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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

    1. Fenrir


      thanks dude

  4. I know you're not around but happy birthday anyway.

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      Thanks for the thoughts!!

  5. I basically counted that game as a loss and then ended up winning by 25. Insane lol. Always tough to score 3rd most in the league and lose. This Eli Manning thing is working out pretty well!
  6. Seems fair. This is probably the only time/day we can get this many people drafting.
  7. How about like 9:30 EST on Saturday? That sounds like it works for most people.
  8. I'm very flexible right now and someone may have to be auto picked. It's just hard for 10 people to all do something at the same time for an hour and a half. (Although we could do sometime on Sunday perhaps?) I can do anytime on just about any day after 3pm and before 3 on weekends. Looking forward to drafting with you guys
  9. new kid... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7c-P5hAPfg
  10. Fenrir


    There actually are a ton of dudes who do chat about porn stars consistently. Sexual attraction doesn't make cars look any less cool or be any less fast. I love the 300's. Those are so underrated in my opinion because Chrysler was so shitty for a long time. The 300s just look like they were meant to race around highways and streets. Combines American power with the best of American style. That really is a good skill to have. My dad usually knows what's wrong with a car, and can also do the more basic work on them. He's saved a lot of money as a result. Got to love a Carrera
  11. So a couple weeks ago Nightmare made a reference to Mad Max about the half way Mohawk that I got. Thus, I decided the rest of you were interested in Mad Max. Mad Max is going to be remade. It's going to be directed by George Miller who also directed the originals. It's going to star Nicholas Hoult,(X-Men first class, Beast) Charlize Theron, and Tom Hardy is going to be Mad Max. Tom Hardy is an emerging A-List actor. He was in Inception, Warrior, Lawless, and Dark Knight Rises. He made Lawless and Warrior not just watchable but good, and he did really good in the other two Nolan movies. But in 2013, guess how many movies he's in? 0. Isn't that weird for a guy gunning to be known as A-List? Well, next year he's going to be in 5, maybe 6. All 6 he's going to be one of the lead roles. Get Ready for lots and lots of Tom Hardy if you're a moviegoer. That's an awesome thing to get ready for, btw. That concludes my post about how exited I am for 2014 movies and especially mad max, and about my love of certain actors.
  12. I'm really glad SeverIan has become SeverIan again, I would get so goddamn confused from time to time. If you didn't have such a distinct posting style it would've really thrown me off because every name was so independent from the last.
  13. "Well, this game doesn't seem special to me, but people on the tier list thread sure are passionate about it. THEY MUST BE WHAT'S RUINING IT FOR ME! IF NO ONE ELSE HAD LIKED IT AND IT WAS JUST MINE ALONE I WOULD'VE LIKE IT!!! FUCK YOU YOU PASSIONATE DEBATERS!" --- This is all I hear anytime someone complains about a tier list. Some of us just like to argue.
  14. And holy shit I've been here 3 years. I'm going to sit for a second and think of all the self discovery that's happened in the 3 years and 3 or so days. Because this thread IS about me, dammit! So here's the shit I learned about me and myself: (After some thinking) I figured out I am inquisitive and love learning things.(Just watched a great doc on Netflix called Ethos, check it out if you're form America or interested in America) Definitively established what my religion was. I love creating shit. I'm a movie buff. I became a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. I only fully function while I'm on caffiene. My mind just can't connect all of the dots when there is no pencil. I think most of you guys are pretty swell. My signature is still a work in progress but my god it's made so much progress already. Used to be a fucking embarassment. The way I think is different form almost everyone. I'm an INFJ personality type. Introspective, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. I always thought and was told that I was extroverted until a mentor of mine got me thinking about it and presented the whole thing in a new light. Anyway, most of you would probably assume I was somewhat extroverted from the way I post, but I think that I just come across as socially confident and sure of myself. I have discovered the main reason for that is because... I have anxiety to some degree. The fact that I say that gives me anxiety. IF you can relate you relate.
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