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  1. Will Owen and Sawyer promote in 2.0? I’m really excited to see what they promote into.
  2. Would the title of the game be “Fire Emblem: Staff of Ages” or simply “Staff of Ages”? Just wondering
  3. I changed the name of Eirika to Kyleigh, put to through the text processer and clicked MakeHack and nothing changed. I checked the tables and everything and it didn’t work. Thanks for the map stuff.
  4. So I've been trying to work on my hack with MakeHack when I ran into a couple snags. First off, the map I keep putting into tmx2ea isn't giving me the .dmp file. Also, no edits that I make to texts or stats are saved. Does anyone have a solution to these issues? I would like to note that I'm using the Buildfire Demo so maybe there is a new version that I don't know about. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Do you know where I can find those female pirate and berserker animations?
  6. As the title states, help is wanted for a hack I'm working on known as Tales of Regdrac. I need people who can do custom portraits and animations, artists and writers (mostly for proofreading and quality checks, I will be writing the base script). Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help. Link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/ZVA7Zjh
  7. I can't seem to get FE Recolor working, I've got .NET 4 thing. It said there were 3 problems, Lack of disk space (I checked and I don't think that is the problem), invalid password and that the file might be damaged(?) in some way. Can someone help me?
  8. I've been hearing that the FE8 rom hack "Midnight Sun" was cancelled, I thought it was just on hiatus. Is it cancelled or just on hiatus?
  9. Can you please change Harken's name to Tom2o? My friend really likes Harken and that's his screen name.
  10. I got Nightmare working but I still can't get FEditor
  11. I'm pretty sure I have Nightmare 1, but I'm not sure. I downloaded Java and it didn't work. Is there a link you can send me
  12. I'm working on my first ever rom hack and i'm trying to get Nightmare and FEditor running but for some reason, nether are working. I think there is an important piece I'm missing but I don't know what is. Can someone help me?
  13. Ok, so me and some friends are working on a FE7 hack and I'm tasked with writing and inserting the script but something is up. I was recommended FEditor Adv to put in the script but for some reason, I can't get it open no matter how hard I try. Can someone give me a step up step guide?
  14. Mages extend to all magic users, Canas/Lucius don't count as Healers and Leo doesn't as a Sword User
  15. Well, here's something I thought of. This is the only thing you have a say in, everything else is at the mercy of chance. Basically, it's the Hunger Games...with Fire Emblem. You can submit 2 characters for each district (which in of itself is a specific type of unit), give them one E rank weapon and I will put each character in a randomizer to decide which 2 characters will be in each district. Like I said before, everything is at the mercy of chance, so a character or district could die because of the randomizer. I will be posting all of the results for each district as they go along in the form of a long running journal in one post. But if you want to find a less detailed description of everything that happens, check out the General post. That's it, choose your characters wisely and may the odds ever be in your favor. Notes to keep in mind: Chests are randomized with different items or traps Everyone will be base class Base classes will have all available promotions across the series If a player kills another player, they will get all of their items and skills All skills are in the form of a scroll Battles will not be at the mercy of chance (besides the RNG), they will be calculated Healers can attack on their own with "Beginners Magic," which has a Mt of 3. Districts: 1: Lords (Select 2 Lords) 2: Cavaliers (Select 2 Cavaliers) 3: Mages (Select 2 Mages) 4: Healers (Select 2 Healers) 5: Archers (Select 2 Archers) 6: Fliers (Select 2 Fliers) 7: Sword Users (Select 2 Sword Users) 8: Axe Users (Select 2 Axe Users) 9: Lance User (Select 2 Lance Users) 10: Shapeshifters (Select 2 Shapeshifters) 11: Villains (Select 2 Villians) 12: Thiefs (Select 2 Thieves) General Post: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 1: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 2: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 3: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 4: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 5: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 6: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 7: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 8: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 9: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 10: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 11: (Currently Not Set Up) Journal of District 12: (Currently Not Set Up) You have until Sunday to make a suggestion
  16. I've becoming more familiar with Fire Emblem mechanics and now I'm doing a test on how many Speed points Joshua will gain from when you get him, to Level 20 Swordmaster...there is just one problem. I'm not sure how Growth Rates are calculated, are you supposed to add his growths with his classes growths? I would love to know
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