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  1. Ur a big beautiful butterfly u gotta fly away mondus...
  2. yo so im new and i just knew i wanted to kill monde? I'm confused on how to play? I thought we just lynched people and voted on who looks suspicious. imo this looks suspicious but this is my first game so is this suspicious to anyone else?
  3. In my heart monde is always scum <3
  4. Hello everyone!!!! It's story time! ##Monde Became a Beautiful Butterfly
  5. Hi there, I would like to begin this wonderful Easter Sunday with a book. Please be patient while I prepare my reading glasses.
  6. Hi everyone! Role PM's have officially been sent out thank you everyone for bearing with us! You are an incredibly kind group. Please keep in mind: If you read your role pm and do not like it for whatever reason, let us know! This game should absolutely be fun, your role should not hinder your enjoyment of the game. To give people time to respond to role pm's, we have extended game start until 5pm EST instead of 3pm EST. During this time, you should not tell others your role/alias or else you will receive an in-game warning (this does not affect anything having to do with the forum itself). Good luck to everyone, have fun!
  7. It’s pretty unfortunate that this is the way I had to learn that lesson. I’ve learned from this that I am pretty much the exact person who should not be playing this game. I understand this is just a game, I hear it every time someone backstabs me (although, at times, I will admit I do deserve it), but backstabs hurt. I eventually get over it, that’s how it’s always been for me and it’ll be the same way for Emily too. Whether or not you consider what she did a backstab, I have never felt this broken up about something that has happened in EIMM before. This is all getting to be too much for me. Before EIMM, I considered my relationship with her to be rocky at worst and ok at best. Ever since she started playing with me, I felt like we were partners in crime. Because EIMM was such a big part of my life, once I invited her into this part of me, I felt like we forged this new relationship. I was so proud of her for winning her first two games and I thought that would just be how it always would be for us. After last night, though, I just couldn’t believe she would do that. Emily, I’m so sorry for snooping. I really shouldn’t have, that was immature of me. It just ended up hurting me more anyway. I checked our shared email (mods know about this) and saw that you had made a copy of our allies’ sheet. I checked who you shared it with and that just sealed the deal for me. This entire event has hit me at an incredibly personal level and I’m an idiot for not seeing it coming. I’m quitting this game and all future games. I will not be talking to anyone about this game anymore. I have removed myself from the group chat. This game can be such a good experience if you don’t handle it like I did. Despite what has happened and what I have said, please understand that Emily is a positive person. While me and her have moments we don’t mesh, she is a good ally to have. Please don’t let what happened ruin your impression of her, I don’t want for this game (something which makes her happy) to become a source of negativity for her. Thank you all for such a good two years.
  8. Classic Sesame Street - Ernie gets thirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsty! Ernie: Boy is Kirsche thirsty Ernie, repeating himself for attention: is kirsche thirsty Ernie, again: is Kirsche THIIIRRRRSSSTY Bert: Oh Ernie, if Kirsche is so thirsty why don't you get up and go get him a glass of water, huh? Ernie: Well because, Bert, I'm so tired. I'm almost as tired as Kirsche is... thirsty Ernie, quietly: and Kirsche is thirsty... Ernie, imitating thirsty people like Kirsche, smacks his lips together. Ernie, to annoy Bert: Is Kirsche thirsty... Bert: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I get the hint. I will get Kirsche a glass of water. Bert gets up and goes to the washroom. Ernie: Oh my, would you do that for me Bert!? Oh, what a nice guy Bert is, going out and getting a glass of water for Kirsche like that. Bert: Alright, I got Kirsche water. Here is one glass of water, Ernie. Ernie: O-oh, oh thank you, Bert. Sure he'll really appreciate tha- Bert, interrupting: Yes, yes of course he will. Ernie: It was really nice of you. Bert gets back into bed. Bert, annoyed: Goodnight. Ernie: Oh my... but... is Kirsche thirsty... is Kirsche thirsty... is Kirsche THIIIIIIIIRRRRRSTTY... Bert, clearly more annoyed than before: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, one more glass of water. Ernie: Oh, Bert. Bert: One more glass of water. Ernie: