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    Mug Medley!

    Why didn't I look into this before? I can't do this now I'm already procrastinating on stats Homework.
  2. I like S=J girl but sir Laurence is right. He hair is way off with the ends of her locks just squaring off like that. Hair that just squares off is extremely flat and fairly straight(like the girl on the left here), and your girl's hair has some volume and wave to it and would end more like Priscilla, , or [url=]Dorothy's And Blue bro, he is cool, but he still looks like one of the brigands who got their faces rearranged. His eyes are off kilter horizontally, set them straight. Also his jaw juts out to our left and rounds out just a pixel or two shy of where it would end naturally.
  3. I think the blue haired hideous guy has the most character, so does the chick with the different eyes making the S=J face. Anyways, instead of splicing in a new eye, try splicing/drawing in just the new eyebrow and editing the eye from there.
  4. <=o *Raises finger up* ... <=| *Places finger on chin* ... <=o *Raises finger up again* <=|... Yeah huh..? Well, this chick isn't on par with GBA proportion anyways, her heads too small. I should just be worrying about keeping my proportions consistent with my other work. But even with her kinda sort torso (her hips start soon after the drawing fades), Magvel's girl could still use longer forearms.
  5. Man are really that saggy? I wasn't going for around B cup. I honestly don't know, the way I put it is existent, but notably below sizable. I was bout to find a bunch images and crap when another image of Alicia Keys sum its up, and in which you're right, they could be moved up a bit but they aren't like granny status. I wasn't referencing this image, but this is about about the size and shape of breast that I find most appealing, so this probably what I innately go for. I also kinda feel bad about making the same mistakes as I did last project after being so demanding after not posting and plain old not being active outside the spriting board. I guess I might be trying to say Random Pics I found when I was trying to see if teh boobs were correct (All in bras, so safe for work, but it'd still be kinda awkward to have your boss look over your shoulder and see bra catalog images): An Image A Gallery And yes this forum is awesome, everyone follows the constructive criticism rule of be blunt as f*ck (Except me sometimes). Cause honestly thats what works.
  6. Sheesh, a full custom freekin' hand and I don't have any replies!? Not even a Brool cory sto? Well I've been dicking around with Magvel's girl instead of doing homework <_< (no allusion adultery intended). No big add ons to the body, just a lot of redoing the collar, the bangs, and the hats brim and then dicking around with the pallete.
  7. This tutorial isn't for FE Spriting, but I think its a good start for Full Costuming and full bodies Basing Without Tracing by ~kawaiihannah
  8. Well next up you need to shade your hair properly, cause its still a really big mess. 1) Use more contrast between the shade in your palette. That way your hair actually has depth 2) The shading is too jagged in there and make it smoooooth. 3) Your want really think strands/locks of hair, but you're lines for your are thick the the bends and thin at the straights. It should be the other way around, check out basically any in game mug, especially FE 8. The when the outline thins out use the next shade up 4) Experiment a bit. You don't always have to use the third shade to make a line between hair locks, especially with hair like this guy's. Just using the first two colors and the third really sparingly may do the job without making it look "pillow-y."
  9. Alright first things first, check out you colors. I'm sure your familiar with the term palette so I'll call your used colors that. For your character's hair palette, you only have two hair colors. Feel free to use 3, and use that third color to separate hair locks instead of the outline color.
  10. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... No major advances for Alice, I just tweaked the nose. I re-shaded Molly's should plate thing, which still needs work, but I don't wanna use another color, cause I wanna save the 15th color slot for her hair if possible. A bigger update though is today I found on my hard drive a sprite done by Magvel from another FE forum, Shrine of Seals (the spriting community went dead, I'm still the last person to post there in the gallery) Specifically it was the gal in this post For some reason I couldn't help but play with it resulting in this: So I've asked him for permission to keep this up, unfortunately SoS Forums is the only way I know to get a hold of him. Although I'm not too worried about it since I showed what his, but still. Edit: Oh and funny thing is is that he's continued that sprite further than that stage as seen here While we're on the subject of magvel, we had a dicussion about drawin boobies once and I never got to post up this pic for when I redrew to show him my take on boobies
  11. JUSTICE, THY NAME IS CHIN!!! Solid splices Ms.Brave. At this point all I have to say is create. ... I'm honestly not exactly sure what I mean here. You see I live in the infamous Humboldt county, the alleged weed capital of the world and as you mau have notice today is 4/20 and I can't go no where with inhaling smoke. That and I've eaten nothing but a corndog today.
  12. What I'm saying is jump in a bit. So what your shots will be bad? Take a little time tweak a couple things. Redraw the cheek from the face if it looks wonky, move up the forehead with the selection tool if hairline is looking a a tad low. And if you have trouble pin pointing if somethings wrong mirror the image real fast and give it another once over; thats one of the beauties of pixel art its so readily changeable!
  13. Thanks, no prob at all! But loosing your reference blows... Well, if you don't want to scrap you try looking up some references on google.
  14. Instead of just trying full customs straight out you can do what I did occasionally and draw a base from an existing sprite with nothing but the chin shape and maybe makers for the features (although I added the features without the Renaults face below). [spoiler=Finish Product] Then you'll actually be practicing how to draw and shade your own stuff without doing some of the hardest parts of a custom, proportions. Then when you feel comfortable enough move on to building you're own bases.
  15. Well post up a pic of what you're going for in terms of curly hair. My best guess is something like Beatrix from Final Fantasy 9 and an in game pic In which case your curls could use some more volume, but need some definition as to where the hair lock ends and you'd see the inside of the curl, well... curl By the by, I'm really loving your work.
  16. I gotta say thanks for the feed back even with me being a bit resilient and slow to update. Nothing too special, just reshaped the boobs Oh and something I've been dying to ask, how can photoshop help my spritng? I've tried try to switch but its so clunky. Its like taking a fighter jet to work when a car will get the job done with less prep time and less fiddling with weird control anf stuff.
  17. Boobs are effected by gravity when not supported, just ask the developers of Dead or Alive. Although maybe I overdid hers for their size... But yeah she is coming together a little dwarfish. I think its cause I tend to make my women on the short side, but I also like long legs... I've been procrastinating from doing homework in a school computer lab for the last 2 and half hours and wound up doing this, so i didn't really use too many references. Her waste is still in the middle of being adjusted cause her left (our right) arm/shoulder was waaaaaayyyyyyy off and AK was right. Anyways thanks Seph, I'll try to work more n this tomorrow or whenever statistics ain't kick my arse.
  18. Khrene Cleaver

