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  1. It's not something I *need*, but I definitely think it would be nice as an option. Seriously, it can't be that hard to crop some nice-looking images. Plus the FE series is well represented on the Nintendo Switch. Then again, we're talking about the same Nintendo that still doesn't offer home menu themes, even though the 3DS has them in spades o__o
  2. We officially have some new team members now! @Captain Karnage, @Blaze The Great and (later in June) @Silent Mercenary Captain Karnage has offered to mainly help with the Three Houses support conversations, plus the main story. Blaze the Great will also be working on the Three Houses supports. So you may want to co-ordinate between yourselves, so you don't get confused ^^ (I also replied to the Heroes suggestion via PM, but for the time being, we'll be skipping it.)
  3. Hey there! I appreciate your and everyone else's concerns. Currently, most of the content that's not on the wiki is managed/written solely by myself and unfortunately I don't have as much time as I used to (although thanks to the pandemic, I have the time but not the motivation). Also, I don't currently have Three Houses (the game) on me, so there's only so much I can do. If anybody wants to help out, I'd more than appreciate it. Please reply to me here or via PM and I'll try and sort something out soon. You can help out in any capacity that you're comfortable with. Oh, if possible, let me know if you have experience with HTML and/or WordPress (not required, but would be useful). @Captain Karnage Sorry for the wait, I'll get back to you when I have a bit more time ^^ Things I definitely need help with: Anything Three Houses gameplay-related (because I don't have the game). I can create a skeleton page for the paralogues, but my notes are a mess and I might not have all the details. (I am able to data-mine the game, but it's not as easy as previous games because of Koei Tecmo. I think everything I was able to data-mine is already on the website.) Updating the names for the Japanese-only games, as there are LOTs of pages to go through. I can probably do some of these myself, but it'll be waaay faster with help! Honestly, I probably need help looking up and fixing all the mistakes and errors that have been reported as well. A lot of the games, I'm just plain rusty with now. Things I can work on in the near term: The skill suggestions info, I was supposed to transfer to the Class-Change page. There would be a link to it from the Class Introduction page, once it was finished. Adding the Ashen Wolves (and missing NPCs) to the Character Introductions page. Adding a page for Personal Abilities. Probably add the world map. Recently fixed: Bowbreaker (and Tomebreaker) requirements in the Abilities page. I guess there's no way to learn Fistbreaker? Probably not gonna happen: As Raven mentioned, it would likely be too much effort to update the FE Heroes game page. Plus there are Heroes-focused resource sites that make it redundant. Not quite sure what to do with it right now. Perhaps transforming it into a more general page would be for the best.
  4. There are more placeholders, but they don't look like they're playable. Seem like NPC/enemy/event classes. (For example, they don't have mastered abilities/arts.) 0x58 is a dummy Demonic Beast. 0x59 is a foot magic Advanced class. 0x5A looks like a Noble/Commoner placeholder. 0x5B is playable Death Knight. 0x5C is a dummy Demonic Beast. 0x5D to 0x63 are 7 Noble/Commoner placeholders. The number of placeholders doesn't really matter too much, I think. Before this update, the four unreleased DLC classes were spare Demonic Beasts. For the update, they added about 10 extra slots (from 90 to 100) at the end of the list, out of nowhere. Also, I forgot about the certification ranks.
  5. Some more info about the unreleased classes. If there's anything you want to know that I haven't posted, let me know. Otherwise, I'll be compiling everything for an article on Sunday or Monday.
  6. I'm still digging through the new files and I haven't really checked the discussions much. Have we covered the possible new DLC classes leaked via the new update?
  7. Haven't had time to test them yet, but here are some preliminary pages for Jeritza and Anna: https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/monastery/tea-party/jeritza/ https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/monastery/tea-party/anna/ Let me know if anything seems off!
  8. Thanks for asking! Yeah, I made a mistake. The (Grade -1) x 5 part only applies for one seed, I believe. That should cap the rate at 100. So 20 (max co-efficient) + 20 (for a 5-star seed) + 30 (5 seeds) + 30 (pegasus blessings) = 100. I have no idea what happens during Blessing of the Land. I don't recall getting 2 stat-boosters ever, so I assume it also caps at 100%. But if I'm wrong, do let me know! If you're mixing seeds, things are a bit more complicated. I guess you'd need to calculate the rate for every type of seed, then somehow split the rate by the ratio of seeds.
  9. I've updated the greenhouse page with information from the guidebook. There are formulae to calculate the yield for any number and/or type of seed, as well as the chance of obtaining stat-boosters. Just in case, does anyone here know how to write Javascript code (or any online-friendly code) and would be interested in volunteering to create a gardening calculator?
  10. Sorry for the late reply ^^;; @BAMX Thanks, I've corrected the table. Not sure why it's like that for his B support... @bethany81707 Essentially, it's a free pass. But if somebody hacked the game to lower Byleth's starting stats/skill levels, the game would probably complain if you didn't meet the requirements.
  11. Oh yeah, I was checking some loose ends and unless I'm mistaken, only Byleth has hidden + support levels (and no A+ for same gender characters). So Byleth is the one who's most affected by this bug. Then again, the fact it can't trigger during enemy phase seems really weird too. Adjutant Guard works during both phases, so I'm curious if being player phase only is an oversight as well...
