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  1. Hello, but would you mind if I used these for a video? I will leave credit of course
  2. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is coming out so usually I would do research about it before hand avoiding spoilers. So this thread will be semi-spolier free. What I would like to go over is the song "Reincarnation" sung by Yoshino Nanjo or Kurono Kiria in game. This song is very catchy and many people enjoy to hear it. The lyrics on the other hand are very dark and unsettling. It may refer to the Mirages in the game and how they make every depressed. Post your thoughts below. The translated lyrics are (According to Nintendo Insider): I’m breaking down, All the walls I’ve built up around my lonely heart now, You’re the one that takes it all away, My solitude, and all my pain, Reincarnation, Realization, Reincarnation, I want to disappear, I walk alone through the city of lights, I see the same fake smiles every night, Cause everybody hides… They run and they hide from their real feelings, And everyone’s got their stresses too, yeah I know, But I already get that’s the status quo, I’m breaking down, All the masks that I wear to hide my lonely heart now, But what if I’m just lying to myself? If even now, you still want me when I am hurt, Wandering lost in the rain, Then at least help me destroy it all, My solitude, and all my pain, Reincarnation, Realization, Reincarnation, I want to be reborn. Link to Source: http://www.nintendo-insider.com/2016/05/new-tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe-music-videos-reveal-english-lyrics/
  3. No, xD they definitely hacked the game. They have 20 field of resources and people are Grandmaster and stuff. But I'm saying they were on hold and let you inherit a skill for free.
  4. The one I'm talking about had no one on the throne and everyone was on hold.
  5. I just found another one that allows players to visit and win a My Castle battle. Then you can get a skill from them. So nice but it feels wrong xD
  6. Sadly no pictures because quality reasons Well, I've encountered a total of 3 hackers on online matches. These were the hacks they did: 1.) Changing everyone's Mov to 20. I don't even think it is possible to get over 11, let alone 20! The thing that really made me surrender was the warp skill that EVERYONE had. It basically made it so they could move wherever they wanted in a short amount of time. They also had replicate but that's different. 2.) Takumi with Point Blank. I don't know if it is DLC in Japan but I know it is impossible to get in America at the moment. 3.) All Stats at 70 without pairing or skills. Most of the skills that their units had were the skills that can be activated or aren't active at the start of the game. These type of units are basically invisible. It is possible to get a hit or two on them but that is mainly it. Post some of the hackers you have encountered and/or the ones to look out for. Thankfully there is no punishment in online battles but it is very annoying to see someone just hack there way through battles. Here's some pictures of Fates Hackers that I found on the internet. Thank you!
  7. omg it's THE Mangs. Also, she is best waifu in FE7 other than Lyn
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the Title/Logo Font? I wanted to make a little thingy and it wold be nice to have it.
  9. Is there any skill that allows Archers to attack at 1 distance? I remember seeing a video saying something about it. If you know anything, tell me please. Thank you
  10. So, I have a question. If i buy DLC for one game, will it automatically go to the other? Does it have to be the physical copy, or just digital? Or can it be both? So many questions! I need answers!
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