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  1. and the ps3 and xbox 360 as well.... so they are releasing on a few old consoles lol
  2. no, you are jumping the gun here... wait for proper information
  3. how can a console be in trouble when its not even out yet and not properly revealed either all of the info we have on it is mostly rumors and have no been confirmed by nintendo.... so until i see actual specs from nintendo i dont see the console having trouble right now....
  4. if you dont have a ps4, yes its worth it but if you do already have a ps4... its up to you, there will be exclusive games for it most likely.... so if you dont want those games... dont go for it... but if you do want them get the system then i dont have a ps4.... so if i got one it be a neo obviously
  5. this video is my opinion on fandoms in a nut shell watch the entire thing.... the video is in the perspective on an anime fan who went to japan for work to be an english teacher but ended up having one of his favorite anime being ruined for him because of over sexualization of a character due to fandoms and how the media was pandering to the fandoms in japan with adaptions of the original source media because it was popular... and whatever is popular is what sells even if it goes against what the original creator intended anywho... watch the video and youll get a new perspective on the subject on fandoms, the negative, the positive and how fandoms should effect you and make you think of different things
  6. okay in all seriousness i get a kick out of the horrible sides to a fandom which is why i enjoy "i read my comments" videos on youtube so... even if the there is horrible sides to a fandom i tend to laugh at them anyways... so... i dont tend to all of the bad stuff seriously because loads of times the "bad" side is full of pranksters who arent really serious or... when they are serious... i still cant take it seriously anywho... all fandoms have bad sides... but cant we all just laugh at our selves also?
  7. block puzzles? i love those, i love crazy puzzles in dungeons
  8. i dont really have a preference it depends on the game for me, i enjoy games period and ill like any graphics style as long as the game looks good or the story is good and the gameplay is good
  9. all i think is going to happen is more info on the game, new footage/gameplay, and the game's title other then that i dont think anything else zelda related will happen
  10. when it comes to video games story is important yes but gameplay is MORE important, if the gameplay is boring or terrible... it doesnt matter how good the story is... if i cant progress due to bad gameplay i wont and will stop playing the game so the priority is gameplay first then story make sure the game is fun and enjoyable then work on the plot of the game
  11. Fandoms arent a bad thing its the people who are part of them are the bad thing, and the people who are bad are the minority i dont have a problem with fandoms.... every fandoms have the "few" that puts a negative light on the entire fandom.... so if a fandom ruins something for you? thats your fault. you got to involved in the part of the fandom that sheds a negative light on the entire thing instead of embracing the good parts to it if you think "porn" of stuff is bad... r34 is a thing.... if it exists there is a porn of it, no exceptions.... so dont think that anything is excluded from it.... when that not true... i am a member of many fandoms... and when the negative stuff happens... i ignore it because it doesnt matter to me... i do what i want in the fandom and nothing else, i enjoy the art, the music, the good people who enjoy the same things as me
  12. i have that game, and for fans of the ace attorney series it was developed by creators of that series.... so if the writing is similar... thats the reason
  13. i have never heard that before its an old school thinking to label it as a rpg.... back in the day the series had elements of an rpg but they were very light elements... barely enough to truly include it in the genre but people considered it a rpg because of those elements which were revolving around the story progression rather then the gameplay itself and the fact it was a top down exploration game which at the time was mostly dominated by the rpg genre for the most part. now and days this isnt the fact anymore... there has been many other games that have borrowed rpg elements but are still not rpgs at all.... if you tell me it is an rpg for the same reasons they "believed" it to be back then... then most story driven games these days would be considered rpgs lol there has only been 1 game in the zelda series that has been a rpg really and that was Zelda II which had a lvl up system in it i stand by the fact that zelda is a action adventure series not a RPG series... because if zelda is a rpg.... then almost every game out now would be one as well
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