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  1. Made a compilation of gameplay-related bits from the systems text dump, including character names, classes, items, battalions, abilities, combat arts, gambits, etc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17acGjjsaPUslzy_bzH0xoMz0i1nb_6C5WNP1ewX-jUQ
  2. Salem has a 50% chance to act each turn i.e. coin-flip chance to use his Sleep Staff. This kind of AI setting is present in a number of enemies throughout the game e.g. Tina in Ch 12x, the Ch 14 boss, the Dark Mages in Ch 23, etc.
  3. This is unfortunate, considering how the quality of the localised script from the bits we've seen actually seem really good. It must be discouraging when the primary obstacle to the project isn't the text but rather technical issues inherent to the SRPG Studio engine or its version compatibility. It's not surprising that DANGEN hasn't been able to be clearer about a release date, if the main hurdle isn't text but one of the game engine. Though despite all this, I am glad that they made commitment towards making the localisation of the game happen very clear.
  4. Ward is actually not mandatory for the final chapter. It's deceptive because Ward, when deployable, is always forced on the 2nd deployment slot. Since you can only have 16 Active Units at a given time, and the Endgame has max deployment of 16, this means the player has no room to 'undeploy' a unit except by reducing the total number of deployed units. So Ward isn't really forced, it's just that he costs a deployment slot to undeploy. Faye is forced in Endgame, but only if the player permanently recruits her and completes a certain sequence of events relating to her. As long as the player satisfies her level + happiness recruitment requirements by the end of Chapter 13 and is careful to complete citizen requests for each main mission, one shouldn't have issues getting this to happen.
  5. WRT Guardian, Yes There is no singular concept of anti-armor.. at least that was the case back in VS1. For example, Zade's prf and all thunder tomes were effective vs. both Knights and Heavy Knights, but the Rapier and the Levin Axe was only effective vs. Heavy Knights.
  6. I'm not a hacker so it's probably best not to expect any information that involves ripping through files :P I am manually documenting unit / weapon / skill / class / event information as I progress through the game. Depends on what you mean by 'Armored'. If you mean Class Type 重騎士 (Heavy Knight) with 重歩兵 as the Movement Paradigm, then no Generals do not belong to this category, neither in VS1 nor here. Back in VS1 there were only 4 classes with these properties: アーマーナイト (Armor Knight), ガーディアン (Guardian, not the 'Guard Knights' but those immobile enemies with Guardian Spears), ボウガード (Bow Guard) and アーマーヘッド ('Armor Head', I rendered them as 'Armor Sergeant').
  7. I'm not sure, but uh I haven't tried it multiple times, but generally after reducing the HP of those units they become 'capturable' by Zade so it might not be random at all, instead just depending on getting below a certain HP threshold. (Edit) Actually bothered to read some of the village texts, apparently Zade's Capture command vs. starred enemies appears once the latter has 10 HP or less, and it is guaranteed. So no need to worry, it's actually quite easy. On another note, apparently I forgot that captured units leave the map, so it can't be Castor or Pollux who goes to reach the ?? tile on Chapter 3... How on earth would you reach this spot?
