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  1. That's so weird.. He never showed up. I just fought my way back up through a new file, and he still isn't there. Is there some sort of side quest I need to do first?
  2. Ok so, I've been to the mountain village, and I didn't find anyone there to recruit, so I left. I found out that there was supposed to be a villager there named Atlas, so I backtracked. He still isn't there. How do I unlock Atlas?
  3. I think it is wonderful. I don't think Marcia is one to swear though, she'd likely say "oh crackers" instead of "godamn" , but aside from that, I like it. Sorry for the late reply, I'm not very active
  4. I dont know what power saves are.
  5. So uh, could I use action replay to get Izana and Scarlet as playable characters by end game on Revelations? or maybe even get Gunter to support again?
  6. sooo I guess no ones gunna do those supports huh? oh well
  7. Fates is fun. Percy = Hilarious

  8. I'm gunna make one between Setsuna and Felicia just to show an example! ______________________________________________________ C Felicia: so it looks like we're working together on cooking duty huh? Setsuna: ya... Felicia: well, since i have a helping hand, this dish should be great! Setsuna: yay... Felicia: alright, lets make a rice ball... *some time passes* Felicia: Ah!! w-w-wooooaah!! *falls down* *dishes break* Setsuna: ..ohhh... pretty fire.... Felicia: Oh no no no!! Setsuna! We need water quickly! Setsuna: water? ok... Felicia: wait a second! Setsuna! thats not water! its- Setsuna: whoops... i made it bigger... Felicia: ...oil... Um... w-well... atleast it couldnt get any worse... Setsuna: hey... is the tea ready yet? Felicia: Tea?.... Oh gods!! I forgot all about that!!! Setsuna: yay... this is fun... Felicia: this is most certainly not... _________________________________________________ B Felicia: Oh that was horrible... Setsuna: ...thanks... Felicia: huh? thanks for what? Setsuna: you complimented me Felicia: um... I did? Setsuna: yup... Felicia: but i dont think I-...nevermind. we need to get these ashes cleaned up.. Setsuna: we do? ok.... *some time passes* Felicia: Setsuna? Setsuna! where are yo- WAH!! An... an arrow? Setsuna: hello... Felicia: Setsuna? why are you in that hole? Setsuna: I fell down here... Felicia: oh.. geeze... here, take my hand... wait! n-not so hard! W-WAAAH! Setsuna: oh... hello Felicia... Felicia: oohhhh... who put a pitfall here? Setsuna: I dunno... Felicia: ohh why do these things always happen to me... _______________________________________________________ A Felicia: Hey Setsuna? I want to thank you. Setsuna: Your welcome.... for what? Felicia: well... before I met you, i always blundered at everything... well i mean i still do, but i dont feel quite as bad about it... Setsuna: but... what does that have to do with me? Felicia: well... um... i guess i feel better that im not the only one whos not good at cooking and such. Setsuna: oh that.... ok... Felicia: well uh... I hope we can be... friends? Setsuna: ...ok... sure. Felica: Awesome! Now uh... we should probably focus on cleaning this mess... Setsuna: ok...
