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  1. Haha, yeah, guess so :p

    Thanks though! :)

  2. Haha, I pretty much signed in to reply to your comment! :p

    I lurk, but that's pretty much all I do :p

  3. Not really. Nowadays I do most of my chatting over Facebook :o

  4. Interesting to see another programmer! I personally am a web developer so I can't really help you with game design at all, but I'm sure there will be people around here who can help you Welcome to the forum!
  5. Well that was mainly the point, to come off harsh against the people who were doing it to new people. But I'll censor it out I couldn't care less whether you are a horrible person. You can be a horrible person if you desire to, for some reason, but that doesn't mean you should be hostile towards new members. That is I do care about - hostility towards new members in general. Not by one member, not by a specific group of members - no, in general. If you read my previous post, I never used any specific names, and for a good reason, namely that it's a forum-wide problem, not a member-specific problem. Just wanted to get that straight. That said, I pretty much agree with what Mercenary Raven said. I do have one more thing to add though: You seem to be under the impression that having been here for a longer time means you have more privileges. You seem to think that having been here for a longer time allows you to decide who you can or cannot take up in 'the group'. That's downright terrible, in my opinion. Just to get this straight though, that's what it seems like. I'm not sure if that's really the way you think. That's really a pretty big problem in general, actually. Of course I have been in lurking mode for a long time, and have had plenty of periods where I didn't even log in for weeks. I only just really came back a couple of days ago, so maybe I'm not fully up to date with what's been happening here lately. However, I think it's fairly reasonable to say that, if there is in fact 'a group' that you have to earn your way in to, my respect for this forum has dropped significantly. A forum like this should be open to new members. The community should welcome them, try to make them feel at home. If those new members do something unusual that 'the group' wouldn't never have done, how is that their problem? They're new, they don't know any better. Rather than shooting them down, tell them how things go around these forums. Or perhaps even better yet, let them be themselves. People will eventually adapt anyway to the general atmosphere around the forum. The ones who don't like this atmosphere will leave - that is fine. However, new members leaving because they immediately get shot down because they do something unusual is downright disgusting. Once again, the people who do this get very little respect from me. To continue on to the 'earning respect' aspect of this issue, it's just ridiculous. Put yourself in the position of a new member. In fact, put yourself in the position you have already been in at some point. Everybody has been a new and unknown member at some point. And at such a point, unless you were a troll, you would like to receive a warm welcome from the already active members. And now that other people are in the position you were in, you just start bashing down on them. I can't say it often enough: disgusting. I initially came back because I wanted to come back, because I remembered a nice and welcoming community. Apparently this isn't the case as much anymore, and frankly I find that to be quite saddening. That is all.
  6. Long story short: no time, no interest, Tangerine wanted me to post, I started posting Plus I have more time on my hands now and am actually missing most of you guys
  7. Believe it or not, but I'm actually posting because I have some free time :)

  8. Yes, and for a theory to be tested, there first needs to be something the theory is based on. I'm starting to feel like this becomes less and less about what the topic was supposed to be about...
  9. Since you were Raven back in the day, that's what I will always know and remember you as
  10. I'm going to applaud Mercenary Raven for his response. That was excellent! I would like to comment on this 'issue' as well. In this topic I've read a lot of posts about new people being dumb. They don't know anything. What annoys me the most about this though, is that you guys then say that it's their fault they don't know anything! Rather than just jumping in, they should have lurked first. How twisted can this logic get?! Let me get one thing straight: as members of this community, you should always try to work to get the community to grow. That means you - even if you're not a staff member - will have to help new members rather than smash them into the ground simply because they're new. Frankly, the people on this forum that do this disgust me. In fact, if you're one of the people who does this, you should be ashamed of yourself, arguably even more so if you're a long time member (and I deliberately don't use the term 'veteran' here). New members should always be welcomed. Just because this is the internet, doesn't mean you should start being rude to somebody you don't know. "But Tino, it's the internet, it's harsh everywhere!" If you think that's the case, distinguish yourself from the rest of the internet! Rather than being harsh to newcomers, be kind and welcoming to them! Not only will that help the the community become more kind, but it will also help the forum grow. People make decisions based on first impressions most of the time. If they see a rude community, they won't join. If they join just to see what the forum is like and immediately get shot down, they'll leave immediately. Now you say that this isn't a bad thing, right? They're just not ready for the 'harsh' internet? Same as above: then be the opposite from what you think the rest of the internet is like! All this rudeness prevents the forum from growing to its fullest potential. Kindness is the way to go. Of course, being a bit rude to your friends is never a bad thing, and making rude jokes when appropriate also doesn't hurt. And of course, sometimes rudeness is just needed to tell people how wrong they are. However, rudeness is NOT needed to tell new members how terrible they are! Again, the people that do this simply disgust me! If you still think you need to be rude to new members that seem to be new to the entire forum experience or public internet places, you're either a troll or a moron (they maybe they should be used interchangably) and you should *censored per Mercenary Raven's request*. I'm done now.
  11. It's in my nature to be curious about things. However, with theories like this, that are based on absolutely nothing, I just don't see the point in even thinking about it. Everything revolved around the Earth once, yes. Or so they thought. But then evidence (keyword!) was found that this may actually not be the case. Theories have to be based on something before they are worth discussing. Theory: 2 + 2 = 3. Discuss.
  12. Theories go so far, but this is based on absolutely nothing. So no, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing outside of our universe. If only somebody would actually have just a sliver of evidence that something exists outside of our universe, that would be a completely different story altogether. But considering there isn't, and I doubt there ever will be, to be honest, no, there's nothing else.
  13. I don't think I got the hint... What was that you were trying to say? ;)
  14. I simply couldn't agree more! There's nothing better than seeing people whine... Especially if it's your 'fault' ;)
  15. Yeah, sorry But hey, I just posted didn't I? 7 And I just did it again
  16. <----- NOT TO MENTION THIS ONE I think that was my first all-caps post, which now isn't an all-caps post anymore. If you actually read this, Josh, it's quite unfortunate to see someone like you leave your position. All I can say is best of luck with whatever is going on in your life! I just hope it's not something sad you're going through :(
  17. Yeah, everything is going perfectly fine! Just incredibly busy, which kind of sucks :(

    I'll see if I can get a bit more active when things calm down for me :)

  18. Maybe when things get less busy I'll go post a bit more, just for you <3

    Right now I'm just too busy though, with school/work/sports/etc. In a week or two or so things should calm down a bit, but until then I think I'll have to stay in lurking mode :(

  19. Yeah, true. I have been too busy and simply wasn't really interested enough in this place to really post.

    I have done a fair amount of lurking though, if that's worth anything ;)

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