Would you do that for me, Bert? Bert, getting up: Yes, yes, yes, just one more though, ok? Ernie: Oh, thank you, sir. Water flowing in the background. Ernie: Oh, my... So nice of Bert to get Kirsche two glasses of water. Wow. Bert: Alright, Alright... Kirsche, HERE, I brought you one glass of water and this is the other one and one and one make two so this is your second glass of water. Ernie: Oh wow wonderful! I'm sure he is thankful, Bert. Bert gets back into bed Bert, annoyed: Ok, goodnight. Ernie: Thank you, Bert! Bert, slightly interrupting: Ugh, you're welcome. Ernie: You're awfully nice. Bert, slightly interrupting again: Yes, Yes, goodnight. Bert: AGH. ... Ernie: Gee, but I think Kirsche is still thirsty. is Kirsche thirsty... is Kirsche THIIIIIIIIRRRRRSTTY... Bert: AGHGHGHGHGHFAUH Bert: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, NOW ERNIE, LISTEN TO ME. Ernie, calmly: Yes, Bert: Bert: This is the LAST glass of water I am getting for Kirsche, ok? Ernie: Ooooooh, would you Bert? Bert, stuttering due to anger: YES. But you won't say-You won't say "Boy is Kirsche thirsty" again! Ernie: Oh, I certainly wouldn't, Bert. Bert has another trip to the washroom. Ernie: Thank you VERY much, Bert sound of running water Ernie: Boy, Bert is the salt of the earth... hmm... salt... I bet Kirsche is thirsty. Bert, mocking: Kirsche is thirsty he says, Kirsche is thirsty he says... I'm the one who has to get the water huh... sure, who cares. Bert, motioning toward glass: ALRIGHT NOW LISTEN. THIS HERE SEE, is the third glass of water I'm bringing ok Ernie: You're a trooper- Bert, interrupting: This is the last one because I've brought you TWO and this one-this one makes three. Two and one makes THREE and here-here take it. Ernie: Ohhhhhh, thank you Bert. Bert gets back into bed. Bert: Alright now goodnight, ERNIE. Ernie: Oh three glasses of water... Well certainly after three glasses of water Kirsche won't be thirsty... Bert: I should HOPE. NOT. ... Ernie: I think Kirsche is... thistry... I think Kirsche is THIIIIIRRSTY... I think Kirsche is THIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRR-STY. BOY Kirsche is THIRSTY. Talk about being thirsty... Bert looks miserably at the camera as failure music plays FIN Kirsche is a #Thirstyboy
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Uv6vD4v1A Sesame Street: Ernie Gets Bert to EIMM Ernie: Hi there, Bert. Bert: Oh hi, Ernie. Ernie: Hey Bert, you wanna play EIMM? Bert: Hmm, no I'm having a life right now Ernie. Ernie: Well you don't wanna have a life all afternoon, do you, Bert? Bert: Yea. Ernie: But I know having a life is good for you, having a life is great, having a life is a lot of fun, and all but Bert you need your EIMM, too, you know. Bert: Yea, I know. I'll EIMM later, I want to read now, though, ok? Ernie: Ok, Bert, but uh, incidentally you're gonna have no alliances. Ernie, facing toward crowd: Bert's gonna have no alliances. Ernie, slightly louder, looking off toward distance: Bert's gonna have no alliances! Bert: What? Ernie: You have no alliances, Bert. Bert: What do you mean I have no alliances? Ernie: Well you see, that's the game. You need alliances or else you're gonna die. Bert: No, no, I don't need any allies. I have a LIFE, Ernie. Ernie: Ok. Ernie, talking to crowd again: But Burt has no alliances! [Ernie snickers] Bert, visibly annoyed: Ernie, I-I do have alliances. Ernie, dancing around Bert: No, you don't, Bert. Ernie: You have no alliances, Bert. Bert: Yes, I do. Ernie, repeatedly, mockingly: Bert has no alliances!!!! [Bert, looking up slowly, shaking with annoyance] Bert, exploding: OH, YA SURE, I GOT YOU. I'M GONNA GET YOU ERNIE. I'M GONNA GET YOU ERNIE. I'M GONNA GET YOU. Ernie, mockingly: BERT HAS NO ALLIES. Bert, angry: OH, YES I DO. [back and forth for eternity] FIN
  10. U see, I read this as no outside contact and i, lil bean, decided to pay for my mistake
  11. minecraft... final fantasy... legit its those three im so so r ry Im genuinely happy right where I am, id like to move to a larger city when I go to college though. I dont really like traveling to be honest. HIS NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON man r u in for a wild ride.............. Ill go ahead and put this in a spoiler.... when i first met u i hated u for reasons which i refuse to say and u now know.... from the moment i met u i was like "wow hes ok" and then i went to "holy shit i hate this kid." it was bc i thought u were great and i believed u would never think i was great back and i know u asked this to embarass me so NO i wont go into it i told myself i wasnt allowed to talk to u bc u were dumb but i kept talking to u bc i was dumb. and im really happy i was dumb enough to talk to