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  1. 2x Fire Emblem 0ΜΈ Artworks V if you can. USD Thanks to everyone that's helping out with this!
  2. Can I just seize their castle and win? I don't have to actually beat the entire team right?
  3. So I have to beat them in their castle with no handicaps? I don't usually use handicaps when I fight in my castle. I rarely fight in other people's castles.
  4. I currently have Birthright and I'm trying to recruit other people's units in their castle. I want the Nohr siblings. I've beaten other castles from Nohr games using no handicaps and in my castle, but I still can't recruit units. I also seized their castle as well. After beating them, I get the message "Would you like to add a character to your log book" and that's it. I've heard it should say "would you like to recruit?" Am I doing something wrong? And what should I do to get the Nohr siblings recruited in my game?
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