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  1. Cavalier: No-brainer. Like Shanty Pete said, between Shelter and being the only non-protag base class to be able to use more than one weapon type, they're very good. Samurai, Spear Fighter, Fighter: Honestly, these are mostly for access to S-Ranks, but the classes are great, between Fighters awesome Pair-Up bonuses to Spear Fighter's tanking. Troubadour: Better staff bot because of S-rank access and skills like Inspiration and Rally Resistance. Ninja: More interesting thief class and hidden weapons' debuffs are great. Archer: Bows are great, and with utility filled by the troubadour and the ninja, outlaws don't have a lot to offer. Plus, Kinshi Knight is, imo, one of the more interesting new classes. Wyvern Rider: Malig Knight's skills are excellent and flying utility is great. Nohr Noble: Better combat unit between the two promotions and staff utility doesn't matter when there are better options. Also the class to use tomes.
  2. My personal advice for a Blue Lions run: - In terms of recruits, I'd recommend Caspar, Lorenz and Catherine. Caspar nets you a Part 2 paralouge with decent battalions and a Hero's Relic. Lorenz gets you Thyrsus, and is easy enough to one-turn provided you have a decent flier, if the defend condition is too hard. Catherine not only has a lot of ties to the Blue Lions, she's also part of Ashe's paralouge. - I think Ingrid makes the best in-house dancer for the Blue Lions, between her good evasion and riding proficiency (for Movement +1 in the late game). If you want an out-of-house dancer, then I find Dorothea and Marianne are good for similar reasons. - Dedue falls off in Part 2 for a variety of reasons, but he does make a killer adjutant/"backpack" for Dimitri, since they have Linked Attack bonuses and Dedue is very easy to get into a guard adjutant class (either brawling specialists or armors).
  3. As someone who's only seen a full PoR LP and has a general idea of the plot outline of RD: - Re-localize the game to be closer to the Japanese extended script, but keep some of the international additions (like the Daein legendary weapons and the explanation for the Black Knight's survival) - Add Trial Maps so we can hear that fire Gaiden remix - Remove biorhythym. I dunno, just seems like one of those things that's either pointless or annoying because there's no way for the player to control or manage it - Add more specific A supports. Like as has been said, I think the multiple parties structure makes it so that you want flexibility for who you want to go into the Tower, and RD's "everyone can support everyone" system facilitates that, but it leaves a lot of characters dull and undeveloped, particularly new ones like the Dawn Brigade. - Pick which army you play as in Part 3 Endgame
  4. Does anyone know when these units would be rerun on a Legendary/Mythic banner? I've gotten my free Lyon but I want to save my orbs for CYL Dimitri. I've also somehow managed to get two fallen male Corrins, both of whom have boons in defensive stats (defense and resistance).
  5. So, Three Houses lets you pick your characters' appearances in the monastery and in battle, like the Servants' Wear or Summers Attire. I thought it'd be fun to theorycraft some other ones, mostly based on previous FE titles. Genealogy of the Holy War Pack: Byleth gets a Sigurd costume; Edelgard, an Arvis one; Dimitri, Cuan; Claude, Lewyn; Ferdinand, Ares; Felix, Shannan; Lysithea, Julia; Shamir, Ayra. Blazing Sword Pack: Byleth gets Brammimond; Edelgard, Hector; Dimitri, Eliwood; Claude, Lyn; Dorothea, Ninian; Sylvain, Sain; Ignatz, Canas; Seteth, Marcus.
  6. Indech's paralouge requires Lindhardt and Leonie in Part II. I think in Crimson Flower it's available after the conquest of Deirdru, and neither Hubert nor Edelgard can be deployed there (because Lindhardt doesn't want them finding out about Indech).
