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  1. So, we've finally got more entries! YAAAAAAAAAY! *insert jumping around like a lunatic* AHEM! Anyway, the new entries are brilliant. Simply brilliant. It was a good idea to add to the sense of urgency by including a new element to the conspiracy without any implications of what it may be (though I suspect the bond unit Arete kidnapped has something to do with it), and then having Izana subvert the whole thing and simultaneously reveal that he knows (er, knew) about Valla was a brilliant touch. Plus it allows these dream-vision things thanks to how you did it, which is sure to also help. I liked that whole event almost as much as how you revealed Jakob's warping, even; and that was previously my favourite event of the whole saga so far. EDIT: Re-read Entry 6's Sakura segment, and I think I can spot some foreshadowing that Sakura's gonna need to be tactician at some point due to Dakota being incapacitated. Looking forward to it.
  2. To be entirely honest with you, I would've said without any hesitation that Konami should go bankrupt when only considering how little they care about their fans (and if you want evidence, just ask your Yugioh-playing nerd friend what they think of the June 12 banlist). But considering the other things...My opinion has changed. I no longer think Konami should go bankrupt, I now think they should never have existed. I understand the primary point of a company is to make money, and to them those things might not be as much of a priority; but if you've got yourself a reputation of treating fans/employees like dirt at best (probably worse, though) then you're barely going to make money anyway. Which means they probably will go bankrupt fairly soon anyway, and thank whatever powers that be for that! TLDR Whoever started this horrible culture in Konami's operations is a terrible person and they're shooting themselves in the foot by being jerkish to everyone involved with them.
  3. Berserker!Felicia (through S Arthur specifically). And please, in the name of all that is right in the world, get yourself a Bolt Axe.
  4. CQ Ch10 is one of those maps where what it seems to tell you to do - in this case defend the green zone - is different to what you actually want to do in order to easily/reliably clear the chapter. There's a reason it's been described as 'the most tongue-in-cheek "think outside the box" metaphor in all of gaming.' Your best bet, I think, is to focus your efforts on the south side, with Selena and Beruka - plus possibly Camilla - going west for the Onis and Odin or Nyx Nostanking the right. Ideally, you'll also have Niles (and possibly Archer Mozu or Azura as well) sit back a little from the front lines to obliterate the Pegs that get past your front lines (which will probably be Corrin, Silas, Effie, Arthur, and Jakob if you got him). This allows said front lines to focus on killing ground units rather than splitting their focus. The more space they clear early the more space you'll have when the late reinforcements force you to back up, so playing aggressively at the opening is a good idea. All beneficial tonics to all units, frontliners want a Vulnerary each at least, +Def meal would be best unless you really need Spd. With all that you should be comparatively fine.
  5. Chapter 6: 2/27 Turns I got the 35% hit on Ryoma the 2nd try; and it was a 3% crit too! But then some bad RNG and stuff-ups meant Takumi and Hinoka didn't die. Then 3 tries later I got it right and NaOH levelled for Str, Mag, Skl, Luk, Def. And Xander whiffed the 55. The successful attempt sees a +HP, Str, Luk, Def level. Built a Staff Store and got Topaz and Wheat as my default resources. Chapter 7: 9/36 Turns NaOH drank Tonics for Str, Spd and Def, took Silas on turn 3 and ran around everywhere killing stuffs with a rigged +Spd level. Effie pocket Arthur also did a little stuff, and Felicia/Elise healed. Changed NaOH to Wyvern Rider and reapplied his Tonics for Mozu's map. Chapter Mozu: 8/44 Turns NaOH didn't double even with another rigged +Spd level, so I got two. NaOH and Silas went west for the level grabbing, while Effie and Arthur went south to save a couple turns. I also learned that Mozu can also get recruited for simply being kept alive for the whole chapter by having it happen. Chapter 8: 5/49 Turns Niles, Odin and Elise went west for the SW village (using a no-Freeze strat!), else went north for northernmost village and boss; Felicia grabbing the starter village on the way. Chapter 9: 9/58 Turns Got Odin a Nos so he (and the Sorc down the line) could do things with it. Got a Wheat meal (from Arthur, so it ended up being Skl+2 to Niles, Odin, Felicia and Mozu). HP, Spd, Def tonics to NaOH; Str and Def to Niles; HP, Mag and Def to Odin. Rushed in through the middle, skipping Nyx, and Niles barely grabbed Rescue before the sieze. I lost a turn to Odin missing Haitaka. Stats at: Azura join - NaOH Wyvern lvl 14.69 27 HP 14 Str 7 Mag 14 Skl 13 Spd 8 Luk 15 Def 6 Res D Axe Niles Outlaw lvl 9.72 22 HP 9 Str 5 Mag 9 Skl 16 Spd 7 Luk 8 Def 12 Res D Bow Azura DANCER/10 lvl 1.51 Base E Lance
  6. Restarting, with the same Corrin (+HP -Luck male Dragon named NaOH). Prologue: 2/2 Turns Hyep, it happened. Chapter 1: 4/6 Turns +HP saved the turn, level gave +HP, Str, Mag, Skl, Spd. Chapter 2: 3/9 Turns Gunter rushed the right, others baited the left. NaOH levelled again, for +Mag, Skl, Luk, Def, Res. I'm not rigging, why do you ask? Chapter 3: 5/14 Turns Chapter 4: 7/21 Turns Chapter 5: 4/25 Turns Discarded the HP Tonic because full arms. Stats at: Branch of Fate- Major changes from original attempt so far: -NaOH has gotten better level-ups , especially in Mag (which is important for when he goes Paladin as his final class). -Some wacky AI RNG allowed me to 7-turn Ch4 instead of 8-turn.
