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  1. Just wanted to preemptively say that yes I am alive, you're getting older wouldn't want you to have a heart attack thinking ghosts are walking amongst you. ūüėõ

  2. Full canvas size, normal resize and normal resize with vignette..
  3. Once of again from the void I return at least until mid-september and then I'll most likely be off again, but taking request until then.
  4. Dieharte is useful in PVP thanks to Thousand Hooves and Strike, pve not so much and his Origin Faction has issues. Dieharte isn't bad he's just suffers a lot from comparisons to similar heroes which he can't compete with. Lance and Laird aren't used because there are better options not because they're bad. Cherie was given free to a lot of people and Dieharte was given as a pre-register bonus. Alt as a flier brings his faction bonus so that beats out Lance as well when playing that faction and Luna has Queen's Ascension herself which is her main draw. Not to mention investing heavily in units that are going to end up worse generally isn't appealing to people. In the end you can invest in Lance and Laird and use them without investment long enough to get by with them until you get units that are actually worth investing in in long term like Cherie and Leon. Lance has some stiff competition between Cherie, Angelina, Altemuller and Luna. Laird has to go up against Dieharte and Sonya mainly on the non-Leon front both of which are better at cavalrying than Laird. Dieharte is simply a budget Leon through and through and Sonya bring Ninjutsu, Strike and Assault which is basically a discounted Altemuller Faction buffed Leon, true she's reliably weaker in every aspect, but if she does get some kills she can snowball and she even gets movement after attacking provided she kills the target. By and by those that do use Laird use Griffon Knights for a reason it's what makes him comparable to Leon offensively. Cavalry Matthew has arguments to use as a Cavalry alternative that isn't Leon, simply for being Legion of Glory and not named Scott. The competition a unit has against other units that fulfill similar roles affect their usage rates even if they're perfectly usable units and they passed out a lot of Cheries and Diehartes. It's less her fragility as to them wanting a high mobility long range unit that hits hard, can move away after attacking and carries a faction buff. Leon and Cherie both build for attack and if they get hit they're not durable themselves. The main reasons Angels are used over Griffon Knights for Cherie is Angels are easier to keep their boost at 50% HP rather than 80% HP, but longevity is more for PvE and you have tanks for absorbing damage for a reason. Luna building for Mdef is no different then building for attack for other sweeping units. Def tends to be better on infantry than HP and infantry aren't tanks
  5. Luna is odd IMO, but I'm on the side of Flier Luna. I'd recommend Cursed Lance, Twilight Armor and KIng's Crown not straight Twilight Gear. Kings Crown does have less Magic Defense (3%) when maxed when bringing Wind Spiral and Queen's Ascension that's 2 chances to she could buff your other units by 20% Damage Dealt which stacks on top of the Faction Buffs. She won't hit as hard as Leon will she has a better shot being compared to Cherie which is a decent step down from Leon actually in sheer damage. Her Attack reaches high values sure but Leon on the offensive front can boost his attack, he gets chivalry for a large buff outside faction so he's set there, he's easier to get a faction bonus with and his BFF Altmueller gives him a massive boost with his, but mostly Leon has access to Thousand Hooves on the PVP nuke front for 1.7x his damage Luna can't match that nor can she match having Angels especially with her Pegasus, Pegasus do give you the 50% Damage Reduction while attacking 100% of the time, but they're not sweeper units they have no attack benefits unlike Angels which bring great survivability and damage. Luna would have to use Griffon Knights to match Leon level sweeping potential and they have some issues keeping their boost even though they're technically stronger than Angels. Leon also gets 10% Atk and Def when above 90% HP not to mention his Chivalry gives him a way to self heal and Leon. Pegasus are fine, but they're defensive, you can use Luna to whittle HP with Wind Pressure and Queen's Ascension and she can deal decent damage, but she's not Leon and can't be used the same way.
