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  1. I'm not sure who I'm going to support. The lineup is meh, especially with Dmitri v.s Edelgard. Unless Team Micaiah gets lucky, she'll likely lose to Seiros. It's a shame because we could have gotten three colorless heroes as the focus units. I already have Seiros, Duo Micaiah, and Edelgard, who IMO don't have the best fodder. At the very least, there's only one brave hero and not two. Otherwise, I'd have to consider which brave hero to knock out. Next year, they should categorize the heroes alphabetically and not by taps.
  2. Legendary Hero Banner +ATK/-HP Yune who was my second pull from my first summon. +HP/-RES Halloween Mia --> great for dealing with vantage units and armored units that HF!Micaiah has trouble dealing with. +HP/-DEF Eir --> might merge into my +RES/-HP copy. +DEF/-ATK B!Lyn --> fodder. +SPD/-HP L!Lucina --> have all the wind legendary heroes now and future vision is fun to play around with. +ATK/-SPD H!Myrrh --> merge into my first +ATK/-SPD copy. +HP/-ATK H!Myrrh --> merge or fodder. Surprised that I even managed to get Yune because green orbs rarely ever appeared during my summoning sessions. Out of Galla Free pull was *4 +ATK/-SPD Eirika First summon ticket was +DEF/-SPD Caineghis. I didn't expect to get him but I'm relieved that I don't have to rely on L!Lyn, Seth or Sharena for the next arena season. Didn't build the latter two up and L!Lyn would likely struggle against DC armors and dragons.
  3. After 100+ orbs of sniping reds, greens and blue sometimes. I don't know why but at the beginning, there were hardly any red orbs. Desire sensor maybe. A!Corrin (F): -ATK/+RES. A!Corrin (F): +ATK/-DEF. Surtr: +DEF/-SPD. L!Roy: Neutral. He was actually my first pull after my free summon. I wished that I was this lucky when pulling for L!Marth. L!Roy: +HP/-DEF. Save him for fodder or merge purposes later. HS!Micaiah: +ATK/-RES. Would have liked higher RES for ploys but she could run some buffs instead. L!Hrid: +HP/-ATK. I guess I could fodder him off for DC but I don't know who to give it to. I'm glad that I managed to get HS!Micaiah before I ran out of orbs. Orb count is too low to try and gun down for Duma so I'll save for L!Marth's return.
  4. Red: L!Roy: I'll wait to see his stats. Otherwise, not interested. HS!Micaiah: Top priority because I don't have her and she'll be useful for AR. Her gorgeous art is a bonus. Hrid: Already have a +ATK/-HP nature. Not that interested in getting another copy but DC is useful. Blue: L!Ephraim: Already have a +DEF/-HP nature. Not interested in getting another copy because his SI is lackluster. A!Corrin (M): Already have a +HP/-RES nature. Another copy or two might be useful so I can give another unit Null Follow Up besides L!Marth when he decides to show up. H!Niles: Not interested in getting him although ATK/SPD Link might be useful. Green: Gunnthra: Already have a +ATK/-HP nature. Not interested in getting another copy. Surtr: No interest in getting him despite how good he is. Most likely would fodder him or just use him for AR, AS and Heroic Ordeals. A!Corrin (F): Already have a neutral nature. She has good IS so don't mind getting her. Colorless: L!Robin (F): Already have a +2 +ATK/-RES. She's a decent unit but has meh SI. HS!Xander: Uninterested in getting him already having more than 7 dancers. A!Mikoto: Low priority in getting and that's solely for her art. Would have skipped this banner in favor of trying to pull for Duma or saving orbs for L!Marth's return. Very few of the units on this banner are appealing to me and I have 2/3 of the units for each color except colorless. I'll be prioritizing red and blue, maybe pulling for green and avoid colorless. Hopefully, I can get HS!Micaiah quickly and leave.
  5. Free pull was H!Myrrh (+ATK/-SPD). Finally have Armor March I guess. Spent about 200 orbs sniping blue or colorless. Leanne (+SPD/-HP). L!Azura (+HP/-SPD) L!Azura (+ATK/-DEF). I wouldn't mind trying to pull for Duma but I'd like to see the units for Feb. Legendary Hero Banner. Don't care for Roy but I want to pull for HS!Micaiah. It's possible that she won't be on this month's legendary banner but I want to be sure.
  6. All my free summons were red sword fliers. Special Hero Summon was Hrid (+SPD/-DEF). Terrible IVs but I could fodder him off. Hopefully, I can get HS!Micaiah on the next legendary banner. After over a year and spending 200+ orbs on her debut banner (getting pity broken 3 times and no focus units), Elincia has finally come home. Best of all, she's +ATK/-HP. TT free summon was *3 Caeda (+HP/-RES).
