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  1. @GuiltyLove Wow, Ruby Sword Palla can survive a hit from the blue lancer?! I would love to use Palla, but I sadly have never gotten a +Atk or +Spd Pall, but plenty of other natures. Also don't have any tome fliers or any Hinoka for Hone fliers, so Flier Emblem is not possible for me currently.
  2. I find myself getting increasingly bored of the arena. Bouncing between tier 18 and 20 without any hope of improving (staying in t20 just requires far more merged units than I will ever have) and only a very small difference in reward is... not very satisfying. These days I often neglect the arena until the night before where a half-hearted effort is usually enough to advance from 18 to 19 or 19 to 20, and on weeks when I'm in tier 20 I know I'm falling down anyway so I just need to get over 4000 for the score reward... 4820 is still my best score from several months ago. Looks like I probably won't ever stay in T20.
  3. All the CYL winners were main characters, predictably. It's not surprising that the background/family/parents of the main characters were detailed in their respective games. So that theme of the CYL outfits being nods to their parents probably came together pretty easily from them all being main characters with defined parentage.
  4. If a picture says a thousand words... how many does a video say? The easiest Infernal battle yet; got it on the 2nd attempt using my Lunatic strategy. Team Setup: Hector / Sword / Lance / Blue Tome Hector with Vantage and a res buff is the key here. Eirika, Brave Lucina, and Linde can all probably be replaced by similar sword, lance, and blue tome (or maybe even other color tome?) users; I think this strategy should be pretty adaptable as long as you keep the unit colors.
  5. It's either being able to participate every half hour... or being awake and able to participate at the right times. There's flaws with both systems. Having to log in every half hour is a real pain. Let's face it, it's not exactly fun to be checking your phone to do a usually pathetically easy 3v3 battle, it's more of a chore than anything. It rewards those who... don't sleep. I really don't think a lot of people actually enjoy doing these battles every half hour. With the bonus multipliers, if you're there for a few bonuses each round you're going to rank pretty well, even if you don't battle at all later. There's always going to be salt for people's favorite character not winning. Let the rivers of salt flow, I say. With the old system, things were boring, predictable, and a tedious chore. Thank goodness they changed it. It wouldn't always be resolved in the first hour. But it usually would be, most battles would have large enough gaps that I think wouldn't change. My point is, most battles would have absolutely nothing interesting happening after the first hour. Not all, but most. Was Tharja 3rd? I thought it was the other way around. My mistake.
  6. Wouldn't it be a waste of time without the multipliers anyway? Since you pretty much know who will win after the first hour... all the excitement would be done and resolved after the first hour, and then it just becomes a feather dispenser depending on how many half hour intervals you can log in for. We already know who is the most popular from the CYL rankings anyway.
  7. As disappointed as I am about Camilla last minute defeating Lyn with the bonus... This is why the bonus multiplier exists in the first place. Without the bonus effect, we'd know the winner of every battle within one hour. Makes having the whole thing drag on 48 hours kind of a waste then if it's decided right at the start. Plus, we all know that without the bonus multiplier, Lyn got more votes in the CYL voting. I might be one of the few people who dislike Ike, so I'm going with Camilla and hoping she can win through the multipliers again.
  8. 5022039098 I'll probably have Eirika or Linde or Nino up. Since I don't have normal Lyn...
  9. As much as I want to say this awesome... the hair colors being off really bothers me. I couldn't help thinking about that the whole time I was watching. Maybe a bit pedantic, but could they really not have gotten wigs of the proper colors?
  10. Lyn for the win! Really curious how this will go. Especially Lyn vs Lucina and if Lyn wins, Lyn vs Ike.
  11. If Bow Lyn becomes the new meta... I think the best counter for her in the arena would be Bow Lyn with... a Brave Bow+. Should be able to one-shot an enemy Bow Lyn + has that 3 range so she can strike first. She also apparently can`t one-round Brave Ike, or so I`ve heard. So it looks like the CYL units kind of counter each other.
  12. Definitely Lyn. One of my favorite video game characters since 2003. Lyn Base Stats (from a video screencap): HP: 35 ATK: 33 SPD: 35 DEF: 18 RES: 28 I think I'd go Brave Bow+ and Fury. Giving her: HP: 35 ATK: 44 SPD: 33 DEF: 21 RES: 31 But, give her a Hone Cavalry buff, and we have: HP: 35 ATK: 50 SPD: 39 DEF: 21 RES: 31 And finally with a Goad Cavalry, she'll break 50 attack and 40 speed... HP: 35 ATK: 54 SPD: 43 DEF: 21 RES: 31 Quad Lyn Horse Emblem, here we go! That Res is also fantastic.
  13. Im sure well see more Raven tomes. With Triangle Advantage. Especially male Robin. But a balanced color team on your end should make that not much of a problem. Especially if the Raven user runs TA. Such as, running Bow Lyn with Reinhardt or Cecilia.
  14. I think that they wanted to make all 4 units on this special banner really good. So this probably a one time super powerful banner for a special occasion. Also... if everyone gets free Lyn or Ike, even if they are super powerful, it's not that big an issue, as opposed to leaving it to gacha luck.
  15. Honestly, that sounds way too complicated. Choosing any hero is probably way too much. Not a good idea, and kind of defeats the whole gacha model. A "paying customer reward" is not a terrible idea, it might get some people to spend. Lots of F2P games have a paying customer exclusive reward like a free mount or skin or that kind of thing, but it's usually a small cosmetic thing (which really isn't an option in FEH). A more practical approach would be a one-time bonus to everyone who has spent ANY amount at any time. It might push some people to spend a few $ just to get it. But what? My first thought was an exclusive My Castle background, maybe a golden carpet and have the building lined with treasure? That way it's aesthetic only, but still an exclusive bonus.
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