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  1. Thracia 776 format. Name: Max (Shining Force) Name: Chaz/Rudy (Phantasy Star 4) Name: Gryz/Paiku (Phantasy Star 4) Name: Alys (Phantasy Star 4)
  2. Most say trainees are not worth it, especially Amelia. But if you want a trainee, Ross is far and away the best to pick. Unlike the other trainees, he joins very early, has a nice weapon to help him gain levels faster, and there are few axe users in the game, with technically only three axe users at base, compared to the other trainees where there are many classes that use the same weapon types as the trainees. Overall, the best pick among trainees. His worthiness really depends on level ups. His growth rates are slightly lower than average, but an extra 10 levels and a promotion bonus normally would make up for that.
  3. Not sure if this has been done before, but if it has, my searching proved futile here. Maybe on FEU, that site has pretty much everything for hacking. In any case, here is a beta of the shop editor from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. I have no time to test it, so it may not work, but please tell me if there are bugs and how to fix them because I know almost jack about hex. Thank you! (I don't think there are supposed to be 8 items, maybe the last one is a seperator) FE3 Shop Editor.zip
  4. Hi! I'm tying to make the Resire spell available to all characters and not just females. I can't find anything within the hex that does that, so can someone more experienced help me? Thanks.
  5. Thank you! I do have a few problems though. How do I repoint the Master Knight name in FE5? While I'm at it, how do I repoint in the first place? Do you have a tutorial on that? Maybe there is a way for me to do that, and rename weapons with the Shaya translation. I might need a step by step since I have very little experience with hex editing.
  6. Thanks, now I'll give all my manuals to Ronan or Marty
  7. Hi! I was messing around with Nightmare to make Veld harder than before, and I wanted to give him Sol to increase his tankiness. But will it proc? Through testing, Sol, Luna and Astra doesn't seem to work with non-swords in FE4, but is that the case for FE5 too? Of course, I could be wrong. Please help me. Thanks! Also, is there a way to unglitch the Master Knight's name? I plan to make one or two playable in my easy mode hack, and the only bug seem to be the name being messed up in the profile screen. (I also plan to put unused spells like Falaflame back in, but I don't think I can fix those spell animations so I guess I'll let it be.)
  8. I want to give my Sol Manual to someone that cannot use swords in FE5. Will it ever proc that way? Also, I don't think the sword skills can work with non-swords in FE4, but I'm not sure about FE5. Help please?
  9. An update to my previous post, I finally beat Dark Force with the worst possible party combination but it took grinding to the max level, level 50, Shir spamming stealing Star Dews because that's the only AOE heal in the game save the very expensive spell SAR/GISAR/NASAR. The party I made is Rolf (main character, must bring along), Hugh, Shir, Anna. Hugh did many NAFOIs, Shir used the Snow Crown, then Star Dews till Rolf is out of TP from casting MEGID, then she casted NAZAN. Anna used SHIFT on herself to buff her Attack, then use her regular attack and Star Dews when necessary. Rolf uses three MEGIDs, a few NATHUs, and then sword attacks. I had to reset around 500 times because status effects and 10% dispel chance. But I did it, and I'm satisfied.
