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  1. Xon (A character of mine ) Sprite No animation as of yet: Ahtil (another Character) as a Cowgirl trainer in the Pokemon world Stumpy Sandra. She only lacks arms thanks to not knowing how to finish.(Thats what she said?... Sorry...) She'supposedto be a female soldier, I'm unsure if I wanted her to be a Soldier, a Cavalier, or a Pegasus Knight so I kinda went middle ground Molly, a short gal. My first full custom portrait whose body I expanded late last year. Not only does she again lack arms, I still need to touch up a lo of her shading, especially in her hair. Another gal I'm working on now, unnamed so far, is based off a pic of Alicia Keys. I also want to experiment with hair, cause the curliest hair FE offers is Nergal's homunculi and Florina. Prep work and Alicia Keys Yeah I have like a million and a half wips that I want to finish (some of which I'll post up here when I get to my own computer) and it's kinda cool to have so many idea I can pick up, but I feel like that professor from Jimmy Neutron who can't finish jack sh!te) Anyways Imma continue Alicia Keys girl, (Now the name Alice/Alis is coming to mind for her name) as she is who I drew when I just got a mouse back in my hands Oh yeah, C+C is always welcomed.
  2. I've made a a while back maybe it'll help? It uses the free programs Game Maker, and Microsoft Gif Animator. I like the idea of the brawler chick, but its missing a lot of frames especially in the attack and the retreat to neutral frames. Also its weird that in her attacking frames shes on one foot then moves off of it, the lands of that same foot. For the Guy check out Lyn's unpromoted crit. The frames she uses for when shes retreating with that slide have some potential for moving in for the attack ("transition from getting ready to attack and attacking").
  3. Thats pretty damn hilarious, especially for nice simple splice. About that critique, it feels like his head is closer to the near shoulder (his lef,t our right) and need to be more centers. About the collar, don't make it so stiff. Think that straight vertical and horizontal lines don't exist, because they really don't when drawing shapes thats aren't man made, even in stiff material. I would say more but I'm spleeoy and its a pretty clean splice already. Edit: I started the post hours ago and finished it at the time we all see. Didn't realized that was supposed to be a metal collar, cause it doesn't look like its connected to the armor. For the collar to be that far out away from thk necl I would imagine they would be connected to the shoulderpads or something.
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