  12. Sorry I've been rather quiet. Been busy, while also trying to do as much research as possible ^^ Finished the Adjutants page. Made some interesting discoveries. A few people noticed this, but Adjutant Guard prevents enemy follow-ups from killing units. Meanwhile, Adjutant Follow-Up actually has a decent activation rate, but it seems to be bugged. It doesn't trigger during the enemy phase and support levels C+, B+ and A+ (even if hidden) count as "no support".
  13. Yes. The data for Rhea currently on the site is actually split between Jeralt and Rhea. The topics are for Jeralt and the answers at the end are for Rhea.
  14. Hmm, I was wondering if the negating counter effect was separate; I only counted the additional damage, since that was easier to see. But the 1 in 4 refers to once the Crest has triggered. 16 in 103 isn't too far from 1 in 4, although it is quite a bit lower. Curiously, if you add 12 and 16 together, it's actually close to 1 in 4. Although that's a coincidence. Sadly, I don't think I'd be able to find any formulae. I can barely identify plain old tables as it is, since none of the files have names (until they get updated in a patch) or labels (well, around 1% of the files do) ^^;; EDIT Also, it's never a waste. It's good to have real data to look at, instead of just pulling numbers that could be anything from the code.
  15. Thanks, should be fixed now! Of course, I put the number in the wrong column ^^;;
  16. @Silly Huh, that's interesting. I guess for high defence characters, it's better to recruit them earlier? With Gilbert you don't have a choice though! @Druplesnubb Oh yeah, I'll add the Part 2 recruitment conditions soon-ish. You are correct about the second part, although I'm unsure how to add them without it being too spoilery. I think there are a few more enemies with crests, but they aren't particularly memorable (or just plain spoilerific). I might have to write a disclaimer in there or something ^^;;;
  17. Sorry that I've been kinda quiet. Been busy with various things, while trying to squeeze in as much Three Houses play-time and testing as possible ^^;; Added the base activation rates to the Crests page: https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/crests/ @Sire Thanks! I had a feeling it worked like that. Otherwise it seems weird that the ring is inferior to the Goddess Ring. @Silly Hmm, that's curious. Maybe try plugging in the values for the other Fortress Knight class? HP: 35 (+5) STR: 14 MAG: 8 DEX: 12 SPD: 8 (-6) LCK: 10 DEF: 13 (+2) RES: 7 Those are the base stats, with the class-change boosts in brackets. I'm assuming Gilbert is in the normal Fortress Knight class when you get him, so ignore the CC boosts. But maybe his stats are calculated using those base stats? Hmm, but that's only a 4 point difference in Defence, I think? Anyway, besides that, there shouldn't be any other Fortress Knights. Also, there is another Gilbert, but he has the same bases and growths as normal.
  18. Thanks, I was able to check that myself but I want to check his B support specifically ^^ There's a possibility that his requirements at B and B+ might be slightly off because Byleth's Brawling skill starts at E+ rather than E. Under the normal scaling, that means the requirements would be lowered to E+ Brawling when you get to B+ support, which *might* be considered too low by the game (as it means an automatic pass, which should happen when you get to A support instead). So maybe it's something like D+ for B support and then D for B+. But that's just a guess.
  19. Thanks! I want to test that, but I haven't finished my Black Eagles run yet, so I can't attempt to recruit Caspar with a B support... That said, I did get him with C in Brawling without supports. So I assumed he scaled like normal. Is there anyone who's beaten Black Eagles route who can test this? Basically, unlock Caspar's B support and then buy a D Brawling rank (assuming you trained it). Then see if you can recruit him while exploring. I don't think you need to raise your Strength at all. @Jacien That's nice to know! I did think something was off about how plus supports worked--and I thought it might tie in with the Close Allies list. @timon Thanks! That helps a lot ^^ So it's just those three characters, huh?
  20. You're just in time. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/monastery/greenhouse/ The only thing I can't answer is the chance of stat-boosters. But TBH, it's not really hard to get them. The main factors seem to be number of items (which is directly proportional to the number of seeds and the cultivation method used) and the yield level (this is a bit more complicated, but you want it to be 3 if possible).
  21. I think that's covered under additional notes, near the beginning. I hid a bunch of stuff to try and save space. Thanks for checking Marianne as well! It will count as C+. You can check via the "Share a meal" menu. Likewise, you can get B+ for everyone else before the time skip. Just now, I painstakingly showered Ingrid with gifts and tea parties to reach B+. @timon Ingrid needs D Flying up to C+ support, then E+ Flying at B or B+. I didn't check A, but I assume it's got to be "any will do".
  22. Very good question. I overlooked her but I just started a new Golden Deer file so I can check soon. Yes, Level counts as a stat. I'll make a note later. I checked with Catherine and Cyril.
  23. Their existence is way too suspicious to be nothing. I would be very, very surprised if the DLC didn't focus on them. Maybe the new characters are all related to those crests.
  24. Oh yeah, I kinda forgot you can do that ^^ Sure, I appreciate any research. That's what I remember from my playthrough. One thing to bear in mind, I think you can only explore once during the month where you go to Zanado. EDIT Oh, this is very important. Class stat boosts (via class changing) don't count. For example Str +1 for Fighter.
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