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  1. Long shot, but out of curiosity, is there any confirmation on whether or not Fates continues the 2-RN hitrate system, or is using a 1-RN system (or something entirely different)? Been feeling like Fates has been giving me more misses than usual for extremely high (90+) hitrates, but of course, this could be simply observer bias, and I have no idea on how RNG manipulation works in this game (or if there is even a stable method) to test.
  2. My Castle Code: 12050-04527-69338-71856 Chosen affinity: Hoshido Avatar Name / Castle Name: Haruka/Ft. Haruka Region: North America Food Resource: Peaches Mineral Resource: Jade Battle Level: Easy (all units on hold) Additional Notes: MU: Rend Heaven, Certain Blow, Line of Death, Replicate, Death Blow Azura: Rally Luck, Pavise, Aegis, Replicate, Miracle Will probably add more chars with skills later. Looking forward to visiting some of these castles!
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