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  1. I did write a poem about how you should be fearkilled, tbf...
  2. You're a huge threat in lylo, we wanted to keep Dyachei and Alette alive for the thunderdome 1v1, and we saw feet as newbtown easily swayed. It was you or athena. Actually I was kinda obsessed with you dying, my getting vigged by bart, and then bart hardclaiming backup vig in lylo with the shot on me to win, but we thought it was too risky. Also yeah you got me
  3. GG wp. Thanks to all for playing, especially the subs. Except the tuvies. e_e
  4. You're forgetting the vig, though ig you could just hook it, but then you're assuming scum!Dyachei is actually the vig and not some other role. Priority does matter, at least in your scenario.
  5. I think Athena's scum too, now, bc if he seriously thought dyachei was wolf he'd vote there in a heartbeat. I don't think the pov makes much sense.
  6. On one side: 2/3 of my scumteam and Athena On the other side: One Constructive boi who would win? Certainly not letting this be a powerwolf wagon. ##Vote: Flee Feet!
  7. All wrong answers, try again. Still reading magikarp iso (You're in-line so far but I'll need to double check with your iso this game). I'm willing to shelve a you lynch for right now, Alette, even moreso than before. Who do we want between Feet and Bart rn? I feel like Feet is more obviously scum here but I'm willing to go for the Bart HeroLynch given above.
  8. I have no idea rn but I'm just banging my head in thread against that day 1. I'm going to reread the ditto
  9. And/or you think athena bussed a rolecop d1 for major towncred?
  10. Lemme go reread that. Do you think weapons is bussing feet and vice/versa here then?
  11. - Alette: I think the shot was horrible I think admitting to it at the eod like that was sketchy. I'm inclined to believe dyachei over her in terms of the vig vs vig 1v1. I also have to believe there's a scum vig because otherwise I have to believe Athena's day 1 came from scum. Also: Yolo subbed out before d2 what is this? Scum. - Athena_57 -> Should be auto-town because of the tuvy catch even despite the Roleblocker claim and his voting suggestions are ???. Still town, just silly. - Bartozio -> Scum by Poe. I have been ignoring this slot because it's been sitting in the background but especially today I don't feel very much village motivation. Feels like he's beeing riding his towncred with Athena to the end. - dyachei -> N5 vig claiming for a cc before lylo is ridiculously ballsy for scum to do before lylo, especially given they'd be lynched if alette flipped v. Town. - Flee Feet! -> Why is this slot alive? Have been dismissing it for most of the game but this past day has been really bad and I think if he really thinks dya's scum he should be voting the incoming vig claim as opposed to another scumteam member. By passing the vote prio off as allowing dya to shoot that tells me that feet doesn't really care about the night phase, which in the kindest light possible is throwing the game assuming he believes the exact team. What it tells me outside of my rose-tinted glasses is that he's scum and trying to push an ml for the win. #BelieveInMass. Scum. - Snike -> lol - WeaponsofMassConstruction -> I thought kts was lolcatting eod1 and part of d2 but weapons is hard to read. I feel like he's usually more emotional as scum than as town? I also don't see the feet vs weapons as scum bussing scum and I'd believe weapons here over feet. Town. Team is Alette/Feet/Bart, with Feet/Bart first bc I doubt alette's got any more tricks up her sleeve.
  12. Guess who's actually off work now? Give me some time to read the day and/or just yell at me with stuff but I don't think dya's scum here off of gut.
  13. v quickly, it means athena is a redirector or a roleblocker aka the thing that hooked me n2 assuming Marth wasn't lying working now
  14. last day of work i scanned athena and got disruptive. Explain.
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