  6. The opening post doesn't mention Libra at all it just says vaike died, I don't really care too much if he said it later as I only read the opening post, but I'm sure somewhere in your posts you've posted something redundant just responding to the topic at hand not reading the entire thread, but good for you and good for you pointing out that I got the name wrong and yet somehow you magically still knew who I was talking about, but good for you pointing out that pretty irrelevant to the topic at hand mistake for what I assume is simply an effort to get +1 to your post count but gratz. Since apparently we're pointing out errors now, you don't start sentences with 'and', it's not proper English, cheers.
  7. Define "True Classic" run. If you aren't reclassing characters after promoting them then she'd be next to useless as a War Cleric not to mention you really don't need Axe users for the campaign anyway certainly not one that you'll be lucky to see 15 or so strength on at level 20 as a War Cleric. Chrom and Robin can beat the entire game by themselves add in Lucina then you have 3 easy units. If you already have Cherche and Lissa isn't promoted by now you should just drop her the appeal of Lissa is that she's an early healer so you can heal small amounts of hp to level her without taking combat experience if she ends up falling behind for whatever reason she can be dropped with impunity, you simply get easier to use options if Lissa is already behind like Anna for instance which you should have and can use as a Locksmith and more mobile healer plus she has decent evade thanks to Lucky Seven. If your only Axe users are Frederick and Cherche that means you let Lucian die too, he would have been your War Cleric type for a no re-classing run and his relatively high base stats make him an easy father to one of the children to get a free unit with decent enough stats without much effort. If you're so desperate for an Axe user just wait for Basilio or Flavia, both are usable in a pinch.
  8. If they're going forward with adding new technologies the first step should be handheld cross bows before guns. Realistically any semi-modern gun versus a guy with a sword the guy with the gun is always going to win and that's kind of a turn off personally then again they always seem to make archers inferior and historically range is pretty much always the preferred tactic. Just a little pet peeve characters like Lyn or Eirika seem to get Rapiers because they're women and weaker, but a rapier wears the same as a standard sword and tend to have more physically demanding fighting styles than a standard sword so the Rapier isn't designed for people with less physical strength arguably they're meant for somebody with more physical strength and bows, bows aren't weapons suited for weaker individuals at all. Less draw strength significantly would weaken the bow's power but in every Fire Emblem I can think of right now the skinny guy or women have bows and they'd be pretty useless. Weaker soldiers should have spears or two handed swords or something not bows and daggers should have bonuses to armor across the entire weapon type as that was kind of their purpose.
  9. The list goes past to include like Pokemon Brown and Pokemon Purple and such wasn't about to sit around and name them all. Them registering anything doesn't necessarily mean anything at all even. There are numerous games that never get made leaked or not PT fell through and so did Scalebound the former having a playable teaser the latter a decent amount of footage and yet something happened that kept them from being released granted it's not exactly the same as the company simply changing their mind, but leaked 3-D Kanto stills and 2 names doesn't mean much of anything. Everybody knew Pokemon was going to hit the Switch sometime or another it's one of the main first party games Nintendo has and several later incarnations include the Kanto region. Heck it could just be Ash's story simply starting you in kanto and going through Aloha so while you could claim it's somewhat a remake of Pokemon Yellow, it'd have far more available content if that were the case. I don't follow Pokemon, but Eevee could be the same thing somebody surely started with Eevee at some point and they could just run through all the regions which honestly makes more logical sense than releasing new games starting in the new region. Running through the original region and releasing the new content later encourages people to play through the game to reach the new content and they're not forced to really put everything new available to the player right away which is the expectation when starting in the new region. Pokemon fans of the original series are also getting old which is definitely worth mentioning so going back to old games as a starting point brings some nostalgia value to people that have put aside their pokeballs and that can be shown when people get excited over remakes of their favorite regions more so than the full new releases. A lot of the old pokemon are falling far behind in either skills or stats as well not saying it's practical per say, but a Switch release would be the perfect opportunity to re-vamp older Pokemon and improve them in some way shape or form so people can go back to their old favorites that might have been left behind from the natural power creep which is sometimes done in various online card games which I feel is a pretty fair comparison to how Pokemon is done, never-mind that they released a Pokemon card game fairly early on in Pokemon's evolution as a sort of natural addition to the game. It's worth mentioning that they already kind of did this at least once before releasing new evolutions.
