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  1. Got my B17 box. I've updated my post further up on the page, here. +1 laCruel +1 jiayejoe +1 Tru Thanks for the trades
  2. Been a while since I've been around and updated my list. Bought a few boxes still then but still not caught up. Anyhow here they are. Wants: Haves:
  3. Updated with Series 5 now. For now just trying to trade for what I want and didn't get from the sets I've bought a box for already. But if there's something you really want I'm open to working something out for cards from other sets. Want Haves
  4. I've only bought one box so far, and plan to try and only buy one for each set. Then just trade what SR's I get for the SR's I'm more interested in. So for now I'm just trying to finish my interest in set one. Missing/Want: (*'s are for those I'm more interested in.) Starter Deck: 001 Marth Series One or Starter Deck: 007 Cain* 057 Robin 059 Lissa 070 Lon'qu* Series One only: Rare: 097 Inigo* Super Rare: 016 Ogma 046 Tiki 054 Lucina 073 Gaius* 080 Tharja What I have: (These are all from my one box, not spares. Some I'm more likely to trade away and some not so much but none are completely off-limits. Just keep that in mind. ) Rare+ Signed: 059 Lissa Super Rare: 001 Marth Rare: 009 Abel 028 Merric 030 Minerva 035 Linde 038 Palla 040 Catria 042 Est 068 Sumia 078 Nowi 083 Olivia 084 Cherche Also some Normal's and High Normal's so just ask about those. I'd also like to swap my PR 002 Corrin (Female) for PR 001 Corrin (Male).
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