  7. Cool banner. Gad that PoR is getting proper representation for seasonal banners. Maybe SoV and Judgral can get seasonal banners later on. Mist looks much better than her original version. Overall, her face is better proportioned. Her eyes are now smaller, slightly more width and less height. Don’t know why Miwabe Sakura rendered the eyes differently as they have a similar angle but in opposing directions. Her dress is lovely as well. Ike looks cool. I guess capes are now in the similar vein of bikinis in that they're very heavy. Passing. I need orbs for either the legendary banner or a Hero Rises banner.
  8. This banner is an easy skip for me. This is an odd theme. How does one fight wearing only robes/towels? Then again, the same question could be posed about fighting in swimsuits. At the very least, Camilla alts have variations unlike some other units (Hector). I'll give her that. If she's a money maker for IS, why is she the free unit? IS had no problems featuring her as a banner unit for NY despite not being Hoshidan. No reason to change that. Camilla's art is a downgrade from Adrift. Her art from that banner looked elegant and had better proportions. Her head looks too small and her face is just off. Her mouth is too low, eyes too off to the side and I guess she had her chin altered? It looks like she had a bust size increase. That or her previous outfits somehow flattened her chest somewhat. Her legs are fine but her arms in her idle pose look a little too thin. I think her damaged art looks better. Her proportions look a bit better. As for how she's able to fight without her towel falling off... I'm guessing double sided tape if it exists in the FE universe. Maybe she became a Malig Knight to learn a spell to solve the issues of lower back pain.
  9. The aesthetics for some of the new characters are nice. I like flying units so I'm glad that Eir is the free unit. No idea who the guy in black/dark blue and the woman beside him are. I guess Bruno went MIA again. Or he probably just died or plotting to overthrow some unknown kingdom off screen. The metal music seems out of place but then again, metal is associated with Norway. Maybe they'll have some metal soundtracks for Book III. As for story, I don't expect much and don't care. Never played the game for the story and just skipped all the dialogue. I'm wondering how they'll incorporate the beast units into the game and how they'll be different from manaketes. Will there be weapons effective against them? Tickets are a cool addition. Shame they can't be used on other banners. Mythic heroes... I guess some other FE lords have a shot at having a special variant. Hopefully the update has more content than presented.
  10. Unlike the Ice and Fire Banner, there were a lot of green orbs. Desire sensor maybe. My summons were: B!Hector: +SPD/-RES (merged with +RES/-DEF) Hrid: +ATK/-HP (Didn't expect to get him) L!Ryouma: +DEF/-RES (merged with my -SPD/+RES L!Ryoma) F!Grima: +DEF/RES/-SPD (merged with my +ATK/-RES F!Grima) I'm looking forward to when F!Grima isn't on any of the legendary banners.
  11. I'm glad that I decided against my decision to spend a few orbs on the Legendary Banner. My luck may have increased but I don't think I'll ever escape the RNG only wanting to give me copies of certain characters. As of now, luckiest banner for me. Shame I didn't save even more orbs. *5 M!Grima: +ATK/-RES *5 M!Grima: +RES/-HP *5 M!Grima: +SPD/-DEF *5 F!Grima: +ATK/-RES (better IVs than my -RES/+HP one) *5 L! Ephraim: +DEF/-HP (didn't expect to get him but the IVs are nice) *5 B! Ninian: +ATK/-RES *5 B! Ninian: +DEF/-RES (21 defense is very impressive) *5 S! Tana: Neutral (not the best but not bad though) Adrift Banner My free summon was *5 F! Adrift Corrin who has a neutral nature.
  12. This banner is underwhelming and an easy pass for me. Wouldn't be surprised if there's going to be no demotes on this banner. The art is nicely done. Mikoto is gorgeous and I like the detached sleeves. Camilla is pretty and looks elegant. If she does end up getting another alt, I'd like her outfit to be something like this (regal but more battle practical). M!Corrin is alright but I would have preferred if they picked a different artist. F!Corrin is decent. I like their attack poses with the exception of F!Corrin's (hers is meh) and Camilla's to an extent (it's fine but kind of boring). In terms of art (IMO) in descending order: #4 F!Corrin, #3 M!Corrin, #2 Camilla and #1 Mikoto with M!Corrin and Camilla's places being interchangeable.
  13. I'm glad that I chose Celica as my free summon instead of Hector. Ended up summoning him twice. B!Hector: +HP/-ATK B!Hector: +RES/-DEF I think I'm done with CYL!2 banner.
  14. I'll go with either Celica (favorite out of the four) or Hector (need more blue armors). I prefer the brave hero art from last year. As much as I like Sachiko Wada's work, Ephraim looks off to me especially his neutral art and color palette. Celica's art is a disappointment as it looks ugly and bland. Even more so when she could have had her Rigain outfit.
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