  7. I'm pretty sure she does since she has boss conversations with Seteth and Flayn to that effect in Verdant Wind/Silver Snow. At least, if Solon/the Agarthans knew then it's not unreasonable to assume their allies would also know. For the record, I do think she's prejudiced against Nabateans, given that she's very quick to claim that they're "monsters who have controlled Fodlan in secret" when not only is that demonstrably not the case (everone else besides Rhea has either been sleeping or selcuding themselves from society), she keeps mentioning it as if it's one of her main arguments against the status quo. Anyways, I don't think Edelgard is massively hated. Characters like FE4!Hilda and Makalov are probably more widely disliked by the fanbase, though admittedly for different reasons. At worst, you probably think she's a villain whose played for much more pathos than other ones in the series and one who, even if her methods are abhorrent, has a point that feudalism and fantasy eugenics are Very Bad Things that need to be curbed or done away with. That's a more of a defend-able position than, say, Anankos, whose just a crazy dragon because Mystery of the Emblem reference dragons go insane for some reason. And while I'm sure other people have brought these up, she did win a popularity poll and was pretty consistent in online usage rankings, at least to the beginning of the game. One things that does interest me is how she contrasts with other emperor figures in the series. She like Arvis, for example, in that she really wants to make things equitable for the common folk, but has to ally with dark figures who are manipulating her for their own ends. Like Ashnard, she also wants to use war to remake the socio-political system of her continent from one ruled by landed gentry to more meritocratic systems; unlike him, however, she's nowhere near as batshit as he is and doesn't seem to revel in war for its own sake.
  8. I'll second/third/whatever the Deridre/Sigurd Duo, Emperor Arvis and Legendary Sigurd/Seliph requests. Personally, I would also like the following: - Sword Raven - Blue Mage Lucius with Luce - Barbarossa!Claude - Fallen Edelgard (Azure Moon spoilers, but you know what I mean) - Fallen Ike or Fallen Chrom (Cipher concepts) - if/whenever gauntlets are added: Brawling Hector and Brawling Jeritza
  9. Interesting, I've never heard of this before. Was this in the Nintendo Dream interview recently or somewhere else? Anyways, I like Three Houses a lot. While it definitely has its shortcomings (especially with regards to the monastery getting tedious after a while/on repeat playthroughs), it has the most interesting and fleshed out world with some of the best characters, main and supporting, in the entire series. About the only thing negative I can say about it is Byleth as an avatar: either make them more customizable by, say, getting to influence your spell and combat art list if you want them to be a full player insert, or make them a character focused on actually overcoming their emotional... dead-ness. And please get rid of the avatar worship, I had enough of that in Fates. The battle system (that is, magic system, combat arts and battalions) is also my favorite in the series.
  10. I'm trying to build a +ATK Soren. But I'm not sure what special to put on him. Right now it's between Iceberg and Draconic Aura. Any suggestions?
  11. Nothing added today on the English FEH account so far, but it still seems to be going on. So like a playable version of those Pokemon Generations shorts? And yeah, that would be sick. I would like to have Switch ports of the Tellius games, but even if they are working on that, I'm not expecting any news until late in the year (October/November), what with Three Houses only recently finishing development and coronavirus wreaking havoc on normal life.
  12. For reference, these are all the stat modifiers and growth rates of the advanced sword infantry classes: Overall, the only statistical advantage Heroes have over the other two classes is higher HP. At that point, yeah, Hero doesn't do anything that other classes don't do better, outside of enemy phasing with in-built Vantage. But then, enemy phasing in Three Houses is less reliable, between enemy stat inflation and gambits. The one argument I don't get for it being bad though is it being male exclusive. Other classes like Pegasus Knight and War Master are widely considered some of the best in the game, and they're also gender locked. Hero is bad because it doesn't have good class/mastery skills or stats, not because it's inaccessible; as opposed to say Grappler, where people like Catherine or Bylass would potentially want it.
  13. @jameslove001 Would you mind linking to the article in question? Some us don't read up on Three Houses news and so don't necessarily know what you're referring to. Also, if there is more paid DLC and you bought the Expansion Pass, chances are you'll have access to whatever it is.
  14. Generally, I think you should only do Golden Deer if you're really interested in their characters or the lore of Fodlan, since their route delves the deepest into it. Otherwise, as someone who loves Three Houses, the game (particularly the monastery sections) can feel increasingly tedious on repeat playthroughs because of the overlap in story/maps. Spoiling this in case you haven't heard but, New Game+ is the biggest way to make the game faster since you can skip the monastery grind. Otherwise, you should focus on raising your professor level while you are in the monastery. That means prioritizing things like fishing, gardening and meals over faculty training or tea time.
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