  7. My entire YGO experience is with the cards themselves (plus a bit of YGOPro) - so no anime or similar for me, though I do know a little about the anime things from various friends of mine. I do plan to follow this thread, to try to learn more about that side of the game and possibly discover a few nifty cards I could experiment with. I voted for no story because it likely takes up more time than I'd like, but I'm not overly fussed as to the poll result.
  8. Like eclipse, I have also tried this (it was in the same project thread, actually) and my findings are as follows: You need to rig near-perfect Speed and/or Defence levelups all the way until chapter 6 or you will lose there Hit+20 is a godsend but you need EXPonential Growth to level at all in Sniper Lategame maps are going to be cancerous turtles for the most part You're invincible from chapter 7 through to ~15, but enemies do catch up Endgame is going to be impossible unless you have several thousand (no, I'm not kidding, you read correctly, thousand) uses of Def+5 weapons EDIT: These findings are only really accurate for Lunatic. On Hard, you become basically invincible about midway into chapter 6 and never lose that status.
  9. You could keep the Hoshidan throne untouched, or just make its magic a cure for mind control; and then (as suggested earlier) make the vision of Gooron in the crystal ball be Azura's warning to Corrin that if they don't bring Garon to the Hoshidan throne quickly he will become an actual monster instead of just the figurative one that he may or may not be by this point of the story. Then Garon's battle conversation with Corrin could include Garon's last vestiges of his humanity taking over one final time to tell Corrin that he/she was just slightly too late for the Hoshidan throne to have made a difference to Garon. I would also suggest rewriting chapters 17 through 20 to be less filler, though I don't know how it would be done.
  10. Name: Nathan Address: 08906-53990-87425-20751 Boon: Speed Bane: Luck Class: Samurai Skill: Nobility
  11. If it'll help you with writing the story, I see literally no reason to not restart on Lunatic; especially considering your reasoning for doing so is that Hard is not challenging you enough.
  12. Well, considering how I've kinda saved over my clears, I guess I need the 20-turn penalty. Didn't think the generics-only rule still applied to force deploys: 20/121 Turns
  13. Chapter 12: 9/93 Turns After Chapter 12, Daisuke the Apothecary gets an Iron Bow and a Bronze Dagger bought for him. NaOH's Iron Axe, Chihiro's Steel Lance and Takanori's Thunder tome all get forged to +1 - at no gold cost to myself. NaOH becomes a Malig Knight and grabs a Thunder tome but leaves it in convoy. Chapter 13: 8/101 Turns Stats after Ch13+shopping: NaOH Malig lvl 17/2.48 34 HP 14 Str 10 Mag 19 Skl 17 Spd 9 Luk 20 Def 13 Res B Axes D Tomes (due to Arms Scroll) Niles Outlaw lvl 17.29 26 HP 15 Str 8Mag 12 Skl 20 Spd 7 Luk 11 Def 17 Res C Bows Azura Songstress lvl 6.80 DANCER/10 Chihiro Peg lvl 12.70 22 HP 8 Str 1 Mag 11 Skl 12 Spd 9 Luk 6 Def 12 Res C Lances Takanori Diviner lvl 12.63 23 HP 0 Str 11 Mag 11 Skl 11 Spd 10 Luk 4 Def 8 Res D Tomes Daisuke Apothecary lvl 12.47 28 HP 13 Str 0 Mag 10 Skl 8 Spd 5 Luk 11 Def 5 Res D Bows Manfred Cav lvl 14.0 26 HP 14 Str 0 Mag 12 Skl 10 Spd 7 Luk 11 Def 8 Res E Swords D Lances Oskar Malig lvl 14/1.00 PAIRUPBOT/10 Thoughts on my run so far:
  14. Chapter 10:11/74 Turns Silas and NaOH barely reached A after this map, just as planned. (Yes, my plan is a Levin!Paladin Corrin with some Wyvern skills). Chapter 11: 10/84 Turns Stats: NaOH Wyvern lvl 16.61 32 HP 15 Str 4 Mag 16 Skl 16 Spd 10 Luk 17 Def 7 Res Niles Outlaw lvl 13.44 25 HP 12 Str 7 Mag 11 Skl 18 Spd 7 Luk 10 Def 15 Res Azura Songstress lvl 4.77 DANCER/10 Chihiro Peg lvl 8.88 22 HP 7 Str 0 Mag 10 Skl 11 Spd 7 Luk 5 Def 10 Res Takanori Diviner lvl 10.0 22HP 0 Str 10 Mag 10 Skl 11 Spd 10 Luk 4 Def 6 Res
  15. Chapter 9: 9/63 Turns Unit Stats: NaOH Wyvern lv l13.40 29HP 11Str 3 Mag 15 Skl 13 Spd 9 Luk 17 Def 4 Res Niles Outlaw lvl 10.30 22HP 9Str 6Mag 10Skl 17Spd 6 Luk 7Def 13 Res Azura Songstress lvl 1.85 DANCER/10 (plus fillers)
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