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  1. I have all of the, and I'm pretty happy than Alight is there (I guess with Male Corrin) that,s my favorite song from Birthright and Fates in general
  2. Byleth looks the same without white hair Lysithea looks very similar, we wasn't able to see her front part but I like it overall Marianne I think looks more classy, like Rinea... ok I'll stop Ignatz looks, taller? and without glasses? I wasn't able to see him well Leonie looks almost the same but we only saw her back... we already knew about Hilda Grande, but now it's confirmed to be a 1 ponytail instead of 2 really close Lorentz looks way better, this is just another angle does Raphael have sideburns? cool! I like him more
  3. I made a post a while back on Reddit about my new banner idea "Shadows of Nohr" and here are my ideas:) some characters doesn't have any skills because I'm still thinking on it, so I will be thankful if you help me with that:) Stat: HP|Atk|Spd|Def|Res Character: Charlotte Type: Green - Axe - Inf Weapon: Berseker Axe (Death Blow 3 on the weapon makes the user lose 2 Def, 2 Res and 4 HP after the battle)14 MT Support Skill: Smite Special Skill: - Skill A: Life & Death Skill B: Skill C: Hone Atk Stats:52|37|31|20|18 Character: Benny Type: Blue - Lance - Arm Weapon: Heavy Spear+ / Best Lance+ (bonus against Cavalary and beast units not dragons) Support Skill: - Special Skill: Escutcheon Skill A: Skill B: Skill C: Stats:55|30|16|38|29 Character: Nyx Type: |Green - Tome / Red - Tome|- Inf Weapon: Gronnraven+ / Fenrir+ Support Skill: - Special Skill: - Skill A: Skill B: Skill C: Stats:28|38|30|23|29 Character: Flora Type: Colorless - Dagger - Inf Weapon: Flame Shuriken+ [NEW ( Use enemy Resistance instead of Defense, Infantry foes suffer Def/Res-6 after combat through their next actions.)] 11 MT Support Skill: - Special Skill: Iceberg Skill A: Skill B: Skill C: Breath of Life Stats:31|28|34|24|30
  4. Hi everyone, I want to ask you something is there really a Leak of the characters who are going to receive a bride costume?, I heard about that but without proofs, I only heard than Adult Tiki, Oboro (I want her), Lyn and a unknown woman are going to recive the outfits
  5. The same goes for Niles and Selena in bow Knight (Soleil and Nina after the A+)
  6. I want to know if I can get a save file saved on the DLC extra slots , because I want to get my other save avatar talking (without the blue shield)
  7. Any good skills for Azama? I don't want Aptitude
  8. I'm right now playing Lunatic Solo run with Azama in Birthright, I never played Lunatic in the past so I thought it would be fun to play this challenge I'm now in the final chapter and it is too hard:/
  9. Hi, I want to know is there is a page where I can find Live2D textures?, I want Lazlow chest because I want to make a mercenary shirt and I need the pattern
  10. Best Skillset for Hero!Soleil? I have Swordfaire, Sol, Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang, Replicate, Seal Strength, Rally Luck, Lethality, Astra, Luna, Aegis, Miracle, Coutermagic, Vantage, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unit, Shelter, Strong Riposte, Elbow Room, Life and Death, Duelist's Blow, Death Blow, Trample, Defender, Inspiration, Axebreaker, Quixotic, Good Fortune, Renewal, Poison Strike, Aptitude and Locktouch OMG I just realized how much skills does she has 8/ Edit: You can destroy it and put it back when ever you want:)
  11. I was you to tell me if this pairs are good for my main team Laslow X Peri: Soleil (my Waifu) Leo X Sakura: Forrest Karen X Oboro: Selkie Ryoma X Camilla: Shiro
  12. Birthright chapter 6 took me 1 turn, Ryoma with a Critical and BOOM goodbye Xander
  13. As I remember Laslow gets Astra and another 2 skills
  14. His cannon class is Strategist, but Omnyoji have the same weapons and better skill stat
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