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  1. yeah, after trying to run the English patched game with your patch it didn't work at all, the game won't even load in openEMU. oh well, no problem also, the patch v0.3.3 works past ch 3 (for menu only) perfectly fine, which is great as if the menu is totally readable/useable you can pretty much play the game even without needing the text :) I used my ch 9 .srm save from the English patch and the v0.3.3 worked fine :) also, can't wait to try out the newest patch :) a good, clean,compelte,readable menu is super as before you couldn't understand anything in it (English patched menu), which made playing 776 totally unplayable now it's like 100% playable :) I'll keep an eye out for future updates this patch is all that we needed to make 776 playable like the other FE JAP games :)
  2. lol, after many failed attempts to get this to work, I finally got it working. all the other non "Rev 1" versions of the Thracia 776 rom didn't work, even the "NP" rom with English patched. until today when I just googled the rev 1.sfc finfo from that site in topic I finally merged to find the "rev 1" rom that works with this patch :) I patched the 2 different versions 2.3 & 3.3 using multipacther on Mac and toasted the games using Openemu for Mac (using Snesx9 core). also, if I patch the rev 1 rom with the English patch first and then apply the 2.3 or 3.3 patches from here, it'll work? um, I wonder if this will work on the 3ds ver of snesx9? I have a SNES N3ds XL to test this out. great patch/menu work, it's finally all clean/readable :) hope you can finish the patch for all the game :)
  3. well, I have played the demo of Hyrule warriors legend on 3ds, it was nice, but not for 3ds (Imo, smash even isn't that good to play on 3ds :) (great games, but the C-Stick takes a bad beating from these games :( . I would have gotten warriors on WIIU, but I didn't buy a wii at the time (2012), I instead chose the PSvita over wii, we'll I already have a modded wii that plays wii/gc games, so yeah. I liked hyrule warriors, being a big fan of Zelda, (reason I got a switch was for BOTW :) back in march.) FE warriors is like hyrule warriors 2.0, but even better, like how fates fe improved on awakening on 3ds same with echoes. money isn't an issue for me, I have already the amount for SMO, and nearly the amount for FEW. yeah, I was interested at first, but then was like kinda, cause the money for few, I could use to get extras for switch, or a pro controller for (80E). but after I saw the video review link you posted for GB, I'm ore to get FEW along with SMO :) after beating Zelda, I'm ready to play more nice AAA+ games :) tho, the joy cons run out of juice quite fast, so I might need a pro controller in the "far" future. the straps for joy cons suck tho :( first time I tried putting one on I could not for the love of me, get it off :( . aslo, why are the assures for switch so expensive? I don't remember the gamecube assures being that exp, the games maybe, but not the extra stuff, like controllers etc. one other thing, is a game case needed for switch games? since I have the official carry switch case? nice, thanx for the info,
  4. hi all, Fire emblem Warriors is coming out next week for the switch, the store that I buy my games from will have it on the 27th, only via preorder same day as Super Mario odyssey comes out aswell. tho, I'm excited for super Mario (it is a must have game after Zelda BOTW). im not 100% sure on wtheiter to get FE warriors Aswell, at first I was like: "yeah this looks interesting" but now I'm not dead set on getting it, well not sure if I should or shouldn't. any good reason why fe warriors is wroth the 60 euro and wroth getting ATM? thanx.
  5. I tried your suggestion and it worked, well removed some lag, it still lags, but alot less than before (i.e.. HP bars) ;) so, thanx for the tip, Kirb!
  6. Great FE8 Hack here! I recently started playing this on my GBA emulator on pop that works, TemparGBAtoPSP, this hack, Midnight Sun and Void's Bizarre Adventure are all great FE8 hacks currently ;) always, back to this game, it's great, but ATM I'm on ch 1-8 and in my emulator it lags alot with slowdowns, only on this specific chapter, the rest it's fine, I wonder why tho? looking forward to Act 2 split route in the future!
