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  1. I also hope that stuff reported in the Mistakes and Errors on the Site thread gets addressed
  2. Technically with Chris's promotion you do get one extra scene, but this doesn't impact their ending.
  3. If you change the growth rates the bracketing range is also affected, since the bracketing is based on average stats.
  4. There are multiple sources of good damage output against Chaos outside of that
  5. Just a note, the Iron Duke doesn't increase the wielder's DEF stat, what it does instead is that it halves damage incurred by the wielder.
  6. 1. The Throwing Knife +1 Assassins spawn from the leftmost tile right below the river. If you block that tile, you can block them from spawning. The Cerberus Assassins are a bit more complicated; they spawn from the Crenellations (the blue banner) in the middle of the map, make their way to the stairs on the bottom left, which climbs them down to the Porcullis. 2. As Krios said only Jean, Ash and Sheela can climb the ladder on the bottom left. 3. AFAIK this is turn-based. 4. Activate the bottom right lever, near the main gate.
  7. I'm currently compiling a FE:3H Unit Starting Stats and Skill EXP Spreadsheet but post-timeskip units seem to have slight quirks that I want to clarify. In light of this, does anyone happen to have any of the following: 1) A stat screen of Azure Moon Ch14 Gilbert at base level (Lv 26) and base wexp with the weapon rank screen 2) A stat screen of Crimson Flower Ch14-recruited Lysithea at base level (Lv. 29) and base wexp with the weapon rank screen 3) A stat screen of Crimson Flower Ch13 Jeritza at base level and base wexp with the weapon rank screen (If you could reclass him to Noble that would really be appreciated) 4) A stat screen of Anna at base level and base wexp in any route recruited right after the timeskip (Ch13 in Crimson Flower or Ch14 in other routes) with the weapon rank screen (Please specify the difficulty setting, many thanks in advance)
  8. Relevant formula is listed in https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/d0w2hr/an_analysis_on_the_monastery_autolevelling/ Note that total Def and Res growths (i.e. Character Def/Res Growth + Enemy Class Def/Res Growths) are capped at 60% however, something that isn't mentioned in the original post.
  9. 1. Are level-up stats for adjutant backpacks completely predictable before playing the game? Likewise are statgains between timeskip (since units are autolevelled) fixed? 2. Am I correct in thinking that nabbed students gain 64/56/48 wexp on Normal/Hard/Maddening on their base goals each chapter? We got a formula that predicts student stats from default classes, personal and enemy class growths and base stats. I want to be able to predict what weapon ranks each student and faculty member would have at all point in the game pre-timeskip.
  10. I like the way Canto diversifies mobility types. I'd be fine with it as long as the following are also in play: - Forced dismounting in indoor maps or on certain terrain - Non-negligible incorporation of terrain that are advantageous for infantry (Berwick Saga Cliffs, FE10 Ledges etc.) - Some significant movement perks of infantry (FE5/9/10-esque requirement of rescuee being infantry/dismounted, repositioning skills only working on infantry/dismounted units, etc.)
  11. Made a compilation of gameplay-related bits from the systems text dump, including character names, classes, items, battalions, abilities, combat arts, gambits, etc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17acGjjsaPUslzy_bzH0xoMz0i1nb_6C5WNP1ewX-jUQ
  12. Salem has a 50% chance to act each turn i.e. coin-flip chance to use his Sleep Staff. This kind of AI setting is present in a number of enemies throughout the game e.g. Tina in Ch 12x, the Ch 14 boss, the Dark Mages in Ch 23, etc.
  13. This is unfortunate, considering how the quality of the localised script from the bits we've seen actually seem really good. It must be discouraging when the primary obstacle to the project isn't the text but rather technical issues inherent to the SRPG Studio engine or its version compatibility. It's not surprising that DANGEN hasn't been able to be clearer about a release date, if the main hurdle isn't text but one of the game engine. Though despite all this, I am glad that they made commitment towards making the localisation of the game happen very clear.
  14. Ward is actually not mandatory for the final chapter. It's deceptive because Ward, when deployable, is always forced on the 2nd deployment slot. Since you can only have 16 Active Units at a given time, and the Endgame has max deployment of 16, this means the player has no room to 'undeploy' a unit except by reducing the total number of deployed units. So Ward isn't really forced, it's just that he costs a deployment slot to undeploy. Faye is forced in Endgame, but only if the player permanently recruits her and completes a certain sequence of events relating to her. As long as the player satisfies her level + happiness recruitment requirements by the end of Chapter 13 and is careful to complete citizen requests for each main mission, one shouldn't have issues getting this to happen.
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