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  1. I... thought it was cool. That's about it. I've always liked phoenixes for whatever reason, and I think I learned the word kensai by association with Fire Emblem, though I'm not sure what gave me the idea to combine the two. Eventually I learned that the word should probably be romanized as "kensei", but I'm hardly the first person to write it this way, so I have no idea what's going on with that. That was a long time ago, though. These days I usually go by nicknames and other derivatives.
  2. I was doing pretty well (Flier Emblem is the best), but the other day I lost my first battle... I think I'm 160 points below what I could be now, but I have missed a few pots too, so I'm not sure how that will add up in the end. I'm currently at rank 1557, though, which is better than I expected. I guess I shouldn't expect that to hold.
  3. So... I've been out of the loop for a while with Heroes. I have been playing it regularly, but I only did the bare minimum to keep up with the game and finish important quests. I have a bunch of non-limited challenges left, and I skipped or missed some of the more difficult things. I've been relying on Blade Tome Spring Camilla, Reinhardt, and Brave Lyn for the longest time, and I have a bunch of 5* characters I've never built properly. But the introduction of Aether Raids has me wanting to get back into the game, so I'm wondering: how should I catch up on things? Are there any good builds I might be able to use without sacrificing 5* exclusive characters for skills, or any rarer builds I should watch out for? Are there any good general FEH guides out there?
  4. I was a little disappointed in this interview, to be honest. I don't think that's really your fault (or anyone else involved in it), but I got the impression that the translation team was unused to doing interviews and wasn't ready or able to reveal much. A lot of their answers were evasive or uncertain, and I felt I didn't get much from it. They do seem dedicated to the project, though, and that's a good sign. I hope it sells well enough that they can tackle the second part, too... I really need to get around to trying out the demo sometime. Also, 100,000 characters actually seemed low to me in comparison to numbers I've heard before, for what I assume is a story-heavy game... but that's still hardly a small number. Maybe my expectations are just skewed by things like the Kiseki games, which are absolutely massive. Does anyone know Vestaria Saga's script compares to Fire Emblem games or other RPGs? I'm wondering just how long it is and how much text it has.
  5. Opinions seem to vary a lot on which parts of JoJo's are the best, but personally, I thought early Stardust Crusaders was the worst. That's where the series got much more episodic, which unfortunately is something that sticks around - not forever, but a while, from what I have heard. (I haven't read the manga yet.) I think the real issue is that Araki was trying out new things and took a while to get back into his groove, though; Stardust Crusaders has some amazing episodes later on, and I highly recommend trying to stick with it until the end, even if you're losing interest now. Part 2 is still my favorite, but I can't put Part 4 far behind, and if I was ranking individual battles then Stardust Crusaders might hold the top two. The series is more episodic from here out, but Araki really learns to use the villain of the week thing well, and some good ongoing plots work their way back in too. JoJo's does keep doing the soft reboot thing, though, so keep that in mind. Parts 1 and 2 were closely connected and pretty similar, but Araki seems to like experimenting, and each part has its own style and cast. Some of them might not work for you as well as others.
  6. Like with a lot of things, I think the answer is "kind of" and "it depends", but those aren't helpful responses. I do think that people tend to place too much importance on how well a story holds up under close scrutiny, because scrutinizing a story is just what a lot of people do when they look back on something to review or discuss it, and it's easier (and for some, more fun) to nitpick details than talk about fuzzy, complicated concepts like cinematography and characterization. But I think the most important thing is how enjoyable it a story is to watch or read or whatever, and internal consistency is only part of the overall experience. More attention should be paid to things like pacing and dialogue. That's not to say it doesn't matter, though, and I think how much it matters depends on the type of both the story and the viewer. Some people are more sensitive to inconsistency than others, and the more problems they notice in a story, the more it's going to bug them and detract from the experience. I'm definitely not one of them, but strong, consistent writing can improve a story too. For example, in one game I'll avoid naming for the sake of spoilers, there's a scene where a mysterious but normally allied character outright says he will be the protagonists' enemy the next time they meet. In a story with weaker writing, this might have been just a cheap "Haha! I was working for the villains all along!" twist, but this game did a good enough job of developing its world and characters, and of showing the player that this isn't the kind of plot where things just happen because of genre conventions, that the scene has real weight and gets you thinking about what is really going on. And it was pretty great to find out that my guess was spot on about the circumstances surrounding that scene, but I had completely underestimated that character and his real intentions. Some stories are more complicated and subtle than others, and they need solid, consistent writing more because they encourage you to think deeply about them. There are other ways that a strong sense of logic can improve something, too. Fight scenes can be more exciting when you have a good sense of what everyone involved is capable of, and mysteries can be more interesting when you know the rules of the world and are given enough information to try to guess the answer. Plot holes can definitely hurt there, whether it's a character losing a fight they shouldn't or getting stronger out of nowhere, or the culprit pulling off a plan that seems like it shouldn't work. Of course, I think it's the audience's perception that matters most in these examples, not the cold logic of things when you sit down to analyze it. But... there's way more that can be said on this subject than I want to write now. This post has already gotten pretty long, and I've... kind of lost the thread of where I was going... But one last thing I want to note is that I think looking back on a story is an important part of enjoying it, and logic matters more there. Picking apart a thing's flaws can be fun, or watching others do the same, but plot holes can also sour your opinion of something in hindsight. At least for me. I enjoyed The Last Jedi well enough while I was watching it, but my feelings towards the movie got colder soon afterwards, when the whole thing had a bit of time to sink in... that was more because of general writing problems than logical inconsistencies, though. I guess "plot hole" can be a vague term. Anyway, those videos were interesting. Thank you for sharing them.
