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  1. And we're, like, not counting the Trial Map/Creature Campaign ones.

    Anyway, While I do love SMs, I gotta say, Rutger completely owns ALL. Seriously.... I've had characers that can turn battles into bloodsheds, but Rutger is the only one I've had who could turn the entire GAME into a bloodshed.

  2. 1-5: Can't say I played 'em.

    6: Roy + Rutger + Lilina = DEATH. (Rutger in particular....) Its ironic Lilina pwns because....

    7: Never finished because Hector constantly phailed. (I'd GIVE him a free kill.... he'd miss and die. CONSTANTLY.)

    8: I don't know why people hate this one. I personally loved it. (And no, I didn't ToV unless I was in an unwinnable situation... which never happened XD)

    9: 9 was great.

    10: The DB levels were hard (Especially in 3-13

    When the Greil Mercs came after me.... that was SCARY XD

    ), but it was overall a good game.

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