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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Are we talking about the sheer awesome that is support? 'Cause I'm noticing that Sona is pretty much back on par with everyone else. Sure, her heals and auras are still a little bit low, but the speed on her casts is ridiculous, and getting that W Power Chord on an AD Carry plus Exhaust is beautiful.
  4. Anyone up for a game? My usual group is away, so if you're up for a game, message me in-game; Soren37.
  5. Soren37

    Pokemon Conquest

    Eh heh...heh heh...yeah, this topic can be locked now, pretty much.
  6. Anyone else have it? Also, what's your team/favourite combo so far?
  7. Wards are actually the most OP item in the game. 3 minutes of vision, including stealthed units if you wait for 50 more gold? Never get ganked and know where they are.
  8. Can do! I can also wrangle a jungle and an AP Carry, usually.
  9. I've been playing some insane support games lately. I honestly think that there isn't really another role for me.
  10. Evelynn's stealth is now her passive. Evelynn's stealth. is now. her passive. I really want to play her now.
  11. 38 C in Southern Ontario today. So glad I didn't have to work today.
  12. I think one bar where I live has $3 Jagerbombs on Tuesdays.
  13. Nerfing Soraka? I might go cry for a little bit. Also, I wanna play Leblanc and blink everywhere. It just looks like so much fun!
  14. Shit man. I know it's tough, but you gotta remember, it's only a 50% chance of that happening. If you really don't want it change, then the other 50% might fall in your favour.
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