  7. yeah, for some weird reason I can't get the make hack to work at all, well if I can just use the .UPS patch with NUPS , it's all good ;) the GBA emulator that I'm using for all my games is "Uo gpSP Kai 3.5 mod" I also tried a newer version of it "Kai test 4 build 225", still doesn't work. which is strange as in kai 3.5 mod emu all the other FE games/hacks FE 6/7/8 (even midnight sun hack) run fine in kai 3.5, but this "specific" rom hack doesn't want to work in kai emulator, tho, I tried another GBA emulator, "TempGBA4PSP", this gab emulator is similar to Uo gpSP Kai, but works best/better for heavier games that will not/won't run at all in Uo gpSP Kai https://nicoblog.org/psp/gameboy-advance-emulator-for-playstation-portable/ an example of this is, golden sun 2, which runs with horrible lags on uo gasp kai, but in tempGBA if runs perfectly like on an actual GBA system ;) so, I tried the void hack, and.. it runs perfectly fine no lags/slowdowns like in uo kai emulator ;) phew.. so glad it works now I can enjoy this awesome/great FE8 hack ;) also, I'm on ch 6 or 7, also why is Leeroy's def stat and two others at 0? he seems to die quite frequently by everyone and such. lol. great hack overall, will there be anymore updates/fixes to it?
  8. well, I used another UPS panther first: "tsoukyomui" it gave invalid errors, then I used "NUPS" and it worked. oh, okay I'll install the Visual C++ 15, and keep all the older ones. is it better to just use the .ups file to patch to FE8? or to use the make hack.cmd? also when I tried running the hacked game in GBAPSP emu on my hacked PSP, the game loaded up but lagged/had many slowdowns alot :( also can the .sav file in the zip file be used for loading up in the GBA emu on pop to avoid slowdowns/lag? another question game related: when I played prologue - ch 1, some of my charters died in prologue, but then in ch 1 they came back? so no perma death?
  9. um I tried patching the game in windows normally using the .ups file, but it did nothing. only when I used the "mkaehack_full".cmd it worked on another computer the "makehack_full".cmd on my windows pc doesn't want to work :( I got a "the api-crd-i1-1-0.dll" file is missing, so I googled it and got it for my system & installed to system32 (32bit os). but after that I got an error again but the "procedure is missing Crt runtime link to library i1-1-0.dll" I googled that and got that the visual C++ needs to be updated to 2015 ver to fix this. my question is: if I install the redistribution pack of Visual C++ 2015, do I need to keep the older C++ (2010/2012) ? or just the newest one?
  10. when I first saw this hack, it reminded me specifically of Alfred kamon's FE8 hack (midnight sun) specifically the image on the right side: " L0Nfix3.png" wow, a complete hack of FE8? nice ;) looking forward to play this, but, I have come across an issue: what version of FE8 should you patch the .ups file? (U) or (E)? as I tried patching it on Mac using multipacther on both versions and got errors (CRC 32 invalid). I'll try patching this on windows to see if it works. (hopefully it will work)
  11. hahaha, nice video & commentary, man! the patch made by ChimeraHardline is awesome I like how clean the menu has become, way easier to read/understand :) the menu patch works only for (V.ROM) version of FE V or (NP) version? I have both (V.ROM/NP) , so if one works the other might not. also, like what others have said before in this topic, A menu + English translation patch combo into a single .ips/ups file would be awesome (Tho I'm not 100% sure if or how this can be achieved?) also, I've seen some .ips patch that allow you to patch the game with translation patch and then apply a second mini patch on top of the translation patch and it works? can this be done with the menu patch? I.E: if you let's say a) apply the English translation patch (Shaya) to a clean FE V game (Vrom/NP), b) apply the menu patch from this topic to the game that has the English translation patch. is there also a fe program that. can be used to edit or such fe v? or the patches?
  12. I see, np. this patch is great tho, makes the menu even better than before.
  13. yeah, sorry I meant the StreetPass card, no I haven't set it up, if you set this up, it's only a one time thing? also accessing the DLC is offline? I'll post a picture in the topic.
  14. Hi all, um on FE echoes, to access DLC you need to connect online in order to play them? cause when I try to access the dlc it says something about registering a profile etc? is playing dlc need online or offline like awakening/fates?
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