  10. Pokemon has a tendency to register names that they don't use. Gamefreak has registered: Pokemon Topaz Pokemon Tourmaline Pokemon WhiteGold Pokemon Moonstone Pokemon Delta Emerald The list goes on, these usually get scrapped or changed in the end so whilst this game could potentially exist it could just be them place-holding a name. Pikachu is still their mascot, so just making him a starter again doesn't really mean it's just going to a be a gen 1 remake either and Eevee has several possibilities across the generations to evolve into the prospect of using him as a starter would give more options to the player for their starting pokemon to evolve into which gives the casuals more options to fill gaps in their team.
  11. I just keep them in the class I feel they should be at least for my main file so always a Grandmaster only time I've really differentiated from that with Morgan is a Manakete for a novelty Female Morgan that's 3rd gen from a Kellam!Nowi pairing with a Defense asset Avatar and that was really just for giggles.
  12. There are still a few floating around and Deviant Art gets plenty of submissions to the customization category so plenty still make signatures, but with Reddit, Discord and the like they're not really needed so yeah people have mostly moved on. Renders still seem fairly popular even with no tags my quick renders are good for 2 or 3 favorites each...while my finished sigs tend to get 0. :'( So surely they're using them for something otherwise they'd just keep the original stock art or at least I would think they would.
  13. Finished a request elsewhere for a Mercy sig, this version is resized from the original request to suit my tastes more than what they requested.
  14. If you like everyone then I'd just prioritize making everybody at least usable, but since it can be hard to decide when you're trying to bring everybody and my list just kind of assumes you'll screw over certain characters for the sake of others just one recommendation per char no repeating fathers. Cynthia and Lucina: Sumia x Chrom Lucina gets the best raw stats with Sumia and the Avatar is strong as a lead so Lucina can again skip Vantage if you end on Robin ofcourse not having Vantage isn't the end of the world if you forget either in most cases. Another argument for stats over an arguably better skill set is that she'll pass better mods to gen 3 Morgan. As for Cynthia, Cynthia gets a pretty good deal with Chrom since she really has everything she needs just from Sumia so the solid stat mods are welcome and you don't spend Gaius or Henry and Frederick is sub-par for Cynthia IMO. Aesthetically speaking Lucina is always Lucina obviously, IMO Cynthia looks a little odd, but not too terrible. Owain: Lissa x Libra Libra is marginally worse than Henry for Owain, but offer pretty much the same thing so you might as well use Henry elsewhere, plus you get an exploitative unit with the hair color he's supposed to have it's a win-win. Inigo: Olivia x Henry Vantage/Vengeance, Henry is a little better than Libra for a physical attacker and Inigo is a better physical attacker between him and Owain. Brady: Maribelle x Virion I made a bonehead mistake from not having dealt with Awakening in awhile I thought Brady had Myrmidon base, but he doesn't so he can't get the Vantage/Vengeance combo with Henry or Libra. Virion doesn't conflict with anything Maribelle gives and Brady has Luna base so the lack of a good active from Virion is not an issue. Aesthetically, meh I don't like Brady's char design anyway so I don't particularly care how he looks. Kjelle: Sully x Donnel Gaius and Tharja are much better together IMO, but Kjelle is leagues better than Nah IMO so getting Galeforce even if you take a shot in modifiers with Donnel is worth it. Severa: Cordelia x Lon'Qu High skill and speed Severa that picks up Vantage. Gerome: Cherche x Vaike Vaike gives Beserker and tops out Gerome's Strength to the highest possible in gen 2, he's still a support char thanks to his low Speed and meh skillset if he were a lead, but he's strong in the back and a breaker tends to fix his accuracy at least against one of the weapons. I'd take Lancebreaker to play off the triangle and maximize accuracy against one of the weapons instead of taking a more all around option, you get other units for a reason after all you can pick your fights. Morgan: Avatar x Lucina Not my go to choice for a gen 3 Morgan, but you're already set on it so there it is. Morgan is best at 3rd gen with a stat-centric Yarne on the fem side and on the Male avi side I'd prolly give it to Severa though a defensively spec'd Nah can hit laughably high Defensive stats too bad they're kind of useless. Yarne: Panne x Stahl Stahl gives Yarne