter 12 of the first route after 1~2 hours, but the other two routes should be quicker with Vanguard Whistles. Started testing the growth boosts from battle suggestions. After disabling character and class growths, the Magic one seems to be a +10% random boost, after doing ~3000 level ups (well, 29 lots of Level 1 -> 99). I'm assuming it just adds on top of the class growths, but I'll have to renable those to confirm.
  19. Ahahaha, I was wondering that too. Like, wow, they got there fast. I also suspect they're more useful when you're not looking/elsewhere. Although I have encountered the rare occasion where they seemingly don't do much and I have to swoop in myself (c'mon Claude, does it really take you that long to capture a Wyvern Rider stronghold?).
  20. Damn, really sorry about that. The 503 errors have been pretty common lately. I need to figure out what's causing them. Just in case... If anyone is making large-ish edits to pages, I highly recommend copying everything to Notepad or a similar program in case you get an error. (This is also helpful when working on other websites where it doesn't auto-save your work and you accidentally hit back or close the browser etc.)
  21. Nice work. Huh, that's pretty significant if Apex abilities are bugged. When I have time, I should check with Shez.
  22. Oh yeah, those are in the data-mined sheet, under Innate Abilities. Just haven't had time/forgot to add them to the wiki. Apparently Gatekeeper has all of them. Although I haven't confirmed it for myself. I don't think Mastermind is one though? Which character/class learns it? I know Lysithea and Jeritza have it already learned.
  23. Added battalions. Kinda haphazardly divided them. Wasn't quite sure where the "unique" battalions end. Oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Knowing who's in (or not in) a particular route could be a deal-breaker for some people xD
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