  9. please take the characters i put down and say what your favorites are based on design, stats, and personality :) Corrin(m) vs Corrin(f) (avatar) Kana(m) vs Kana(f) (avatar child) Felicia vs Jakob vs Flora (maid/butler) Silas vs Sophie vs Xander vs Gunter vs Seigbert vs Peri (cavalier/great knight) Hinoka vs Shigure vs Caeldori vs Subaki vs Reina (pegasus/kinshii) Takumi vs Kiragi vs Setsuna (archer) Niles vs Nina vs Shura (outlaw) Forrest vs Elise vs Dwyver (trabadour) Sakura vs Mitama vs Azama (cleric) Saizo vs Kagero vs Kaze vs Asugi (ninja) Midori vs Mozu vs Yukimura vs Azura (etc group) Fuga vs Ryoma vs Hinata vs Hana vs Hisame (swordmasters) Rhajat vs Hayato vs Orochi vs Izana (mages) Odin vs Nyx vs Ophelia (dark mages) Arthur vs Charlotte vs Rinkah (axe users) Percy vs Beruka vs Camilla vs Scarlet (wyverns) Oboro vs Shiro (lancers) Effie vs Benny vs Ignatius (knights) Soliel vs Lazlow vs Selena (mercenaries) Kaden vs Selkie vs Veloruia vs Keaton (shifters) Marth vs Ike vs Lucina vs Robin vs Anna (amiibo/dlc)
  10. thanks for telling me about Nyx and Leo
  11. Tell me out of the following groups who you like more. Judge by stats, personality and design. Corrin(m) vs Kana(m) vs Corrin(f) vs Kana(f) Felicia vs Flora vs Jakob Elise vs Izana vs Forrest vs Dwyer Arthur vs Charlotte Percy vs Beruka vs Camilla vs Shigure (Shigure is in this group as there is no other default pegasus knight in conquest) Xander vs Peri vs Silas vs Sophie vs Siegbert vs Gunter Effie vs Benny vs Ignatius Lazlow(Inigo) vs Selena(Severa) vs Soliel Niles vs Nina vs Mozu (Mozu is in this group as there is no other natural villager, and so I put her in the archer line) Odin(Owain) vs Ophelia vs Nyx vs Leo Kaze vs Midori Velouria vs Keaton Thoughts on Azura?
  12. Personally, I just love Arthurs son, Percy XD what about you guys? who is your favorite character?
  13. i know that only a couple of characters are confirmed to be related to previous game characters, but i'd like to say what my theory is. Libra is related to Lucius in Blazing Sword Miriel is related to Lute in Sacred Stones Vaike is related to Bartre in Blazing Sword and Binding Blade Ricken is related to Tormod in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn Robin is related to Kris in Mystery of the Emblem Henry is related to Raigh in Binding Blade Lon'qu is related to Navarre in Shadow Dragon. what do you guys think? and any more to add?
  14. Lute: I am far superior to you! Artur: May your soul be bathed in light! Joshua: Heads or Tails?! Ewan: I will be the best mage in the world! Ross: I am the son of Garcia! Amelia: You can do this Amelia! Neimi: *sniff* i'm sorry... Colm: Get out of my way! Marissa: Father! You better watch this! Gerik: This'll end you! Rennac: Your days about to get worse than mine! Dozla: Gwa ha ha ha! Innes: I will be the best at everything! Tana: I'll do my best! L'Arachel: Let the divines purge this monstrosity! Gilliam: Can't pierce me? I'll pierce you then! Franz: Watch how i've grown, brother! Forde: I think you need some rest! Kyle: Now! Seth: For Princess Eirika! Eirika: In my fathers name! Ephraim: For peace and prosperity! Myyrh: sorry about this!
  15. Oh, i have Wendy at level 12 right now, and she is tanking everything. I just got to the chapter where you get Lalum. Also, thanks for the tips
  16. 1. Titania 2. Nephenee 3. Marcia 4. Micaiah 5. Mia 1. Ike (predictable, I know) 2. Sothe 3. Tormod 4. Rolf 5. Volug
  17. Getting Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright soon!

  18. Ok so i'm using: Roy Sue Lance Alan Lugh Oujay/Ogier Saul Wendy and Rutger. is there anyone else that I should add to that roster?
  19. Ok so i'm going to do a hard mode run, and wanted to use certain characters. but I want to know the pros and cons of using one character over another so uh yeah. Tormod or Illyana (I'm using Soren already, and just wanted to use 2 mages. I dont care if I have to baby Tormod, I am completely ok with that) Nephenee or Gatrie (i'm using gatrie reguardless) Makalov and Kieran, or Oscar and Kieran (i am using astrid reguardless) Boyd or Largo Marcia, Jill or both? should I use Boyd? Should I use a laguz? if so, who? (not including Reyson, as I am using him reguardless)
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