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  1. I'm grateful to everyone who voted for mine in the first round, the amount of votes exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasant surprise! Congratulations to those who win! I had a lot of fun!
  2. For those of you who comment on this piece who are well-versed in the subject, I'd appreciate it if you critiqued it in a harsh manner. Specifically what you think I could do better. Please and thank you!
  3. This one takes the cake in my opinion because holy smokes is it beautiful. Especially how Minerva looks, which is awesome. Cherche looks even better! I especially love the hair and the eyes!
  4. Just... by the gods! It's GRIMA!!
  5. This blew my god damn damn mind!
  6. It's orgasmic! I don't know much about music, but this is so awesome and beautiful!
  7. This piece has a very strong impression on me. It's vibrant and has a cool attitude! The anatomy is almost spot on too, though the right arm is comparatively shorter to the left (unless of course it has been foreshortened, if so ignore the previous comment). I also think that the thumb needs a small adjustment. The piece makes me feel calm, but upbeat due to the beautiful watercolor and attitude of the character. You can really tell that a lot of love went into it! (Also the ear is a bit short.)
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