  10. Phantasy Star 2- Dark Force (AKA the one actually difficult boss) "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! This is Pandora's Box! It contains all that is evil, all that you call the dark force! This is a present from our world to all of you! T̤̟͕͂̿͛̍͛a̓҉̞̜͎͍̜k̡͓̄͒ͮe͎̲̠ͪ̈́ͭ͛̚ ͇̍͆͛͡i̪t̬ͬ͂̀!ͬͫ̿͝"" Dark Force may have two attacks only, but both are lethal. Its regular attack hits everyone for 40-150 damage. At this point of time, characters have 150 to 250 HP. This could possibly mean an instakill on one of the three mages/healers you can get in the game. The Snow Crown, Deban or Shu/Sashu to reduce the damage, but not by much. At least it makes attacks less lethal. Its special attack is to make a character "evil", and force them to commit either of the seven-plus-one deadly sins. A posses party member may: -Attempt to steal items from other people (Lust/Greed/Gluttony?) -Turn traitor and attempt to run from the battle (Pride?) -Turn doubtful and fight less furiously, attack and accuracy drop severely (...self-wrath?) -Become lazy and reduce speed and defense drop severely (Sloth) -Lose confidence, unable to use techniques. (Envy) And... -Crushed by despair. Cannot do anything at all. Ever. (Despair) Note that this game, until this boss battle, has no status aliments save poison and death, and poison isn't a big deal. Suddenly getting clonked by a permanent paralysis, silence, confusion and fright status at the same time is just evil. It can do this to all four party members you bring along as many times as it likes, too. There is only one item that can cure it, and only does it at a random chance, one at a time. Imagine if everyone was crushed by despair and Dark Force whittles your characters HP to 0 using his normal attack. It's really infuriating. Probably why most people level grind Rolf and Amy to Level 35 and 30 respectively so that they can spam the Megia/Nasar combo. But even then Rolf and Amy don't stand a better chance of not turning evil than anyone else. I commend you if you beat Dark Force with Rolf, Hugh, Shir and Anna. (weakest possible combination) Because I can't.
  11. Lemme see... Bubsy (Yes I love the series especially Fractured Furry Tales and Furbitten Planet, please don't judge) Shining Force (pls Sega why do you have to treat Camelot like garbage :L) Phantasy Star (Make a new millennium! Combo attacks were fun to find out, and those sidequests were awesome! More more more!) Streets of Rage (Would be great to see more beat em up with Axel and co.) Alex Kidd (Bring back the original mascot!) Fantasy Zone/Space Harrier (Bring back the original original mascot!) Flicky (Bring back the original original original mascot!) ActRaiser (Hopefully if they do come back they'll put the sim back in, it won't be the same without it) Virtua *something here* (Fighter, Racing, I'm cool with anything.) MOTHER (The world may be our Mother 4, but it would be cool to see another sequel and make the wold Mother 5)\ Tempest (We need a Tempest 4000! Yes, Tempest 3000 exists on a console...that has 8 games and only sold for like 4 months no really search it up Tempest fans will be amazed) Technically only one game but would love sequels: Dynamite Dux Dynamite Headdy Ristar the Shooting Star
  12. I hold(held?) the world record for one minigame in a minigame-type arcade game, so maybe that I suppose? I also made it into the world leaderboards in Mario Kart Wii's Luigi Circuit and Mushroom Hill, and a N64 course on Mario Kart 7, and beat AI Super Sonic as Tails Doll on Sonic R Resort Island, so racing was probably under my wing too. Not anymore now though.
  13. Yeah, I'm known on the internet as Pingurules, AKA the guy that tried to make Marth not absolutely terrible on MUGEN but two other better Marths got released in the process while I was editing said terrible version. Truth be told, I wanted to sign up way back in 2013 but just couldn't for two years worth of making accounts. I spent three or five accounts to learn that the word "rules" cannot be used as a username. I spent about ten more account to realise that outlook is not compatible with this site's confirmation email. In the midst of the process I made an account called Len1million but my email got deleted because there was a lot of spam on that email account, so I can't access that account now since I forgot my password for this site the same day I made one more account but my email was hacked before I could even have time to send my confirmation email because the mail site I went to had terrible security. With this account, I went to a more stable email site, made sure it was compatible with this site's verification email, made sure my account name didn't have the word "rules" in it and I finally made it in. Oh, and contacting the administrators via email never worked the how many tens times I tried the whole time. :L At least I'm in, and I'm thankful for that. ^_^ Thanks guys!
  14. NoMansLand


    I'm NoMansLand. I do MUGEN coding and ROM hacking. Fire Emblem is onne of my interests since it is a tactical RPG. I may not be very active on this site though. So, uh hi! How are you all doing?
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