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  1. 3DS Friend Code: 5300 - 9462 - 0238, If you add me, please PM me Castle Address: 08319-62598 63025-09684 Game path: Revelations/Invisible Kingdom/Valla Avatar name: Valcon Castle name: Royal Skills Region: North America Mineral Resources: Quartz, Emerald Food Resource: Milk, Rice Battle level: Easy (no units have weapons) Available skills (They all have Aptitude and Replicate) - Avatar: Salvage Blow, Profiteer, Replicate, Death Blow, Aptitude - Azura: Inspiration, Rend Heaven, Profiteer, Replicate, Aptitude - Ryoma: Rend Heaven, Salvage Blow, Death Blow, Replicate, Aptitude - Xander: Astra, Rend Heaven, Replicate, Swordfaire, Aptitude - Hinoka: Replicate, Lancefaire, Rend Heaven, Aegis, Aptitude - Camilla: Replicate, Rend Heaven, Axefaire, Aegis, Aptitude - Takumi: Death Blow, Replicate, Astra, Rend Heaven, Aptitude - Leo: Death Blow, Tomefaire, Trample, Replicate, Aptitude - Sakura: Replicate, Counter, Amaterasu, Bowfaire, Aptitude - Elise: Replicate, Rend Heaven, Live to Serve, Tomefaire, Aptitude Trying to get: Death Blow & Salvage Blow (on all but Sakura and Elise) Notes: If there is any skill that you request on any of these characters, just PM me, I will try to get it. I am still working on some of the skillsets, I especially don't like Sakura's (I want to change 3 of those skills). I also may at some point change the name and get rid of Sakura and Elise (people don't seem to want them that much).
  2. I'm relatively new to the series, but I decided, that I would make a full-on streetpass team (because why not). Right now, I'm having a bit of trouble. I have 2 units (Walhart and Walhart!Morgan) which I only have 4 skills for (I have all DLC classes and skills). I also have Chrom, and I have no idea what his skills should be, or what his final class should be. But right now, I'd like to have a physical tank, a healer, and either a magic user or another healer. Could someone help me a bit with this? Below is my plan for my team so far, so try not to use any of the parents I'm currently using (FeMU, Walhart, Chrom, Sumia). I also have 3 units which are missing a final skill, and I'd kinda like some help with that, as well. I have seen several people saying not to use Conquest and Iote's Shield, because they are a waste of a skill which could just be avoided by me having better positioning. However, I have also heard that the streetpass bots just aim for maximum damage, which can leave characters in really bad positions. Finally, if I have some sort of really bad mistake which I don't realize, could you please say what it is? I may have tried to give someone a skill that they can't obtain. I really don't know all of this. Like I mentioned, I am still fairly new to the game, so I don't understand everything. Character 1: FeMU Skills: Limit Breaker, Ignis, Tomefaire, Armsthrift, Pavise Class: Sorceror Asset/Flaw= Magic/Luck Character 2: Skills: Limit Breaker S Rank: Class: Character 3: Chrom Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Character 4: Sumia Skills: Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Luna, Tomefaire, Iotes Shield Class: Dark Flier Character 5: Sumia!Lucina Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Tomefaire, Iotes Shield Class: Dark Flier Character 6: Walhart!Morgan Skills: Limit Breaker, Conquest, Ignis, Lifetaker, Class: Dark Knight Character 7: Walhart Skills: Limit Breaker, Conquest, Luna, Pavise, Class: Conquerer Character 8: Chrom!Cynthia Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Iotes Shield, Pavise Class: Falcon Knight Character 9: Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Character 10: Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Thanks a ton!
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