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  1. Alright, makes sense, thanks! Also I think I'm gonna change kanna to astra, dragon fang, pavise, aegis, and copycat puppet. Astra and dragon fang will proc frequently enough (I could just sub in breaking sky if i felt like it), and he'll also be pretty sturdy as well. Thanks for all the help!
  2. RIP Odin, invisible kingdom just wasn't his route I know their stats depend a lot on which parents you use, but is there any sort of consensus on which child units are good and which aren't?
  3. This is for my revelations playthrough, not sure what i'll do for the other two yet. Some pairings are because i think they're cute, some for what i think will make the best child unit, but they all have their reasons Harold X Kagerou Leon X Sakura Flannel X Charlotte Benoit X Belkah Zero X Setsuna Nishiki X Aqua Subaki X Luna (need that Luna Matoi support) Asama X Effie Hinata X Pieri Lazward X Hana Saizou X Felicia Joker X Rinkah (Joker kinda got stuck with what I had left over) Tsukuyomi X Nyx Kaze X Mozume Odin X Orochi Silas X Oboro Marx X Hinoka Ryoma X Elise Camilla X Takumi M!Corrin X Velour (need dragon wolf babies)
  4. So for the third route my avatar's planned skillset is Hoshido, Nohr, Ogre Strike, Roundhouse, and Flamboyant, and I'm planning for Kanna to have four of Dragon Fang, Luna, Lethality, Astra, and Breaking sky, and then Copycat Puppet. The plan is to have kanna make a copy, have her pair up with my avatar, and then go on a criting skill procing spree. Question is, does Nohr have my avatar activate Kanna's skills when he's the support unit or when he's the main unit? I don't fully understand the whole attack and guard stance thing, so any help would be appreciated. Also, does Nohr not just work for pair up, but also if my avatar were to be on an adjacent square to Kanna? Thanks!
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