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  1. My favorite part is when the Special goes off.
  2. If this was a real thing, I would legit put this game back on my phone.
  3. I think it largely depends on the the characters they interact with too. The main problem with Celica is how she trusts Jedah, who, right in front of her, cackles about bringing in a world of chaos and such. The guy's manipulations aren't exactly subtle. So as a result, Celica looks like an idiot. Then there's that reunion scene where she flies off the handle, and how she's motivated to save Alm to the point that's seems to be the final factor in her decisions, which makes it seem like she cares more about him than doing her duty. So much for her being selfless. And all that stands out more compared to Alm's Gary Stuness. With Eirika, her trusting the Demon King makes more sense as he's passing himself off as a Lyon who managed to briefly take control of his body. Here he's pretending to be a good friend of hers, begging her to help save himself from the DK's control. Because if she doesn't, Eirika may very well end up having to kill him to defeat the DK. It's one thing when a loved one might be killed by your enemies. It's another when you might end up being the one to kill them. In short, the character's decisions have to work in context, not to mention having decent writing in the rest of the game as well. Let's admit, none us of liked how Celica ended-up a damsel in distress for Alm to save. What's the point of her being a main character if she just ends up like that?
  4. He tends to write stuff for the mystery genre, generally of the detective kind. There's some other stuff, but nothing that indicates he has any experience writing for stuff like FE. Here's his wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_Kibayashi
  5. I was expecting a Forseti user or something. I mean, that's like the most well-known wind related weapon in the series, except maybe Excalibur.
  6. Manservant sounds overly cruel though to a modern audience.
  7. Honestly, IS could have easily focus on both her sexyness and damaged past by having her act as a black widow of sorts. She could seduce, like full "let's have sex" seduce, those planning to overthrow her father into giving away information about such rebellions, and then kill them when she's done or something. You could have Corrin or one of her other siblings express concern about this behavior, and delve into how damaged she is in having to kill other family members to survive, that she's willing to do anything to protect what's left of her family. But nope, yandere onee-san.
  8. I thought that was due to the whole low birthrate thing. Like wasn't Tiki the last manakete to be born?
  9. Another thing to think about, is what kind of budget did Awakening have. I mean, the series was in danger of ending around the time it came out. That makes me think they would not have that big of a budget to work with, since who would invest heavily into what was a dying series at the time?
  10. Yeah, by all means, the Taguels are forever screwed. It takes more than two members of a species to revive it. Noah's Ark is a load of bull.
  11. I agree, you don't see anyone else, beside Kanmaru maybe, accusing others of being self-centered when they say don't want reclassing in the next game, and basically resorting to ad hominem. Now for the actual matter at hand, I'm not fond reclassing. I like having my options limited because, well to try and make this clear, it's kind of like when you play Dark Souls. Most people play it because it's a challenging game. Same reason I rather reclassing doesn't return, I like something of a challenge. Though I should clarify and say I'm fine with branching classes, like in Sacred Stones, or how Fates did it. It's just Awakening-style reclassing I don't like. Either way, IS has to have good class balance in the next game. Reclassing would be less of an issue if certain classes weren't so OP. Like in Awakening, Dark Flier was a basically a mage as a Pegasus Knight, and then there's Galeforce. Overall, class balance is something that should be considered relevant to the current disscusion.
  12. I feel like I heard that somewhere before. Like I'm damn sure that was in a JRPG before. @DisobeyedCargoOn the subject of a blind lord, I once had a Fate rewrite where Corrin actually stayed at the main Nohrian castle, on account of Garon actually being himself this time around, and not some slime. Rumors were abound about Corrin's true heritage, and thus someone tried poisoning him to get rid of him. Due to his dragon DNA, the poison wasn't that effective, but it did leave him blind. And that would be why he doesn't wear shoes. He would be like Toph from Avatar, but with Dragonvein powers instead of Earthbending.
  13. How about we put some Konosuba characters in the game? I mean, come on. Be hella fun blowing shit up with a Megamin kind of character.