a viable enough lead set and keeps solid modifiers should you want to put him in front from some time to time. Laurent: Miriel x Gregor Gregor gives Myrmidon for Laurent's base Vengeance, the conflicting modifiers don't really matter on a Vantage/Vengeance unit either so no issue there. You could flip Lon'Qu and Gregor depending on whom you like more, but Severa is higher priority IMO due to Galeforce so she gets Lon'Qu, flipping them is better for aesthetics IMO though. Noire: Tharja x Gaius Gaius gives Vantage and Galeforce to Noire who already has Vengeance. Nah: Nowi x Ricken Ricken doesn't sink Nah's base speed lower than it already is going to be thanks to Nowi unlike Kellam and Fredrick would, you miss out some defensive buffs, but Speed is king. Ricken's skill set is good enough and actually creates a solid magical Nah. Unused: Frederick and Kellam ~Cheers
  15. Awakening the pairings don't really matter, even the worst child character is pretty good for something or another. Sure some are 'better' than others, but you can pretty well use whomever you please child char or not and get by on any level including Apotheosis. I for example just pick my personal pairings based on hair colors because of this fact and even end them in their native class lines (as i do with all my chars) which certainly isn't optimal and yet there's never really been an issue. With that said it'd help to say which characters are your favorites. If you're not going to use somebody because you dislike them, it's pretty easy to just rule them out for optimization and potentially free up better pairings for 'weaker' children characters. Additionally if you have parents you particularly like then getting them an S rank with another parent you're using is helpful in it's own right. You also have to factor in whether or not you're going to use something like Limit Breaker which takes you from needing to find 4 skills instead of 5 which can ease some of burden of making pairings. My thoughts by Child and holding Galeforce in high regards as a convenience skill even if at the highest levels it may not be the 'best' choice: Lucina: Sumia x Chrom is 'best' for Lucina, as far as I'm concerned Speed is king, offensive abilities can offset minor losses in strength or magic to the point they don't particularly matter. Getting doubled can easily result in a dead unit pending on what you're up against and missing that double attack that you could have gotten with just 1 more speed is far worse than dealing 1 or 2 more damage when that second attack really translates in 2 more attacks thanks to the proliferation of Brave Weapons and the chance to get more skills off to improve damage even further that way. Chrom and Sumia provide the fastest Lucina and you still get access to Galeforce, you do lose Vantage, but with Lucina's set IMO she can take that loss with impunity and if she's marrying the Avatar you can end with him as the lead to cover for her when she's done with her Galeforce use Vantage becomes uneccesary anyway. Owain: I'm not a big fan of Owain. Libra and Henry both allow Owain to learn Vengeance which is highly exploitative if you're just going for optimization with access to Vengeance you get the holy trinity of Vantage, Vengeance, Galeforce on Owain regardless if you decide to make him be a magic class like you intended. Ricken on the other hand can give him Luna if either you don't want to exploit Vantage/Vengeance combo or just have other plans for Libra and Henry which are both fairly in demand tbh and Ricken not so much, not even for Laurent. *See Laurent* Inigo: Olivia has pretty poor modifiers passed coupled with he fact she's actually weaker than most other characters overall means Inigo stats-wise is one of the weaker children by default. Pairing with Chrom takes the most work as you have the least time to raise Olivia's affection and IMO it's not really worth it. If you're an Inigo fan you can give him the exploitative Vantage, Vengeance, Galeforce combo, but if you're going more traditional somebody that can give him Luna is always a good choice and I'd go with Frederick or Stahl, you can stick with your intention of Chrom, but that's usually for a gimmick with Rightful King, but it does give Lucina Vantage, though as mentioned really not needed if you're pairing her with the Avatar. Brady: Brady is another character I dislike rather lot so he tends to get the dregs in my pairings and Maribelle passes a lot of pretty useless Luck as modifiers so stats-wise he's not really one of my preferred chars, but he makes a decent magic type char with Galeforce so any of those pair pretty well since he really gets everything he needs from Maribelle. Libra and Henry are obviously good