    Mug Medley!

    Kay. they was already going fer Guile... You mad the hair looks too flat and it looks unnatural now. =/
  19. He has no neck The hair doesn't make sense, he has a part down the middle like this but he somehow has bangs. ANother thing where the part is really defined that's where the hair connects to the scalp which is why his head/hair looked big to you earlier. Shading is nice colors, are nice keep up the good fight and whatnot kaythnxbye.
  20. Wow, you drew this stuff full custom? Nice!... But for some reason, a nagging alarm is going off in my head.... Don't get me wrong, this ain't bad content your making here, but it seems like you're twisting up words to make it seem like you drew this without tracing over another image, which is what full custom is in sprite terms. if you drew this image with (an)other image(s) directly under this in another layer, then would be called either a trace or an edit. I apologize in advance if I'm wrong.
  21. Deranger: Yeah Actually I did look at the tarvos alot for this guy! I might've used him for the arms, but I remember everything on the tarvos being way too big to splice onto the halberdier. So I think I just found it easier to draw arms myself. - I misspoke, it was supposed to be a generic soldier promotion, not an armor knight promotion. - The magical power of laziness - ditto above. I just realized that didn't make sense too. He's missing a lot because I lost interest in making him, and just wanted to get something done. I could honestly work on a sprite all day long if I didn't have other things to itnerupt me, and then while I'm preoccupied with other activities, I loose interest in projects like the halberdier, or this. or this That kinda why I've stuck to body sprites. It's a bit easier to pick off from where you left off, and its a more short term project. Ah yes, another lil update with the current project to address the hair shading issue. I was aware that the hair lacked a certain flare, but I was just intimidated as to go about it. Anyways some hair testin Yes and fencing is pretty cool, I even got to see a few bouts with rapier and dagger. It wasn't a dirk, and I can't remember it's name if it had one. It was like a parrying dagger that basically looked like a mini rapier. The sorry thing is that if I stayed in class this semester I could've promoted and been using a weapon other than the foil. =(
  22. @Jubbs well, so far all my battle sprites hold Xon up there are edits. If memory serves the halberdier is based off of the solder, the hero, Hector, and the battle skirts taken from the general. Lumi: I lurked around a little and found out that some people I've seen around have different names. For some reason I thought AK was you, or maybe I found out it was AK but only remembered the relatively rare trait you share other than being great artists. mBladez:
  23. @Deranger, yeah your right on that one. But, I lifted his pose from tradition French Foil Fencing though, so it sorta makes sense. My ex and soon to be fencing instructor really stressed relaxation (as most probably would, I would assume). But with that said his kinda grounded almost machismo stance just doesn't fit aesthetically with the relaxed slightly limp, almost graceful way he holds his sword. Okay you got me thinking I need to update him... maybe with something (moreso the guy on the left)@Mecha Waltz (Lumi?) Taken note for Alice and Molly. I don't think Sandra needs too much more shoulders, she seems as wide shouldered as the more broad broads of the FE world. @Jubbs Yesh A halberdier who actually uses halberds (a pole ax would be a more fitting name here). But it was supposed to be a knight promotion who uses lances and axes. This would be his ax animation. I havent had too much time on my hands, but heres a bit more on Alice's skeleton. Its not super impressive, but I spent a lot of time on that foot. The first on thats really simple was originally done for . I'm gonna do te same with he hands cause I want to do her naked first and then draw clothes on top of her body. I figure it's be a good exercise and I could costume swap if I wanted to. WHat I really wanna know is what do guys think about her hair. I wanna make it more detailed. I'll probably start with more likes to show stands/licks but I think that'll look very unnatural if not done right.
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