u bc u make me super happy. ur like genuinely the best person to talk to ever. i could talk to u for like 2 days straight (which we attempted to do which was fun) i feel like ive talked to u more than any human being on this planet and thats great becuse even though u know like everything about me u have never judged me and if u have its like small or youre making fun of me i could probably talk to u for 5 days straight if i didnt need to sleep or if both of us WERENT SO BUSY. its honestly amazing that youre so supportive of me and always here for me. u r my mvp. u go along with the dumb stuff i decide to do. like picking the same alias for eimm. that was fun but omg that was SO DUMB. go lil monde. im so happy u did actually end up thinking i was great back ;-; i doont know how i would feel if i didnt have u to talk to? like man sometimes u beat my mom in who im gonna tell stuff to first. i told u i won superior in that contest before i told my f a m i l y. u r so important to me. ur always so logical and normally u r always right but ur still dumb. i dont even think theres anything wrong with u. i just hated u bc ur so cool. I made up the fact u were edgy bc of the reasons listed above where i did not think u did not thnk i was cool but really u did and also i wanted to get ur attention. legit fav 10/10 on yahoo answers. hi _______ :D it kind of depends on where u know me from. bc ur from here probably that i love graphic design stuff and its legit my favorite thing ever i normally hang out in a bathtub. bathrooms are so comforting. i have many times and i have the same wish for each one of them. when i was small i had a stuffed doll pachirisu. It took it with me everywhere and like if i misplaced it i would cry. one day i was on vacation with my family and i ended up leaving it at the place we were staying and the people there after us were never able to find it. i cried for 5 days straight probably longer. no one was allowed to mention pachirisu within my household. even though id probably be like 'omg i found him!!" if i ever found him again, wishing for my pachirisu doll to come back has been my default wish ever since i was younger. back when i watched it, L was my favorite character because i was like 12 and i was like OMG HES SO QUIRKY WOWOWOWO!!!!!!!! and like now looking at his character its like ya he did kind of carry the show and i lost interest after that one point..... but i did end up finishing the show. If i rewatched it I think id have some form of new respect for light yagami. He thinks he can fix the entire world and if thats not the ambition of every politically-involved 12 year old i know i dont know what is. ur asking me this as if every kid my age hasnt... i was a member and everything bc u couldnt do anything in that game without membership. The pizza game was my favorite and tbh the secret candy level was way easier than the normal levels. I had every single puffle and i quit around the time golden puffles were released. im still good at a lot of the games and the surfer update was my favorite. i played as a joke iwth a lil while ago and i dont understand why they iddnt update anything or make the game better at all. yes and i also hate your nnumbering system. i never got as into it because i didnt really understand it. the world was just so big and i could barely read and that was no bueno. I really like Hamburgers on ciabotta bread with kale and aioli with a side of pear or mixed vegetables NORMALLY VERY LITTLE BC OMG TOO MUCH HIGHLIGHT MAKES MY FACE LOOK SO GRAINY damn i was gonna say euklyd.... probalby monde's sister bc she works at a bank but we're less friends and more like "OMG YOURE SO NICE" "NO YOURE SO NICE????" kind of relationship. if she doesnt count probably elie because hes so adult and probably the most adult adult i know About a year ago i never really was able to stop procrastinating and it wasnt like HARDCORE PROCRASINATION i didnt do everything SUPER LAST MINUTE but it definitely wasnt good. Until thursday night, i hadnt stayed up past 12am doing homework. Thursday night i was kind of like "lol kat ur gonna stay up til 3am tonight." and like yes it was because of procrastination but i also like scheduled out how much homework i had tuesday and i was like, theres no way i can do that thursday night. Five years ago me is so different because back then I hated myself so badly. To preface this, i dont really have issues with myself now (mainly due to the environment change when i entered high school) but back then i strongly believed no one liked or cared about me. which was true for the people i hung out with, but there were definitely adults in my life who if i had told them would have cared. i was quiet back then