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  1. What about tomes that hit Defense? Void Cloud-Dark Magic, hits DEF. 9 mt, 85 hit, 5 crit, 25 uses Earthstorm-Anima Magic, hits DEF, 8 mt, 90 hit, 5 crit, 25 uses Sky Frenzy-Light Magic, hits DEF, 7 mt, 95 hit, 10 crit, 30 uses
  2. [spoiler=Gomoz stats] Class: Warrior Level 12 Weapon Ranks: B Bows, A Axes Inventory: Killer Bow, Brave Axe, Tomahawk, Hero Crest(dropped) Stats: 55 HP/25 Str/19 Skl/18 Spd/18 Lck/25 Def/10 Res/15 Con [spoiler=Blegh stats] Class: Bishop Level 14 Weapon Ranks: C Light, A staves Inventory: Divine, Sleep, Berserk, Guiding Ring(Dropped) Stats: 35 HP/23 Mag/15 Skl/20 Spd/0 Lck/19 Def/19 Res/12 Con
  3. It would be cool if along the way to hunting Fenrir, you get ambushed by Oma/Gomoz/Blegh's band of bandits and you have to fight them off. All I can say for now is that Gomoz should be a Warrior and that Blegh looks like a Bishop, but classes can stay open
  4. She looks like a nomad trooper Class: Nomad Trooper Level 13 Weapon Ranks: A Swords, C Bows Stats: 45 HP/20 Str/25 Skl/23 Spd/20 Lck/19 Def/16 Res/13 Con Items: Silver Sword, Killer Bow, Longbow, Orion's Bolt(dropped)
  5. I can do her stats if you want
  6. I changed the archer Samson/Arran guy's promotion to Ranger, is he okay now
  7. Changed Gordon Ramsay's promotion to Ranger
  8. An Archer could be neat, so imma do him Gordon A sarcastic, but loyal hunter. Enjoys cooking. Class: Archer -> Warrior Ranger Level 5(Growths in parentheses) HP: 29(60) Str: 11(70) Skl: 9(55) Spd: 4(40) Lck: 9(25) Def: 4(35) Res: 11(70) Affinity: Light Skills: idk, probably Luna Death Quote: "This just stinks..."
  9. "Lay down your weapon" She says as she puts a few arrows into your head
  10. Great Master Azama. Figured I'd give you a good pick since evryone else might screw you over
  11. DO you still need the ultimate glass cannon unit made
  12. omg FUCK those switches man Although, having that idea for doors could be cool
  13. Magnus's stats are too low gonna have to go with Shiruhiro
  14. Ryoma's,Hinoka's, Takumi's and Leo's aren't that great
  15. Unique classes for Xander and Ryoma [spoiler=Crown Prince] Wields: Swords(S), Axes(A) 6 Mov Class growths: 10% HP/20% Str/0% Mag/15% Skl/10% Spd/0% Lck/5% Def/5% Res Max Stats: 60 HP/33 Str/20 Mag/30 Skl/30 Spd/25 Lck/25 Def/20 Res Skills: Lv. 5: Vantage Lv. 15: Swordfaire Lv. 25: Solar Flare(Activates Astra, then Sol) Lv. 35: Hoshidan Rule(+3 Str/Skl/Spd to any unit in a Hoshidan class(includes Songstress and all DLC classes) [spoiler=High Lord] Wields: Swords(S), Lances(A) Mounted, 8 Mov Class growths: 5% HP/15% Str/5% Mag/10% Skl/15% Spd/0% Lck/20% Def/10% Res Max Stats: 65 HP/30 Str/20 Mag/30 Skl/33 Spd/20 Lck/27 Def/28 Res Skills: Lv. 5: Lifetaker Lv. 15: Swordfaire Lv. 25: Lunar Eclipse(Gives Renewal and Pavise) Lv. 35: Nohrian Rule(+3 Str/Def/Res to any unit in a Nohrian class(includes all DLC classes)
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