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  1. I was under the impression that the effectiveness downgrade was a localization thing and weapons were still x3 effective in the Japanese version? Could be misremembering.
  2. Disclaimer: I've only managed to beat Hard!Blue Lions and am currently on a Maddening run of the same, so I don't have first hand experience for most of the routes. That being said, I have a rough idea of the other routes, so this is how I would rate the relative difficulty of each route (primarily based on their Part Twos are since Part One is largely the same regardless of which route you take): Easiest: Blue Lions. Access to gamebreakers Dimitri and Felix along with useful support units like Annette and Mercedes makes a lot of the game more bearable. Also has the largest recruitment pool AND you get Failnaught for some reason (side note, that totally should have been a thing on Crimson Flower. Like, maybe you'd get Failnaught if you kill Claude but you get the Immortal Corps if you spare him. Have that choice mean something in a gameplay context). Easy: Golden Deer. Access to Lysithea and their final boss is the only non-monster one in the game so you don't have to worry about breaking barriers. Difficult: SS!Black Eagles. You lose access to Edelgard (and to a lesser extent Hubert and Jeritza) but in return you get a lot of the Church of Seiros (including Catherine and Seteth who are pretty solid). Most difficult: CF!Black Eagles. Crimson Flower does give you Edelgard and Jeritza but in a game where most of your army is growth-dependent, limiting the amount of chapters caps a lot of unit's effectiveness. Plus, most of the Black Eagles (barring Edelgard and Petra) aren't that good combat-wise. Additionally, that final map is hellish because of the golems and fire terrain making movement difficult for non-fliers and the Immaculate One being a pain to deal with.
  3. I assume but he's definitely got the weapon ranks to pass a few exams when he joins.
  4. It's more that Supports are how playable units get the bulk of their characterization, even in Three Houses (see Sylvain, who has most of character motivation and depth hidden in Support chains). Even 1-2 would be better than none, though I guess the idea is that they didn't want to give too many new conversations to a paid DLC character. EDIT: Sorry, took a long time to write and didn't see that someone else had already replied.
  5. I'd imagine Anna is recruitable there as well which might be what that's referring to.
  6. On a gameplay note: what are Anna and Jeritza's spell lists? And does Jeritza
  7. Okay, that's disappointing. I mean, Anna should at least support with Byleth I'm thinking. Are bond supports in this game a la Echoes or no? EDIT: He shares his with Anna. FOr some reason.
  8. Also: 25 SAVE SLOTS?! that's awesome. I also want to know if Anna does have the Crest of Timetheos and how/when you recruit her
  9. In addition to @Moonlit Knight's list: - Ignatz and Raphael (pre-timeskip) - not students, but Seteth and Flayn as well as Shamir and Alois, Hanneman and Manuela (pre-timeskip) - Annette and Gilbert (post-timeskip, and I believe exclusive to Blue Lions) - Ashe and Catherine (pre-timeskip) - Hilda and Cyril (pre-timeskip)
  10. I get the impression that people like Three Houses' worldbuilding, between all the political intrigue and sociocultural details poured into Fodlan, certainly more than Fates at any rate. So, what are your favorite aspects of said worldbuilding? For me (about halfway to the timeskip on the Blue Lions campaign), it's the mere existence of more than one continent/region. Dagda, Brigid, Duscur, Morfis and Almyra demonstrate that the world is bigger than just Fodlan, and also helps to define it. The Tragedy of Duscur, the Empire's campaign against Brigid, ll help to give context to Fodlan's internal political situation AND characterization of many of the principal characters.
  11. Not gonna lie, I am somewhat disappointed by the banner - Idunn was a shoe-in, but I would have preferred her as a colorless Mythic. Discounting her, there's no themeing to the banner beyond "eh, they're all playable." I mean, I guess both Lugh and Sue join during the Lycia arc, but that's about it. I guess the Radiant Dawn banner was introducing a new weapon type, so there was a clearer idea of who would get in. But hey, it finally has mpre characters beyond just Roy. Still though, I'm glad cause now Rutger is confirmed to be the freebie. @Lemmy Harsh Command may also work
  12. According to this chart, we should be expecting the Binding Blade banner within a week. Should be fun to speculate about. My guess is that it's gonna be the same format as the Laguz Royals Banner, i.e. 4 banner units of each color and one GHB unit with no alts. Considering that Binding Blade doesn't have anything as noteworthy as a new weapon type to introduce, it's somewhat more challenging to predict who would get in a banner. If I had complete control of the banner choices, I would put Rutger, Miledy, Echdina (as an axe unit) and Yoder (as a staff unit) on the banner, with Murdock (armored axe) as the GHB. I expect the actual banner to have either royals or playable characters from Bern; in other words, I think Elphin, Guinevere and Brunnya or all likely banner units, with the Dragon Generals and Jahn being particularly likely GHB candidates.
  13. So it seems Bylith is going to be Avatar!Ike in terms of background.
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