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  1. Hey SF, back for another quick question: I have pulled two Kadens: a + spd / - hp and a + atk / - res. I figured I'd merge them to get rid of the flaw, but I can't decide between atk or speed. His prf requires visible buffs to really shine, which means his speed would be buffed often as well, but situations between have me worried about doubles. On the other hand, I'd like him to have some amount of bite. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for being a repeating record, but thank you for the 54374376th time! In that case, what do you recommend for his B skill? Special Fighter makes the most sense, however, I'm still seeing pairing of Bold Fighter for him - which cases would Bold Fighter be a better fit?
  3. Currently considering pulling H!Niles, but not sure if it's worth it with already having a H!Jakob that can BF and turtle if need be. I've read that H!Niles can be especially great (possibly better?) with Special fighter and Bold Fighter, but his bulk and color WTA dependencies make me think that's not exactly the case. Any thought from experts? Is he going to be slaying any key units? It helps that H!Niles is not blocked by another unit. I like Neko Sakura, but pulling 6 over 3 Jakob in 2017 + was not a great feeling haha.
  4. The Grima thing was certainly something I had concerns with! With L. Tiki, I can down her, but it leaves Grima weak, which can be a problem if there's other things his color can be used to easily take care of. Since most of these armors have a weak spot in Res, Henry seemed like a good option, but... Once again, thanks -Really appreciate the pro's and con list! I've got some real considerations to make before Halloweens over
  5. First of all, thanks again for the previous assistance you guys here at SF have given me. Its been very helpful and appreciated (XRay, IceDragon, MrSmokestack and others who deserve just as much praise - seriously, thank you)! Halloween is my favorite Holiday, but hopefully I can just accidentally gather answers from others for this year's banner without having to ask too many questions >.>. I do have a pre-banner question though. They'll likely re-run the old Halloween Banner this year: is H!Henry still worth pursuing besides being a favorite character? I currently have him at +6, and wonder if +10ing him would be a good idea. If it helps, I do also have a +10 Grima. Thanks again!
  6. I've a couple questions regarding Chill skills and units. 1) How is it determined whether a Chill skill is best used over a B skill like Quick Riposte or Desperation? Armor B skills staying make sense. 2) I've see some builds recommend Chill skills for supportive units like dancers. Catria with her Chill Res looks tempting to me (and I wouldn't mind a Tiki in the process) to put on Ninian (or save for Nils if he ever comes out) for Dragon Emblem. If dancers having Chill skills over say, WoM, is a thing, is there a Chill Skill considered best for dancers in general? And for dragon Dancers in Emblem, is Chill Res considered better than other Chills?
  7. I kind of want Y!Tiki, yet at the same time, I do not want to break into my Tellius Dragon / Beast unit stash too much. I currently use Myrrh and M. Grima in my Dragon Team, but having him bonded with a red flier instead of a green flier seems a better deal to remove the green double up. Her breath seems pretty bonkers too. So...how's red summoning been these days?
  8. First off, thanks for the reply! Secondly, based on your previous post about his weapon choices, what stat would you recommend refining for in my case? Would more speed be an overkill? More defense perhaps to give him bulk? Or just the MT increase to help patch up the atk?
  9. Pulled a +Spd / -Atk Innes I have no idea how to build. The speed is wonderful but the -Atk (30 atk) makes me pause. I thought about the usual Fury + Desperation build, but -Atk makes it seem like a waste. Thoughts on any other builds that could work for him and his Atk hit?
  10. I'm another that likes the change in artstyle. Kozaki was starting to stale and this one is refreshing to me. Presentation, I can see where the concerns may come, but the game is several months away and the visuals can change. While I haven't sat down and read the entirety of the topic in 34 pages, I did happen upon posts containing comparisons of games earlier in the development process and I agree. If the visuals still aren't to liking couple months before release, then I'd be more concerned. I'd have to see more of the Gameplay before commenting on it. I don't have any real opinion on it either way. Same with characters. I do admit to enjoying their designs but I've enjoyed a character design before only to be turned off by their personality. Overall I'm slightly optimistic (mostly for the story, as it seems more politically focused) but I'm keeping a rein on that optimism.
  11. I didn't want to start a new topic with this question so: While I'm confident a non-console SE is coming, was wondering what you guys thought about the likelihood of an official FE:TH Switch bundle closer to release date? I havent purchased a Switch yet as FE16 was to be my primary driving factor, but with the release being next year and a couple of other games current and upcoming I'm interested in, I'm at a loss. I would absolutely want a FE themed switch without double dipping or seperatly buying the themed joycons. I could also purchase the other games later. I realize Fates didn't have an official 3DS bundle, but with Heroes being so succesful, I'm concerned i might be jumping the gun and they'll chance it. Thoughts?
  12. Kurthnaga! Revisiting Tellius relatively recently, he's shot to the top of my list (clearly by the avatar). I also really like the Tellius Dragon designs - my favorite after Ninian's. While I sadly don't expect to see him for a while (if at all), I already know my wallet would be in trouble. Others: - Generally Laguz / Beast units - Rinea - Nils - Xane - Selena - Heath
  13. They did not. As far as I remember, the patch notes said a colorless dragon was planned, not that it was coming soon. I'll have to recheck when I get a moment
  14. Not sure if anyone has seen this, but: https://mobile.twitter.com/FE_Heroes_JP/status/977047287376461825 If the shadowed figure is our legendary, a dragon unit doesn't seem as likely (looks to be a tome present). Edit: Sorry, not sure how to incorporate link windows. https://mobile.twitter.com/FE_Heroes_JP/status/977047287376461825
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