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  1. Wow, yay, well I´ll update tomorrow or the next day. Thanks a bunch.
  2. So, I don´t know if there is an existing post for this, but yeah, I had some ideas, mostly names for my builds but I´ll try to complete them soon. Well, here is the list of names. Clumsy Maid Felicia - Maid Sol Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve I really don´t know give me some ideas Multitalented Mushroom Hater Jakob - Butler Luna Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve Armored Blow Old Spice Gunter - G. Knight Luna Deadly Breath Line of Death Galeforce Aggressor Ice Cold Flora (or maybe Ice Ice Flora...) - Maid Vengeance Shurikenifaire Lifetaker Inspiration Live to Serve Dragoncursed Ninja Kamui - Master Ninja Lethality (or something else, I like Lethality..) Draconic Curse Deadly Breath Replicate Cut Through (couldn´t think of anything else..) My idea with this one is like to replicate the unit and separate them in order to drop the stats of enemies so that others can finish them up. Lobster Wannabe Kamui - Hoshido Noble Astra Swordfaire Hoshidan Unity Dragon Fang Vantage High Lobster of Hoshido Ryoma - Swordmaster Astra Swordfaire Death Blow Line of Death Lancebreaker Lobstar Ryoma - Lodestar Dancing Blade Speedtaker Astra Swordfaire Lancebreaker Dragonborn Hero Kamui . Hero Sol Dragon Ward Swordfaire Replicate Amateratsu My idea is like the Dragoncursed Ninja, use replicate but this one is to support your other units, halve their damage give them health or defense. Greedy Little Anna - Merchant Hana Banana - Swordmaster Tactical Puppeteer Yukimura - Mechanist Suicide Squad Saizo - Master Ninja Line of Death Lethality Shurikenfaire Deadly Breath Galeforce 50 Shades of Niles - Adventurer Little Boy Hayato - Onmyoji Little Cheese of Hoshido Shiro - Weapon Master Friend Bear Benny - General Cirque du Soleil - Hero Fabulous Forrest - Strategist Corn Prince Xander - Paladin Swordfaire Aegis Luna Armored Blow Lifetaker Little Princess Kamui - Nohrian Noble Swordfaire Luna Nohrian Trust Dragon Fang Draconic Curse (or another one?) Pieridorito - G.Knight Hoshidan Dragongirl - Kanna Nohrian Dragonboy - Kanna If you have any ideas for Names for the builds post them, or if you also have builds of your own post them. Edit* I also need you to change my ideas a bit since I haven´t thought much of if the skills will work right.
  3. Sasa

    My Personal Mashup

    Hi, I´m new to Serenesforest. Last months I´ve been playing a little bit with Awakening and Fates´s story. If your are interested, post your ideas. This post contains Big Spoilers for Awakening and some Mild Spoilers for Fates The first thing I want to share is Chrom´s dad, I made a base design for it and I think it is pretty cool. One thing I noticed is that I´m not that great at drawing armor, so if you´d like to help me with that I would really appreaciate it. Once I get Fates next month and clear the story modes, I´ll update on the story itself, so you´ll have to wait a little bit until the main story. For some time it will be some designs I make or some mini stories that will shape the main story. Well, here comes Chrom´s Dad I am not that great with names, but my idea for his name is Rodrik. He is an only child. In this story, he is the first blue haired descendant that wasn´t born with his brand. For that reason, he isn´t able to wield Falchion. His base class is an Axe Lord, but his class is War Lord, they can use Axes and Swords. I don´t know what his Personal Skill would be. Since his parents loved him very much, they forged a special axe made of extremely rare silver that uses the Argent Gem´s Power. He still goes into a rampage and tries to anihilate the Grimleals. I´ll attach the photos in the next few days since I´m having Internet trouble right now. Update #1 Now, I´ll talk a bit about the main thing of this mashup. Since I haven´t played Fates, but I know a bit of the story, this may change in the future. The idea is that after the end of Fire Emblem Fates, the Invisible Path, Kamui, Aqua, and Lilith go through a portal and got to Chrom´s world. They get separated in the way, and Kamui appears near the time and place where Chrom finds Robin, but he can´t remember well what happened to him. I´ll update after the game comes out, to avoid people getting mad with me.
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