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  1. It seems very possible that Jenny may come back. Russell T. Davies was just going to kill her off. Steven Moffat, however convinced him to let her live. Now, he's the head writer, and her actress is willing to come back, so chances are good we will see her again, in some way or another. I'm really hoping she comes back. We need more Jenny.
  2. I'm a Doctor Who addict . It's by far one of my favorite shows. I started watching it when it was Christopher Eccleston, and I have watched all the way to Matt Smith. Unfortunately, I've only seen 2 episodes of him so far, which I seriously need to fix. My favorite Doctor is definitely David Tennant. Christopher Eccleston was fantastic (yes, I just did that). I really liked him. Matt Smith also does an amazing job. He really suprised me, seeing as he came after David Tennant. I've seen a little of Tom Baker's Doctor too, but he is definitely different than the current ones. It was so cheesy back then. David Tennant is the best actor to ever play the Doctor. It's an undeniable fact lol. My favorite episodes are mostly around Season 4, or anything written by Steven Moffat. Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, 42, Blink, Utopia, Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords, Partners in Crime, Sontaran Strategem, Poison Sky, Doctor's Daughter, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead, Midnight, Turn Left, Stolen Earth, Journey's End and Waters of Mars. Like I said, I've only seen 2 episodes with Matt Smith, so I can't say much about Season 5. Steven Moffat is an amazing writer, and don't get me started on Russell T. Davies <_< . Quotes:
  3. Oooh rly? ME TOO! :P
  4. I've never played the first, but I'm sure if I had I would agree with you. It seems like the only 'good' change they made was the graphics, and I don't even really like SD's graphics. But there's not much we can do about it, unfortunately...
  5. I really don't use laguz, due to the hassle of transformation and the only laguz lords i use are tibarn and caineghis. but haar has been my top killer in 23 of my last 26 playthroughs . the only reason I didn't get him up there the first 3 times was because i didn't know i could get him. I was such a n00b lol. yeah i don't really care about getting them back cuz i am still not done with RD, nor will I ever be lol I will die playing that game lol I give off a march 1995 vibe? lol. oh and i'm american, but i like spelling things the non-american way, like theatre and stuff like that so I'd go with favourite, but i guess i accidentally left out the u Yeah my friend has the Oracle games, and I've been interested in them, I just haven't gotten around to playing them, but now I think i will. Somebody is pretty obsessed lol. I think i really would enjoy them cuz I enjoyed 6-10, and Shadow Dragon was just mildly ok. It's probably my least favourite of the ones I've played, but that's just me.
  6. I've played all of the LoZ games except for Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, and Spirit Tracks. I own all of the others except for Phantom Hourglass and Link's Awakening (and technically Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, neither of which I have played, but considering that FS is pretty much ALttP, and FSA is rarely considered part of the true Zelda universe, and my friend has it, if I ever really wanted to beat it). I haven't beaten all of them... yet. My favourite is Twilight Princess, due to the fact that it was the first LoZ game I owned, much like RD was the first FE game I owned. For Fire Emblem, I've played 6-11 (6 was a rom) and own 7-11 in physical, non-rom form lol. I haven't beat 6 or 7 yet, I've beat 8 twice, I've beaten PoR at least 6 times, and in Radiant Dawn, I'm on my 26th playthrough. 26th. That's not a typo lol. 26 times. I've spent approximately 1400 hours of my life on that game. That's just how much I love RD though lol. I think this rant will probably answer your question :P lol
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    Lol i'm so lazy. I finally get around to this after over a week. Online Name: Radiantlance Real Name: What does it matter to you? DoB: March 24, 1995 Favorite FE Game: Radiant Dawn was my first, so... Favourite Game (other than FE): LoZ Favourite FE Character: Aww... how am I supposed to decide that? Least Favourite game: I can't think of any games I really hate Sports: Just kinda whatever, I like a lot of sports Online friends: I really can't think of anyone Favourite music: Literally anything except for most classical and country Favourite artist/band: I don't know... Favourite song: I have no favourite, just a bunch I like Country: USA MSN/Yahoo/AIM: Used to, but I don't right now Hobbies: Video Games, Anime, trying to play the piano but sucking at it, Chillin with my friends, Wasting my life away on the computer, Hacking (Heh I forgot to mention Sci Fi, so there, I mentioned it :P) Good Point: I'm smart if I want to be, and I'm a nice guy. Bad Point: Lazier than crap Anything else? Meh, I ain't nothin all that special. Yeah, there ya go, that's me. I figured I'd post this so I'd get out there. This place is so awesome to me, seeing as I'm the only person I know who really likes fire emblem. Like all of my friends think fire emblem is meh, so I'm happy to be here. Oh, btw, I'm friendly and i don't bite... often lol. so yah :D
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