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  1. Truthfully... not really. Just a metric TON more users XD
  2. I'm particularly fond of Adept as far as normal skills go. For mastery, its GOT to be Impale, unless Eclipse counts.
  3. *pops in from nowhere* Um.. I think I'm back. *needs to remember to come here more often XD*
  4. Yeah, I'm counting Kurth mainly because , but Royals.... formshift. and broken beyond all broken. I personally like Kurth best.
  5. Didn't they have Critical + 30 in FE6? *recalls Rutger + Wo Dao having 80% crit and grins*
  6. The first five posters get -1000 posts added to their postcount. Srsly. Gogo! Must be seperate users as well... And thats a direct c/p.... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  7. Like I said, Advances only. Besides.... theres 19/20 choices there alone... 17 if you remove the all and none XD
  8. And we're, like, not counting the Trial Map/Creature Campaign ones. Anyway, While I do love SMs, I gotta say, Rutger completely owns ALL. Seriously.... I've had characers that can turn battles into bloodsheds, but Rutger is the only one I've had who could turn the entire GAME into a bloodshed.
  9. *enters topic one step* O.o *steps out of topic*
  10. Well, I havn't officially, but my AR'd run got both Ashnard and Psycho Ashnard. Yeah, murduring stuff with Psycho Ashnard is REALLY fun.
  11. Reyson, hands down. Plus, since herons can use Laguz Gems... give him the one Giffca brings and hes automatically better than Rafiel AND Leanne for 4-E.
  12. The pattern is the Jeigans.... 6: Rutger. 7: Guy. 8: Joshua. 9: Zihark. 10: Ike (ZOMG NOT A SWORDMASTER)
  13. I just tack a L sound to the beginning of Rachel. Luh-Ray-chell (shell with a hard c).
  14. Thats what I thought. And its for having all 3 magics that I say Pupil 3 Ewan owns XD
  15. I hapened to think all 3 3rd Tier Trainees owned. Especially Ewan.
  16. I forgot Sniper? *looks* *bangs head into keyboard* And after Shinon was in my FE10 final party, too..... >.< -EDIT: Sniper added.
  17. For sake of sanity, no 3rd tiers XD Anyway.... SWORDMASTERS FTW!
  18. SSB made me interested, then I learned about emulation and dug up FE6.
  19. 1-5: Can't say I played 'em. 6: Roy + Rutger + Lilina = DEATH. (Rutger in particular....) Its ironic Lilina pwns because.... 7: Never finished because Hector constantly phailed. (I'd GIVE him a free kill.... he'd miss and die. CONSTANTLY.) 8: I don't know why people hate this one. I personally loved it. (And no, I didn't ToV unless I was in an unwinnable situation... which never happened XD) 9: 9 was great. 10: The DB levels were hard (Especially in 3-13 ), but it was overall a good game.
  20. I usually seem to have great Roys.... but I can't recall my best one... been too long since I've played FE6 >.
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