  7. Wasn't there something about Kaga not being legally able to allow a fan translation, due to the game engine or the rights to some assets or something? Was that resolved? ...Or am I imagining things and that was never an issue? Either way, I never got around to playing the game in Japanese, so I'm looking forward to this. I'll have to try the demo sometime.
  8. ...Tiki, huh. I wasn't expecting Tiki. I guess there are two units I have to try for now. I want to run Tiki Emblem. Linde would be nice too, but I don't really care about Takumi, so if they share a color I won't be too bothered if I don't get her. Mostly I want Tiki and Camilla. I'm looking forward to this banner now.
  9. Camilla has gotten a lot of attention in Heroes already, but I'm honestly hoping it is her on this banner. I like her, and the spring version has been my most useful character since I got her, so I would like to get another version of her and maybe make an all-Camilla team (even if the other versions haven't seen much use). ...I'd have to laugh if both characters did turn out to be slender, long-haired men, though. And Lucius is one of the FE7 characters I like, so it wouldn't be too bad.
  10. Over 200 orbs spent, which is probably more than I should have used... but I ended up with the two I wanted (Tana and Noire), plus a tagalong (Cordelia) and a couple of nice surprises (Amelia and Ayra). So it was definitely worth it, especially since I've been saving for a while and have a decent stash of orbs left.
  11. I definitely agree with you here. There is plenty of video game music I have enjoyed listening to without ever having played the game, but when good music is paired well with memorable gameplay or story moments, that elevates it to another level. To give an example, I didn't think much of Silver Will from Trails in the Sky when I first heard it, but now that I've finished the second game, I won't be forgetting it any time soon. (I haven't finished the third game yet, but I'm working on that.) (...Also I actually kind of liked Final Fantasy XIII, but I did think it had some pretty big flaws. Mainly how long it took before it started being any fun. I'm not in a hurry to replay it, or convince anyone else to give it another chance.)
  12. I wasn't expecting Sacred Stones this banner, but I'm glad, even if it's not my favorite game in the series (or my favorite characters in the game). It's always nice to see representation from older games. I'm not extremely enthused about the banner in general, but I don't have a Tana yet, and I might try for Noire too... I guess the smart thing to do would be to wait and see what the next seasonal banner is before spending too many orbs, but we'll see how that goes. (I'm also surprised to learn I can manage a pose like Noire's without much discomfort, despite being about as athletic as a Twinkie. I guess it's just easier for some people than others.)
  13. Going on what I heard, I was uncertain how to feel about the new game, but once I saw the trailer I was pretty impressed. It's different, but I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with these new ideas. Particularly what this squad thing will mean for gameplay (and if it means the story will focus on large-scale warfare). The art style reminds me of some Tales Of games, but maybe that's just me. It's not bad, though; I was more worried the game would follow in the footsteps of Heroes Book 2's original characters, which isn't really what I wanted for the series. Maybe this new style will grow on me as I see more of it, too. The story actually has me interested, because it looks it's laying all its cards on the table from the beginning - three warring kingdoms, secretly evil church, go on a quest to destroy all the crests and save the world but get branded a heretic for it, etc.. But these kinds of games never go without throwing a twist or three at you, so I'm wondering what might shake up what initially seems to be a generic but complete RPG story. ...But then, I'm one of those weirdos who generally likes Fire Emblem's writing and thinks some other series praised for their story aren't actually very good. (not Kiseki though, those games are amazing) Or maybe I'm overthinking it and the trailer just revealed too much.
  14. Bunny Camilla has single-handedly (well, with buff support) gotten me through more maps than any other character by far, even the usual cavalry gods, so... that makes my choice easy. It's been a while since I have looked forward to a Voting Gauntlet, but I want to see how this one goes.
  15. I've had the same problem for... ...Years, honestly. It's kind of depressing. There's so much I want to do but never get around to because, even when I have time, I rarely have the motivation to use it. Once in a while something does catch on and I get through it pretty quick (like you with Soul Reaver, sounds like), but most of the time... it just doesn't work out. It's fine not to play games much, of course, and there's no need to force yourself. But if you want to play more, I'm going to suggest something else: you do need to force yourself. Not for long. Don't make yourself keep playing if you really don't want to. But if you have time, make yourself pick something up, and keep at it for at least 15-30 minutes. If you're like me, you'll find it a lot easier (and more enjoyable) to keep going once you've gotten started. It's a momentum thing. ...Of course, I say this as someone who still struggles to do much besides waste time on the internet (that's how I found this topic). But forcing myself seems to help when I actually get myself to do it, at least (and keeping active helps with my depression, so that's a good thing).
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