  8. I've been compiling info on the VS Sidestory: Silverbirch's Sacred Sword on this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1shXiBSnuj4a5fCJ-ubZPI8QbZ-JnHzGGvegQJlHBT8Q Chapters 1 and 2 are fairly straightforward, though each of them has an oddball event that might throw the firsttime player off a bit. Chapter 3 though seems to be a bit tricky if you want to get everyone on your team. There seems to be a Capture mechanic and according to Kaga's blog it seems to be closer to the one in Berwick Saga than its FE: Thracia 776 reincarnation, which is worrying cuz I'm not sure if this is at whims of randomness even at one's best attempt or if there are ways to guarantee it: basically we're not sure how exactly it works. But the gist of it seems to be that basically, starred units (Karajan, Pollux, Castor) can be recruited by being 'captured' by Zade. Whether a unit is capturable or not is indicated by the Unit Menu: on Zade's row there's a list of units Zade can talk to, and capturable units are included there. There is no concept of 'Injury' or 'Cripple' in this game, though. And the idea seems to be that there will be units in the game that need to be captured in order to be recruited. So assuming that capturing is more similar to the Berwick counterpart, the best course of action seemed to be leaving a unit with low HP. I found that for Karajan, Short Knife chipping with Sujatha- > final blow with the Raijin Dagger, lowering his HP from 14 to 2, made him capturable. But Castor and Pollux are a bit more tricky cuz they need to be baited across the river (Zade can't access the middle area since his class type does not allow him to cross broken bridges or river tiles) and one needs to control damage output while keeping your own units safe... I might give it a go a bit later, there is strong incentive to recruit them on this map since in the current absence of fliers, you need units who can waterwalk to access the ?? tile on the top left corner, and those two seem to be the only ones who can do that.
  9. You cannot switch horses without Christine's Swap Horse skill. You can give a unit a new horse in the Stables, but that replaces the original horse instead of swapping, meaning that the original horse is gone forever. This makes it such that if you want to keep both horses while putting them in different units you need to field Christine, giving her an irreplaceable niche of sorts. In the earlygame this isn't too much of a big deal, but as the game progresses and you get some special horses that gives stat bonuses like +1 Mov that you want to swap around, Christine's Swap Horse utility becomes much more coveted. You can't change who shows up in the Kingfisher Pavilion after Reese + all remaining 8 seats have been set. That said, there are a few subtleties that the player can take advantage of. Firstly, the roster for the Kingfisher Pavilion for a given chapter becomes fixed the moment you enter the Pavilion. Secondly, only characters in the Active List can be seated. This means you can control which units get to take advantage of food, at the cost (or benefit, depending on your perspective) of guaranteeing a spot for Ward, by putting the units you want to be fed in the Active Lists while the ones you don't want out of it before you enter the Pavilion for the first time for the chapter. Thirdly, if the full 8 seats have not been filled when you first enter the Pavilion for a given chapter (due to there being not enough units in the Active List), you can fill the rest of those seats later. This means if you have, say, a mercenary unit that you don't want to field in the main mission but later for sidequests, you can keep a few seats empty the first time you enter, before the main mission, then after completing the main mission and getting a sidequest, add that other mercenary unit you want to feed food in the Active List then enter the Pavilion again. These details allows the player to finely control which units get food bonuses.
