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    Hello! I am an aspiring artist/animator, as well as a big Fire Emblem fan! My other interests include;
    - Super Smash Bros. (I'm not so great at fighting games though)
    - The Earthbound/Mother series
    - RPG games in general
    - Marching Band
    - DIYs and jewelry making
    - Eating bagels
    - 3D art forms, such as sculpting
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    Blazing Sword

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  1. (sorry, my wifi is sort of terrible and the page didn't refresh, that was for someone else. Sorry for any confusion) Likes Genealogy if the Holy War
  2. Probably a fantabulous mixture of Jakob and Soleil.
  3. (no spoilers please) Are all three paths the same length? (same amount of chapters, paralogues, etc.)
  4. 2015 was really kinda terrible for me, I feel like I accomplished nothing. I have high hopes for 2016 though! Fates and Corrin in Smash hype too!
  5. Well, I usually tend to like the characters with deep backstories and interesting personalities. Some of my favorites are Hector, Ike, Tiki, and Lon'qu. As for classes, I like Myrmidons and Pegasus Knights, mostly because I prefer faster classes.
  6. Bacon Cheese Potato Skins (my favorite thing to eat alone) 1. Get some potatoes. Russets are cool. 2. Wash the potatoes. Get em' nice and clean. 3. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. 4. Slather those potatoes with oil. Slather them. 5. Bake those potatoes for about 30-40 minutes, until the skins are crisp. 6. Once they're done, take em' out, let them cool a bit, and chop them in half. Then, remove their insides with a spoon, but be sure to leave a little bit of potato inside the skin, maybe a quarter inch. 7. Put the halved and hollowed potato skins back on he baking sheet, and brush the insides and skin of the potato with butter and canola oil. Then put them in the oven again for 5-10 minutes, flip them, and put them in the oven again for 3-5 minutes. 8. Take them out, and put cheese inside the skins. Any shredded cheese will do, but I like cheddar. Also add bacon bits just because. Then put them back into the oven until the cheese melts. 9. Take them out of the oven, and add chopped green onions and sour cream. You can also turn off your oven now, we're done with it. 10. EAT THEM. SHOW NO MERCY Enjoy~
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I just joined today after lurking here for about a month. I've only been a fan of Fire Emblem for about a year, and I've only played Blazing Sword, Awakening, and a little bit of Path of Radiance, so I don't know a ton about the series, but I still really like it and would like to learn more, and I'm very excited fore Fire Emblem if/Fates. This is my first forum account, any advice/warnings/whatever for me?
  8. Happy New Year! *(^_^)*

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