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  1. you could always try making a second seal make say a paladin be able to turn into a Knight or a cavalier and make it so that only the second seal can do this, although I am by no means an expert but this should be able to be implemented into fe8 with relative ease
  2. so i want to create a new rom hack using fe8 and i want to know which one you would want to see as i want to do one of these characters backstories similiarly to how 7x did
  3. i'm sorry but i have to stop this just because i looked at every character and their growths and other than one unit all defense gowths were below 10% so saadly this the end but i will start another run not randomized but interresting
  4. what is this madness 2 posts with actual content in one day and with it is the shaman that is as fragile as a piece of paper sain now apparently is a lesbian with lyn like stats its always nice to have a trump card not with those stats though wow sain you're so fucking weak he is also a ogre took this to show how weak cain is lyn the ultimate glass cannon comes to the rescue to show kent's pallete off lyn's second level got damn you glass cannon levels sayn got a great level the boss and i'm trying to get kent a level off of him kent's first level kent's growths hp 20 str 5 skill 100 spd 125 luck 35 def and res 5 godly rating 2/10 another fast unit that's fragile exept this time on bothe def and res and is weak gonna be benched sain's growths hp 70 str 80 skl 80 spd 20 luck and def 5 ress 120 godly rating 4/10he is okay exept with luck res and spd which is going to be his down fall chapter one complete
  5. i know i need to fix the formatting and with the patch i used is that it makes lyn mode playable as in no tutorials and yeah lyn if she could get lucky with def procs she could be a monster and break the game entirely with a max speed druid with luna also i forgot to put this in the first post but i had restart because i thought i lost the entire post and this time her level was hp attack skill and speed but i will most likely give her all the dragonshields i can get my hands on
  6. That's right you special few who had seen this page it is finally beginning and the randomizer options i used was randomized growths ,con, bases ,and classes and let the absolute rage commence oh hell no i just happened to wake up in somebody's house so i either had too much to drink last night or you kidnapped me fine i will help you by having you kill everything and sitting back and relax son of a bitch she's going to die here repeatedly isn't she. please help me? just gonna put her on those mountains so she doesn't die she lived good job on not utterly sucking also her pallet isn't disgusting ugly at least I don't really trust her with that At least Batta sucks as much as she does in fact as the same stats other than one more speed ah this is gonna take a long time isn't it this was like after 2 turns so no it didn't take long at all not a bad level up at all her growths: Hp 50% strength 60% skill 90% speed 100% luck 5% defense 5% resistance 55% the godly rating 4/10 she is okay her problem is defense and everthing else is amazing other than luck but that's the worst stat
  7. I am but my internet is actually at slow speed right now so I can't really go online with it right now and I am currently using my phone to write posts right now
  8. I first of all always do random used growths as it have even more randomization and do you (people of serenesforest) want increased enemy growths also I would do a screenshot lp
  9. im having trouble now with a thing that kills my units when attacking on FE8 but doesnt do damage
  10. I personally think that a normal playthorugh of it is too easy and i tink a rom hack is totally diffrent from the orignal but i here is a challenge you have to have only 6 people fighting and two of them have to be the Twins
  11. hey this may be bad but if you think about it there really isnt any fe games that had a Evil protaginist and turns good at the moment when he reevives the demon king stronger than ever (assuming that we build on the idea of a cult like grimleals exept for the doeomn king in stead of Grima
  12. hey for some reason i cant get a rom for the randomizer
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