  14. Saw this on the subreddit... this is some weird ass shit. Sounds like he's from New York.
  15. A healer who likes inflicting pain? No wait, a sadistic assassin disguised as a healer.
  16. I think it's obvious he's collecting them to sell. I mean, if they're rare, they must be worth a lot.
  17. Time for Tvtropes. Why on earth does Sumia have the knight class? It's the only class with a tripping animation! Whenever you try to use Luna or something to that effect as a knight or general with a lance, you will run past them and fall over. Not to mention, a Knight/General has high defense and they're good to protect weaker units; af asked about her free time, Sumia says she "makes sure everyone's safe" — this means, the Knight reclass option will allow her to protect others better, even with her own body/armor if needed! Not to mention, Sumia didn't get her Pegasus until the chapter in which you can officially control her. Yet she was obviously a part of the Shepherds before then... It's entirely possible that she would have been a Knight instead. Some of the Second Seal reclassing options may seem filler or out of the blue for the character in question, but some do make sense after learning of their background: Why does Henry, a magic user, have Barbarian/Berserker as a reclass option? Because he's Ax-Crazy, geddit? (And the bad pun fits his character) But Wait, There's More! Henry's supports with Ricken and the second Drama CD state that he had an Odd Friendship with Mustafa aka the boss of Chapter 10, who treated him like a second son of sorts. What was Mustafa's class? Berserker. It's not unlikely that Henry wanted to honor one of the people who treated him well in the Plegian military. His other class option is Thief, which incidentally makes his class set the same as Gangrel's. Given that Henry used to be one his soldiers, it's unlikely to be a coincidence. Why does the Wyvern Rider Cherche have the Troubadour and Cleric lines? She was originally training to be a cleric before she met Minerva. And she tamed minerva via, among other things, repeteadly whacking her with her staff. Lon'qu is able to reclass as a Thief or a Wyvern Rider, the latter of which is pretty odd. However, he's originally from the western continent of Valm, where wyverns are much more common and raised for battle. The Thief line makes even more sense when you learned he grew up in the slums of Chon'sin. Every character from Valm can reclass into Wyvern Rider: Virion, Cherche, Say'ri, Walhart and Yen'fay. Lon'qu also can, being one of only two pieces of evidence he might be from Chon'sin originally. The other is the apostrophes in his name and the name of his childhood friend Ke'ri. Japanese does not have apostrophes, so this doesn't count. There's no evidence it's more than a choice by the localizing team. One of Gregor's reclassing options is a Barbarian. In one of his supports, Lon'qu mentions that he once competed with Basilio for the title of West-Khan, but he was no match. Perhaps he learned something losing to a Warrior like Basilio and wants become as strong as him. Olivia tells Lon'qu in their support that Basilio (who is like a father to her) talks often about him. In her efforts to be more useful to Basilio apart from being a dancer, having the option to reclass into a Myrmidon like Lon'qu seems like a good way to do it. Her growth rates are even similar to his! This also makes it rather appropriate how Olivia uses swords even as a Dancer. With how unnoticeable Kellam is, the Thief line being available to him is hilariously appropriate. He reveals that he was the most selfish among his siblings growing up, which also makes it fitting. Going unnoticed seems a weird trait for a knight, a class that is designed to stand in the way and draw fire from squishier units. But his reclassing options are Thief, a class renowned for their ability to sneak around (and, as an Assassin, gains the skill Pass at Lv. 15 which allows you to run right past enemy units) and Priest, a healer class which cannot attack and cannot take much punishment, whose top priority aside of healing is avoiding enemy attacks... Ricken looks up to Chrom and sees him as a brother. His reclass options, as strange as they are for a Mage, are the Archer and Cavalier lines...which are the same as Chrom's. Similarly, Sumia and Cordelia are childhood friends despite their opposite personalities. This is also reflected in their reclass options: the kind and gentle Sumia can be made a Priest (healer) or a Knight (strongly defensive unit), while the straightforward Cordelia can become a Dark Mage (offensive magic) or a Mercenary (balanced swordsman/woman). Also of note with Cordelia's reclass options is the fact that she can use every weapon type in the game. She gets lances as a Pegasus Knight, Swords as a Mercenary, and tomes (including dark tomes) as a sorcerer. after promoting she rounds out with axes (Hero), bows (Bow Knight) and staves (Falcoknight). pretty fitting that someone hailed as a genius can use every weapon in the game (that's not class-locked). Donnel's reclassing options are the fighter and mercenary classes, both of which allow him to become a hero. Pretty fitting for an underdog with fast stats growth. Donnel is your typical anime protagonist, going from zero to hero. Nowi's reclassing is the same as Tiki's (Mage and Wyvern Rider), expliciting the former being the latter's Junior Counterpart. Plus, reclassing either Nowi or Tiki as a Wyvern Rider lets you have a dragon... who is riding another dragon. Speaking of people who can reclass into Wyvern Riders: both Frederick and Sully have access to that class, despite neither of them having a connection to Valm (unlike Lon'qu, Virion, Say'ri, Cherche, Yen'fay and Walhart), any affinity for dragons (Nowi and Tiki are dragons themselves, and Panne can communicate with other animals), or any other flight-based classes (Aversa). I couldn't understand why those two even had that class...until I remembered that they both have supports with Virion, who is from the continent of Valm, with its large wyvern population. (And the Virion/Sully pairing is even fairly popular) It's a sort of Fridge Funny to imagine that Virion just up and decided to teach a couple of his friends how to ride dragons one fine day. Tharja mentions in her S support with Frederick that Dark Mages require a certain level of mental instability in order to be good at their craft. Who are the specific people that can reclass to Dark Mage? All Plegians (including Noire), Miriel, Laurent, Libra, and your character. This may explain why characters like Ricken and Emmeryn cannot reclass to Dark Mage despite their impressive magic stats. Gangrel cannot reclass to Wyvern Rider (a class common among Plegians) because he is afraid of heights. Apologies for anything already mentioned. I just copy and pasted this.
  18. Eh, not really a misnomer there. It varies from religion to religion on whether a priest can marry.
  19. I guess Lucina would have the most harshest in concept, but not much is given on how fucked her world was beside generic, "everyone died" spiel. With Marth, we actually get to see the fall of Altea itself, with his sister staying behind to let him escape. That personal look into the situation is probably why many are saying people other than Lucina. We get a closer look into the other Lords' lives and thus whatever tragedy hits them, hits us too. Lucina, as said, we really don't get a concrete idea of what happened in her future.
  20. I'm just saying he probably could have helped Grannvale in ways with far less bloodshed.
  21. Exactly. Why did Arvis feel the need to create his utopia by basically starting a civil war by killing off the Prince and blaming on it on a noble house that actually deserved to be called that, unlike the monsters that were his co-conspirators? The guy is less tragic and more idiotic.
  22. It's just that Arvis has been described as a tragic villain, which implies one would feel some sympathy for him, but honestly, guy brought everything that happened on to himself.
  23. Honestly, considering Deirdre had the brand of Naga, and looked just like Cygun, Arvis really should have figured it out sooner. So to sum up this thread, Arvis worked with the cult willingly. There goes any sympathy I had for him.
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