choices since Brady is already magically geared for the Vantage, Vengeance combo with compatible passed stats. Bowbreaker is pretty convenient on a Mage for story or areas that don't really encourage optimization. Kjelle: Kjelle doesn't get Galeforce, but can from Donnel, Gaius, or the Avatar so those would be my obvious picks, outside of that I kind of like Virion for good Speed and Skill whilst saving Lon'Qu for Panne. Cynthia: Sumia doesn't get many options which helps reinforce her being paired with Chrom as far as I'm concerned he's the best option by far, but I'd take Henry as a number 2 though IMO white haired Sumia is just odd. (Gaius being used for passing Galeforce to a non-galeforce female) Severa: If Severa is going to be used as a lead I'd give her Luna or Vengeance personally and she has Vengeance base so no need to pick out father based on that, but she is lacking Vantage to couple with Vengeance so I would go with Stahl or Gregor personally. Gerome: Vaike can produce a Gerome with abnormally high attack which is good for a partner and Gerome lacks Galeforce so you can pass a female support skill from Cherche to make good Robin background attacker, you can take minor successions and go with Stahl or Frederick to get Dual Guard+ or you can ignore that and stack as much supporting attack as you can behind a quick lead attacker to use it as often as possible and with the DLC you can run Limit Breaker, Aggressor, x-faire for +25 attack during your turn on the potentially strongest non-gen 3 char coupled with other support skills making up for his lack of lead skills he has no problem filling up his skills with something moderately useful. Demoiselle or Support Bonus + can take a slot and a breaker isn't a bad choice to help accuracy just in-case. Yarne: I like Yarne with Lon'Qu just for stat packing, but picking somebody with a decent active to pass him is by far more wise if you want to try to take advantage of his raw stats, though his skill sets tend to be fairly lackluster or to get him a decent one you really have to dip into his stats. IMO he's a better Gerome he's got good stats to support somebody with not only high Strength, but some Skill to help accuracy with Beserker base for maximum strength and good physically geared pair up bonuses for the lead Laurent: Laurent has Dark Mage base so he wants Vantage to exploit Vantage and Vengeance. A lot of people put Miriel with Ricken, but Ricken doesn't really offer anything useful to Laurent other than a marginally higher Magic stat which is going to be far less useful than Vantage with Vengeance base since Henry and Libra are in fairly high demand are the only two that can pass Vengeance to somebody like Owain who already has Vantage for instance. Luna is more common with 4 fathers *excluding Chrom* who can pass it so Ricken can be used to buff magical stats on somebody who can't achieve the Vantage/Vengeance combo or if you're vehemently against using the combo, he's better served to pass Luna to a unit that can be a solid magic unit like Owain. Noire: Gaius or Donnel for Galeforce, if you're not using your Avatar to give all 3 non-galeforce females Galeforce then Nah IMO should be the one left out. Nah: Since you're not using the Avatar for Galeforce, Nah has generally poor stats having reduced speed and focus on Defense in a game where Offensive ability is king and Nah has pretty poor class choices since Brave Weapons trump everything in Awakening since you can get a double Dual-Support attack between each Brave Attack turning 2 strikes into 6 if both units have Brave weapons, not to mention you get a Dragon weakness on top of everything else. I really wouldn't bother with Nah personally, but she can be fairly useful during the campaign or something for her defense it's just when optimization is encouraged she'll start to fall short where her decent Defense doesn't really matter at all. You can try to use her fairly unique skill Wyrmsbane to your advantage to give her a well defined purpose, but that's purely novelty. Kellam plays to her strengths and she's going to be too slow regardless what you do higher up and trying to fix her with a better father just weakens other children. Kellam gives her access to General for maximum Defense if you so choose,and Renewal which can be paired with her base Lifetaker to try to keep her healthy when it comes to her turn feeding off Wyvern enemies. Frederick is an option for Luna, Aegis and Pavise, and giving her Paladin for a more rounded defense. Henry and Libra are good choices, but they tend to be used on higher priority characters, but Sorcerers have rounded defenses and access to Nosferatu to stay healthy.
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