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  1. I cleared Abyssal using a +5 +Atk -Res S-supported DC Sigurd running Aether+Heavy Blade, Reinhardt, L!Ike and PA!Azura. A competent mixed EP tank certainly makes this map more manageable so I'm glad that I gave Sigurd DC. Reinhardt was used to kill things that Sigurd couldn't or that he wasn't in range of. L!Ike was quite helpful at the beginning to take care of the Infantry Sword and the Green Mage Cav. PA!Azura survived 2 rounds of combat with L!Tiki to the point where Reinhardt could kill her but she needed Atk&Res Tactic, TA and the def tile.
  2. I asked VincentASM a while ago and according to his test runs (the results of which were also roughly in line with mine), the chance is (21-Lck)%. Dreadfighters halve that chance. Criticals also cannot backfire.
  3. I don't know what these Korean bots were supposed to accomplish but kudos to the Moderators for cleaning it all up so quickly and generally keeping the Forum in a good shape.
  4. Isn't Mikhail supposed to drop a Gold Mark? I just did his map and have 0 Gold Marks. Upon reloading an old save, I realized that he doesn't even carry it: I'm playing the european version on Hard/Classic, if that is in any way relevant. Edit: Soft resetting as well as exiting and re-entering the battle does not resolve this issue.
  5. Dread Fighter Saber with the Shadow Sword.
  6. A decently strong Alm can oneshot Mogalls with the Falchion so he can lead the charge against Jedah. The Bow Knights can be baited by your Bow Knights and you can probably take them out with Killer Bows and Magic. Attack Jedah with Dread Fighters/Bow Knights and anybody who doubles and has a good crit chance can try to ORKO him. In my case Alm with Double Lion and Celica in range had roughly a 70% chance to kill him in one round. The Witch on the right hand side can be baited out and killed with Bows. You can warp a Dread Fighter to kill the Witch on the left hand side and you can chip Gharn with Mage ring!Celica/Delthea using Ragnarok (you can't attack more than once when facing Medusa; unless you dodge the attack) and then finish off by warping in Alm and using Double Lion. Then it's just a matter of weakening Duma with people who can survive his attacks. Tatiana's Fortify is very useful to counteract Upheaval so I hope you've been training her. Invoke takes a lot of pressure off of your team but it also takes up a lot of space. A unit with really high Def and the Silver Shield can hold off the 2 Dread Fighters and the Gold Knight at the beginning or you just take 2 turns to kill them and then go to the middle.
  7. Ah, I see. That would be more in line with past recoil formulas as well. I'll take a wild guess and say that the game checks if the attacks recoils before it checks if the attack crits. If crits were able to cancel out recoil and not the other way around, Skl would decrease the backfire chance but recoils in past games and especially in Gaiden were always purely luck based.
  8. Do we know the exact formula for the Shadow Sword recoil chance? I couldn't find it anywhere so I ran a few trials and it seems to be somehwere along the lines of 25-Lck% (after Lck reduction) and (25-Lck)/2% for Dread Fighters but I'd appreciate a confirmation. Curiously, crits never backfired during my 600 attempts which leaves me wondering if crits with a Shadow Sword can even backfire. Of course it could just be chalked up to RNG as well.
  9. IIRC, Rhomphaia can only be attained by forging the Ridersbane and losing the passive Cavalry effectiveness is a bad trade-off. The list should definitely include forged Ridersbane for Alms side. Perhaps also forged Rapier, though that's not a necessity. Grimoire+Speed ring aren't too bad either if you run out of Mage Rings.
  10. You could use it to marginally boost Warp/Physic range. Though, that is not very useful outside of LTC/efficiency runs. Other than that, it's probably best to trade it. Don't take my word for it since I have yet to play the game. The SF side also calls the spice "Exotic Spice".
  11. The earlier you use a stat booster, the longer it is in effect. Hence why I hand them out early unless the best recipient happens to join later. FE games usually give you more weapon durability on legendaries than actually needed so I tend to use them quite deliberately as well. E.g.: In my last playthrough, I used Siegmund whenever something wouldn't be a ORKO (or XRKO in the case of Endgame Lyon and Fomortiis) otherwise and still had 17 uses left at the end. A little planning also helps and makes it possible to determine how often and when you can use a weapon without it breaking too early.
  12. Yes, one item for each character. Weapons have varying amounts of Arts. E.g.: The Darkness and Blessed Sword have none (though, they do have passives) but the Regal Sword has 3.
  13. From what I've heard from other players, witches only attack units at the edges of your formations. Keep low Res units in the middle of your formation and you'll be fine. Mila's Turnwheel also goes a long way in mitigating RNG mishaps.
  14. If compared with each other, Kyle does have more Str and Def while Forde has more Speed. Though, the differences are relatively small and RNG is by definition unreliable. Make them whatever you want, GK and Paladin both work.
  15. I see, though it would have been better to simply implement 3rd tiers and ignore 4th tiers. That way, classes would have been more balanced. It feels weird that certain class trees have more promotions than others. On the contrary: "max stats are tied to character" Thus, overclasses are, as far as we know right now, worthless from a gameplay perspective. Not to mention the fact that the game is too easy to warrant them in the first place. "overclassing isn't a necessity" already states that they are superfluous. Yes, I agree, the main and only point of these classes right now is aesthetics. However, people are different. Some value gameplay more and some value aesthetics instead. I'm in the former group. Consequently, the classes don't appeal to me. This may change if we get Apotheosis and more information regarding the classes.
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