  10. I find it a bit silly to use a unit that joins in Endgame as an argument against Perceval who joins a bit before the half-way point. With that aside, Perceval is on a similar boat to Aegina in terms of accuracy but doesn't have Focus Chant. This is unfortunate for him but I do think he has modes of uses. Perceval's fairly high Magic base of 6 means Perceval with the Brenthunder and a +Mag brace does similar amounts of damage to an Aegina with Pallas Riana and a +Mag brace - at base they tie in maximum damage output with the Blessed Brace (+2 Mag) since (6 Mag + 2 bonus + 6 Mt) x 2 = (3 Mag + 2 bonus + 3 Mt) x 4 = 32 total magical Atk. Now, Perceval has a slight base accuracy lead over Aegina (Aegina has a 3 chapter availability lead for Wind skill grinding but she doesn't really do anything with it other than self-improvement), and Brenthunder is a + weapon unlike Pallas Riana being a x4 weapon. So in a situation where one needs to deal with a bulky target before Turn 7 (e.g. Low Turn Count runs or just playthroughs sensitive to pace in general), Perceval is more reliable at getting the job done - after all, hitting 2 times is way more likely than hitting 4 times at similar accuracy levels. He can pull off~50% CoS prior to accuracy modifications - which is not very good, but Aegina hitting all 4 times at base with the Pallas Riana w/o Focus Chant has ~25% CoS. Odds are fairly higher if he gets accuracy boosts in the form of Reese's Commander or Food or so on which is good for him. So overall outside of turns where Focus Chant is available, Percy has a better shot at doing the max amount of damage whenever you need to. That said Aegina is much more reliable when you can time your hits for Focus Chant, or alternatively in situations where you only need 1 hit to connect (Ready Shot cancelling or just small chip): Base Aegina with Pallas Riana has ~98% chance of hitting at least once vs. most enemy types that aren't too dodgy, whereas it's only ~90% for base Perceval with Brenthunder. Minus Focus Chant his utility is fairly similar to Aegina's. Handling midgame bulky enemies and Wyverns with negative Thunder resistance are his best best uses. Some chapters can benefit from fielding 2 mages (Ch. 7 Main, Ch. 9 Main, Ch. 10 Main, Ch. 10-1, etc.) so he can find good uses especially in the absence of promoted Enid, or if using Aegina isn't rly your thing. He can also try some niche capture setups since he has access to both Wind and Thunder magic, so he can use Blizzard for Injury and Lightning for Cripple in conjunction with Mercy, but those are rather situational opportunist mode of use. So overall I think his most practical use is as a midgame magic dealer with low investment like Aegina, slinging Brenthunder vs. select targets. As for minor things: - Perceval can't proc Adept before a Speed proc, +Spd brace (which are not worth buying imo) or promotion - Arrowbane gives him slight flexibility when put in range of enemy bowman which has some situational uses, but he gets oneshot by Ballistae so he probably shouldn't be banking on Arrowbane for the latter case. He doesn't have very good accuracy vs. bowmen though since bows have very light weight so bow users tend to have some avoid. - Getting Perceval to promotion is hard but at least it's easier than Aegina for what it's worth, his Thunder skill grows faster than Aegina does with Wind. This also has to do with the intricacies of how weapon exp procs work with + weapons and x weapons, but simply put, the gist is Perceval's promo requirements takes less orb slinging, though it still takes quite a bit. A 30+ Thunder skill Perceval with promo bonuses can actually be more flexible in reaching 1RKO targets with decent accuracy, but this is mostly for ppl that really like using and training him... since he needs to spam Thunder at every opportunity and try to get as many thunder orbs as those as possible and conserve Brenthunder. - A rigged Perceval is actually ridiculous with damage output due to his loose bracketing but that's more of a meme thing. With accuracy boost stacking he can actually even use Windstorm to decent effect (he can actually kill Black Knights with it lul) but ultimately it doesn't mean too much.
  11. This is probably really late as a reply to your question but should be informative to whoever bothers to read this. Aegina In the earlygame, Aegina's offense is quite bad. The best thing she does is mediocre 15 damage 80 hit Fire chip locked to 0-1 range, or 1-2 ranged damage with Pallas Riana with 6x4 Atk, which is better range and damage than Fire but still doesn't oneround and has mediocre hit rates hovering in the 60s w/o additional boosts. At this point in the game, she is marred by both low damage output and low accuracy, with only Focus Chant (+30 Hit, +10~30% damage) usable every 7 turns or food bonuses from the Kingfisher Pavilion to fix these issues. There isn't really much of a need for magical damage either at this point of the game, so there isn't really a point in fielding her apart from self-improvement and maybe chip damage vs. Laurus in Ch. 4. Things get a bit better for her with time though, as Aegina gains access to accessories that boost her damage output and reliability: - Ch. 4 Main: Almuth hands out