because i thought no one really cared about what i had to say whihc is a massive change to highschool me because i talk a lot sometimes. i was bullied a lot in middle school due to the fact i never really fit in bc like my middleschool was just the same type of kid and i was not that type of kid. I also had horrible social skills which have improved immensely since then and i feel like im so much more normal when it comes to that type of thing now. Its really easy for me to look people in the eye when im having a conversation and for me to like be comfortable speaking to a stranger. \ I have an issue where when i first meet people thinking that they dont like me. Thats somethign id like to get over because its really unnessecary. I think im a good person and i have a lot of good traits so i have to remind myself theyre probably more nuetral toward me. most of the time when i meet people i dont automatically say "oh my god i hate them" but i think people do that to me when they MOST LIKELY DONT. I perceive myself as extremely high acheiveing and hard working. In the past year ive gone above and beyond at almost everything ive done. I havent really had an "i dont care attitude" toward a majority of things. I veiw myself as more comfortable in leadership roles but i know i have issues in overstepping my boundaries. I think i am extremely beautiful but im not as smart as my peers when it comes to math and science and reading subjects. I think everyone veiws themselves as high acheiving if they try their best, but as far as that point goes, a lot of my friends may not veiw me as hard working as i veiw myself. I also know i believe im more beautiful than i am but i dont think thats necessarily a bad thing. I used to think i was super ugly but ever since i ahvent its really boosted my confidence. I think my acquantinces veiw me as just a normal person. Id love for people to veiw me as a good and hard working person who tries their best. I understand why some people dont though. People normally dont tell me how they veiw me though. To be honest i told myself if i didnt get in I would kill myself because i couldnt deal with going to that school for another four years (since my middle school was an elementary middle and high school) I dont know if I would have done it because I never really understood what death meant back then but I thought the people at my current high school would think better of me than the ones at my past. And im so happy a lot of people do like me here. I feel genuinely respected and accepted at my current high school. If I had continued at my past school, I probably would have continued to hate myself and that would have reinforced horrible ideas about myself. I probably also would not have found my passion if i hadnt gone to my current high school. I was dead-set on doing the journalsim communications magnet but i breifly considered the math and technology one because for a while i wanted to be a programmer. Programming is something i enjoyed and had a basic understanding of but i hated the science aspect of that magnet since i ahte science. ever since ive entered high school ive had a "you cant stop me, im lil bean" attitude. anything ive wanted to do ive made a genuine effort to do. I really like this mindset because i dont think my life woould be as complete without it. THANK U EVERYONE FOR UR QUESTIONS
  12. i-i actually have not seen any of these. i never really got into anime until i was 12/13 in like 2012. My first anime was deathnote and i thought i was too good for the magical girl stuff but i realize now magical girl is so good? im v sorry im not able to answer ur questions tho ;-;THANK U FOR REMINDING MY JOTARI ;-; hi damian for the longest time i... did not think u liked me. When i first got into the group chat i didnt realize ur just sort of an indifferent person? i thought u were upset @ me bc of the first eimm when u knew the i was planning to backstab u but i still acted like we were all good. which i know realize how RIDICULOUS that is. but tbh ur like super kind? and u dont take crap from anyone? and ur kind of this guy who if someones not treating u right u get it and u either stop messing with them or u make them start treating u right? and once i realized that it was easy for me to realize that u DO NOT hate me, and if u didnt like me u wouldnt talk to me. isnt learning things great? but i also think youre super talented @ art and i wish u did more of it/showed me more of it. I also think its nice that u seem to look out for people u like a lot? like it goes beyond a "oh theyre my friend i dont want bad things to happen to them" and more of a "oh theyre my friend ill help them out 100% if bad things happen" tbh idk ;-; i do