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  1. Awesome Alfred! thank you for making this for us to enjoy
  2. 1.2 saves will not be compatible with 1.5 so new game or AK may provide a saved game at Ch.8
  3. I dunno why! I don't know anything!&& yeah exactly what he said and I bet we would have no problem waiting so give it your best! no pressure...really none at all xD
  4. You could skip the cut scene and skip the "Bug" by going straight into the next chapter or restart the chapter instead of resuming it.
  5. Yeah test the U version out hopefully that works for you instead of the (E) version
  6. Are you using the correct FE7 rom? only seen that happen to me when the Rom is invalid to the patch. I use Fire Emblem (U) English version and works great
  7. I would suspect Cris to only gain Mag once he's promoted since thats when he will be capable to use Magic or he is gonna gain both equally in a way as a Fighter unit would explain why 1.2 won't transfer over to 1.5/2.0 or else our characters will be in no shape Honestly not too upset Would replay the story again.
  8. Prologue + 15 chapters?... so that is 16 in total not sure if counting x. chapters (wish it was longer tho).
  9. I believe its just showing us that some weapons can cause status effects but not all them for sure
  10. Wow nice animations! love the anime so can't wait to try this out. keep up the good work Circles!~
  11. In FE8 when the stone extracted the Demon King out of his body we had to defeated its Husk. Midnight Sun (from what I understand) is what happened after the war of stones, same events and everything just in a parallel universe with different characters, so Demon King body was destroyed would explain why he created a new body and so forth.
  12. 9 days till january ends can't wait if 1.5 comes out I just read every comment all 105 pages lol Still wondering if that Guard will finish his Donut. Awesome job AK with this hack Also will the recruits/pupil/rebel get any bonus for making them into wonder pupil/savage rebel and stuff?
  13. Well same after a while just Ash promotion didn't seem right I never saw him as that So I used gameshark and made him into a necromancer but he's a tad uber so i see why he was made as a Druid @Sacred Oops yes Issac but not the great knight from FE7 i meant to say the one from FE8 but forgot that class is not in the game while searching about Ash sorry xD Ash- since he gave up the darkness thought he would end like Shel but Shel was directly controlled And no worries thank you for the Projected Will play over again once v1.4 is out. was gonna make this 2 posts so I just editted
  14. I'm on chapter 23 Sad I don't want to beat it because the game ends soon xD. Thank you so much for bringing us this Project loved it the sprites the story the characters Favorite character Alicia I disliked her at first then after support with Ash she has a sweet side was a tad disappointed she became a Sage wanted something dark like you know druid Ash also wanted a Soul Reaper type for him since he accepts the darkness, Oscar maybe a Great Knight and someone to become an assassin I don't know.. just me love playing and having each different unit. P.S I gave my mages the tome -Erase- and now they all use dark magic.
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