a free Eagle Brace (+5 Hit) if you visit the Library before starting the main mission - Ch. 4-2: Boltz has a Tiger Brace (+10 Hit) that one may obtain via Capture - Ch. 5: The brace shop on the map has a Spirit Brace (+1 Mag), Blessed Brace (+2 Mag) for damage output, and another Eagle Brace which means less competition for hit boosts. - Ch. 8: An enemy Raze Priest reinforcement drops a Divine Brace (+3 Mag) buffing her damage output even further Since Pallas Riana hits 4 times, every boost to Magic equals +4 damage. By the time she gets the Divine Brace, she can reach 36 damage with base stats if she hits all 4 times with the Pallas Riana. With Focus Chant she is doing ~40 damage with near perfect accuracy at 2-range. If one manages to get a lucky Mag level with her 15% growth that's +4 damage for each proc, though getting one isn't quite reliable without a ton of EXP investment. But Pallas Riana still has a low base accuracy of 60, which means even with continued use contributing to her Wind skill she isn't going to be accurate with it w/o a Commander aura, Focus Chant or food. So while her overall damage output and accuracy potential has increased, she is still a unit that is rather limited in ease-of-use, as she is often faced having to choose between damage potential or accuracy when she's not using Focus Chant. It should also be noted that she doesn't really do much with orbs other than the Pallas Riana, since they suffer from having mediocre damage output and limited 2-range prowess. Fortunately for her, there is more going for her than just braces alone. The midgame is where Magic damage start becoming notably useful. - In most main missions from Ch. 6 onwards, there are enemies with bulky shields that physical units have trouble scratching but have like no Magic (=Resistance). - 2-range magic is useful vs. crossbow enemies for disabling Ready Shot. All she needs to do is to hit at least 1 out of 4 hits at 2 range with the Pallas Riana, which she actually has good odds of doing even w/o accuracy boosts. - Wyverns have negative elemental resistance, some of which are weak to Wind. Aegina can potentially oneround them with Pallas Riana or at least do hefty chip, something that other units struggle to do. All in all, Aegina is a low-investment unit with decent returns with the right setup, most notable for her 2-range damage potential with her personal Pallas Riana orb. She often faces the dilemma of having to choose between big damage output and good hit rates, but can still be useful despite this due to the rarity of good 2-range magical options and the nuances of the x4 hit property of her personal orb. With Focus Chant setup every 7 turns, she actually has a decent shot at nuking priority targets reliably. Without it (i.e. most of the time), she can still be decent 2-range chip if one lowers one's expectations to hitting like 1~2 out of 4 times, which still has its uses. It's not like she's a unit that improves considerably with investment either - she needs an inordinate amount of investment to promote (one of the hardest in the game), and despite the potential benefits of the magic boost it doesn't end up being useful since more lategame enemies actually have some Magic, limiting her yield after investment. Enid Enid is a very different unit from Aegina. Prior to promotion, she has some of the worst physical combat prowess out of the playable roster, with worse combat parameters (offense, bulk and sword skill) than base Faye but without a prf sword or any skills to aid her offense. She is only saved by how from her join there are 80 base hit Lady Swords available with which she can pull off pretty decent hit rates, allowing her to gain EXP without forsaking too much reliability. She needs to reach 5 Magic in order to promote: With base 2 Magic and 20% growth, this is no trivial task, requiring 15 levels on average. This is why in playthroughs that involve promoting Enid, she basically call dibs on the craftable MAG Potion, which at least eases the burden from 15 to 10 levels on average. The situation is a bit better if one is willing to rig Magic procs for her - the earliest she can reach 5 Mag is at Lv. 11 (Lv. 6 with the Magic Potion) due to her tight bracketing - but I don't think it's fair to assume the player would be doing this. Overall, assuming with a MAG Potion investment, the earliest she's realistically going to reach these 10 levels is somewhere in Chapter 8, and so the earliest she realistically promotes w/o Magic rigging is right before the Chapter 9 main mission - this means she misses being useful in Chapter 6-8 where magic damage still