like being asked for first impressions bc yall r my friends and my impressions of yall r good and i wanna say kind things about u. and u guys have already asked me a lot about my accomplishments and digital design and my PASSIONS and those r my weak points. like im really happy with all the questions ive been asked. i guess more questions about who i am/what i like IVE ONLY SEEN SKYFALL. i went to go see it with my dad because he really likes james bond and i remember him taking me and me being so obsessed with that one character q. i thought he looked so neat but omg i just looked up a photo of him to post here and he... is not my favorite anymore ALADDIN. as a young kid i had a princess jasmine costume and my mom says i wore it nearly every single day. i legit wanted to be her i thought she was so beautiful and i loved her hair and i loved the fact that she had a tiger? I still like her a lot to this day and I have an appreciation for the music i didnt have as a kid hey... i am not like a super smart person i dont read shakespeare on my own or know about shakespeare on my own ive only really read romeo and juliette and even then i just read the sparknotes so i could do good on the quizzes im sorry to hurt ur soul more but i havent really listened to queen Hermione mainly bc shes smart and really dedicated
  13. OH NO JOTARI I SUCK IM SO SORRY I FORGOT TO ANSWER YOOUR QUESTIONS!! Honestly US History is the only thing that truely and honestly interests me. Those guys... theyre so neat. I know for sure I'd pick John C Calhoun and Andrew Jackson mainly because i doubt if both of them came we wouldnt reach our destination and they would be fighting and actually no this sounds like a horrible idea. Neither of them can drive either... I genuinely dont know enough cool history figures to actually answer your question properly im so sorry. Id probably throw in henry clay just for the heck of it I only really know anime + tv shows i hope this is ok. id probably bring saitama from one punch man bc he seems like a chill dude...... then maybe michael scott from the office... and blitz because i refuse to believe that blitz is real and i know for a fact he wouldnt be a villain. (im so sorry i dont really watch a lot of anime or tv but its all i have ;-;) ive never really seen a villain and been like OH WOW THEYRE NEAT but ive always really thought poison ivy was so neat? i dressed up as her and did leaf makeup and everything so id probably bring her. Lelouche honestly does seem like a bad guy to me so id probably bring him even though hes like so???? and then also the massive titan from attack on titan so that idk i can be carried to my destination that seems faster its not something i personally practice but i have friends how do have multiple significant others. I have seen though in some cases with the Mormon Church husbands having 40 wives and some of those wives feeling? not good? so i know the bad and ok sides of polygamy but im not really sure if its something i have an "oh ya polygamy is good or bad" type of thing. im not personally going to tell someone they cant practice polygamy, its their choice, but as long as someone is in a relationship where everyone is OK i think its fine? im not really sure because even in cases where everyone is fine with polygamy, polygamy can be kind of tricky. WHERES THE GOODRA MEGA????? SO CUTE. SO SLIME. im more of a pastel goth kind of girl myself when it comes to goth. I prefer frilly things and cute girly things to be pink and pastel when im wearing them but blacks can still be cute? it kind of reminds me of sleep attire but i know it isnt? skirt part is cute tho. Im not sure if i like the pattern. I LOVE TH TOP TO THAT ONE. the only issue i really have with lolita is that like a lot of lolita fashion rests in a childlike appeal? and its CUTE but its not my sort of cute. bows and stuff im fine with but when it comes to having those lil patterns on the bottom id probably get too embarassed to wear it. it is cute tho. I think this one is my favorite out of all four mainly bc of the city and how the navy contrasts the cream? i love how its sort of like a winter town. Id actually probably wear this if i was told to tbh. these kinds of dresses look really pretty on kim tbh? the first thing i thought when i saw this dress was "man kim needs this" i need to answer 15 for this one too tbh i get way too lazy to go to forever 21 or h&m or american eagle so i shop online there a lot. BUT one of my favorite places is probably hautelook: Hautelook is a website that sells more expensive products on sale (including makeup). I also really like going on tumblr and looking for clothes there.
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