has some uses, and potentially more depending on when she promotes. That said, even with all this work, she's probably easier to promote than Aegina. Enid post-promotion is something else entirely though. Promotion unlocks her personal orb, the Pallas Leia which boasts 32 might, and promoted Enid has 7 base Magic, for a whooping total of 39 magical Atk. The Pallas Riana also has 90 base hit, which means she's actually quite accurate with it. With some help from Magic increasing braces, she can oneshot Armor Knights, Lance Knights, Sergeants, or even Generals - enemy types which becomes relevant pretty much by the time she promotes. These are enemies that Aegina (or Perceval) dents but likely does not oneround, so Enid is much more reliable and easy-to-use against these enemy types. She is also the best bet against Ice Wyrms and Thor with it.10 uses doesn't seem like much until you realize that it restores 2 uses per chapter, so in reality the player is likely to have more like double that amount to use. She does however lack a good 2-range option. She is inaccurate with Thunder, Brenthunder and Earthblaze if unaided by Focus Chant. The only 2-range option with both decent damage output and accuracy is Focus Chant + Brenthunder with a +Mag brace, but the damage output isn't as good as the Focus Chant + Pallas Riana with a +Mag brace, and is ultimately more situational. Brenthunder is an additive weapon not a multiplicative weapon, so her odds of hitting at least once for Ready Shot cancelling w/o Focus Chant is considerably worse as well, and the odds are even worse with Thunder or Earthblaze. Besides Brenthunder and Earthblaze aren't exactly widely available since they are locked to a forge (apart from the one Brenthunder orb Perceval comes with) 2-range isn't really Enid's strong suit, she best sticks to 0-1 range nuking with Pallas Leia. Concluding Remarks At the end of the day, both of their strengths lie primarily in their personal orbs. Aegina's strength is free 2-range with the Pallas Riana providing useful ranged chip at various parts of the run, and therefore serves as good low-investment midgame filler deployment spamming her personal orb in select useful scenarios that doesn't require much apart from certain damage/hit rate boosting setups like braces or skill setups. Post-promotion Enid is the most reliable out of all your magic options as a oneshot nuke against bulky physical enemies and bosses with the Pallas Leia, and ends up transitioning better to lategame, but at the high investment cost of needing to promote to access her magical prowess to begin with. As such, Aegina and Enid ends up having different modes of utility which shines at different points of the game. In this sense, my personal preference is to Use Aegina, Train Enid.
  12. Hi

    1. Aggro Incarnate

      Aggro Incarnate

      Oh hey thanks for the message, I don't get these very often :)

      I'm still relatively new to the FE community as a whole (esp. compared to like old regulars on SF) though I found FE fascinating and ended up picked up on some bits of history of the community along the way I guess. I've only really read about your stuff in the FE scene, with setting baselines for various GBA/Tellius FE speedruns/TASes as well as the rage moments and some stuff for DSFE as well.

      I kind of assumed you kinda retired from the community due to real life taking over. (I'm sorry if the 'FE Fossil' comment got across and rubbed the wrong way, it's just that I assume you moved on after all your cool stuff with FE) So it was cool when Gwimpage made a link on discord to your Twitch stream, though I guess I missed the actual FE:RD bit a few days ago.

      Not sure if I find myself the most avid of Twitch audiences but maybe I'll get to tune into some of your FE stuff on stream if you intend to do more later. Kudos on your streams and everything.

  13. http://serenesforest.net/thracia-776/classes/mounting-gains/ The mounting gains for Lance Knight/Duke Knight/Axe Knight/Great Knight/Cavalier/male Paladin/Arch Knight/Bow Knight/Pegasus Rider/Pegasus Knight is +1 Str/+1 Skl/+2 Spd/+1 Def/+3 Mov, not +1 Str/+1 Skl/+1 Spd/+2 Def/+3 Mov
  14. TRS Random Drops (0.5% chance upon defeating an enemy of a particular class) Shadow Lancer: Blessed Lance Shadow Knight: Luna Sword Witch: Nosferatu Revenant, Entombed: Herb Dracozombie: Blessed Bow Bonewalker: Iron Shield Wight: Blessed Sword Earthborn: Moonlight Stoneborn: Paragon Sword Ogre: Smith's Hammer Archogre: Blessed Axe Mogall: Fruit Gargoyle: Money Bag Harpy: Miracle Charm
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