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  1. Another DLC-related change: Hapi's budding talent in axes gets her Exhaustive Strike, when that runs of her worse strength stat. I would have swapped it out for Lightning Axe, the magic axe combat art.
  2. Maybe it's because I've been using her for my current SS Maddening run, but I think Anna needs either a personal skill or supports. As it is, she's incredibly mediocre, especially with respect to her Reason bane negating her getting Bolting. Personally, I think that she should have had either her Fates personal (getting a luck% chance of getting a random amount of gold upon killing an enemy) or Spendthrift (a Merchant class skill in Fates that consumed a billion to increase damage).
  3. As I understand it, Nevada and Georgia will have updates at 9 pm est, so there may not be much in the way of substantial updates until then.
  4. Rest in power. I'm pretty sure court packing would be politically unfeasible, depending on how popular it would be with the public I'm also unsure about Trump stealing the election. I think Gorusch at least would join the liberals and Robert's wants to uphold the idea that the court is non partisan (which lol but whatever).
  5. A new whistleblower complaint alleges that a privately run ICE detention center has carried out mass hysterectomies . Now, as far as I know, this is one complaint against a specific center and perhaps not an agency-wide policy, but it's disgusting all the same. Mass hysterectomies amount to forced sterilization which makes ICE even more concentration camp-y than they previously were.
  6. Trump tells supporters in North Carolina (which I believe is a swing state) to vote twice in the election. Which is illegal.
  7. "Elitists were done better in Tear Ring Saga." "Marcus is racist." "Seth ruined Fire Emblem."
  8. I think like a lot of people my opinion has gone from "one of the best ever" to "significantly flawed but still really enjoyable." If nothing else I would still rank it among my favorites in the series because it's really ambitious and pulls off a number of things well. I think there are two things that are pretty much unambiguous negatives, which get worse on subsequent playthroughs and prevent it from reaching its full potential. The Agarthans are pretty underdeveloped and while it would be forgivable to the extent that they still needed a faction to kickstart a lot of the backstory and status quo, they're never entertaining or intimidating enough to make the confrontations with them all that memorable. It's why, imo, the last few chapters of Verdant Wind feel really out of left field. The second one is the map reuse. My personal conspiracy theory is that it was because of the "zoom in" feature the maps were too resource-intensive to make a lot of, which is why White Clouds and the first halves of non-CF routes are so similar. Because of that, all of the routes are much more homogeneous than they should have been. On the subject of Three Houses' potential influence on future entries, I do think that Three Houses is kind of a culmination of design trends in recent titles, like leaning into RPG/social sim stuff like S supports or having to chose between multiple campaigns. I think the next game should distinguish itself by at least not doing the multiple campaigns thing because both Fates and Three Houses suffered from overstretch because of it.
  9. Is Rhea's tea time stuff paid DLC? Or is it part of the free updates like 25 save slots and Jeritza?
  10. Here's the link. It auto-generates some Fire Emblem hot takes (some of which are NSFW). Here are some of my favorites: "Wil ended slavery." "Gwendolyn is a war criminal." "Romance ruined Awakening."
  11. While I also prefer Blazing over Binding, I do want to say that its gameplay elements aren't necessarily devoid of merit. Lower hit rates, for example, mean that myrmidons and swordmasters' niche is actually super important because they can take advantage of enemy's hit rates (which is why Rutger is one of the better myrmidons in the series) and make bosses consistent challenges because throne bonuses are great in that system. I'd also say that enemies are in general a lot more threatening than in Blazing.
  12. I really like this., since it helps set up Crimson Flower's big departures from the other routes in terms of level design and central narrative. The only thing I would maybe cut down on is the presence of golems and phantom soldiers, especially the bow knights, considering they're meant for a post-timeskip party. I also think that maybe having other Church characters appear might be interesting. I'm going to agree with Omegaxis that this seems unnecessary, but for different reasons. To my mind, if the central conflict of CF is Empire vs Church, then a detour to Shambhala right before the Tailtean Plains would interrupt the pacing of that conflict. I also think that one of Crimson Flower's strong points is that it's very different than the anti-Edelgard routes in terms of story structure, and having to fight Those Who Dubstep undermines that since it's already present in two other campaigns.
  13. Here's a pretty good intro to battalions. That goes over pretty much everything, but here are some specific answers: Endurance is basically the battalion's HP and will go down by roughly half of the damage the unit takes (if the unit on the map takes four damage, for instance, the endurance will go down by two points). That being said, there is a "rule of thirds" benchmark system: battalions will never lose more than a third of their endurance in any one hit (denoted by the triangles next to battalion name; you can also see them on the map). Battalions don't "die" like a unit would in Classic Mode, but if their endurance hits zero they "retreat", nullifying any stat boosts they provide and preventing you from using their gambit. You'll have to spend some money at the battalion guild replenishing them, since there isn't anyway to raise their endurance mid-battle barring online functions. Authority Prowess only raises the might of offensive gambits, and charm increases damage, hit and avoidance (though it has much more impact on the hit/avoidance than damage). However, battalions have a base authority rank needed to use them, like weapons needing a certain skill rank before being usable. Gambit Boosts (Linked Attacks but for Gambits) don't require the other units to have battalions, just that the target of the gambit be in their range(s). I would say battalions are very much worth it. They provide lots of stat boosts for one thing (particularly to hit/avoid/critical) and have great crowd control capabilities since any unit hit by a gambit will be "rattled" and thus prevented from moving for a turn. Offensive gambits are also the most efficient and reliable way to combat monsters, since they can break armor. Support gambits also exist that have arguably some of the most broken effects in the game. Stride, for example, is a gambit that increases units' move by 5 points which can help immensely.
  14. I mean, according to some CNN research from 2018, it seems like Kanye has "higher favorability among white voters and Republicans than non-white voters and Democrats." That suggests to me that he would eat into Trump's base more than Biden's, and that's already presupposing that a) he's entirely serious with this b) he even gets the paperwork and fundraising done needed to even get on ballots and c) he doesn't drop out by Election Day. Remember, Trump declared his nomination at the the beginning of the primary process and had campaign and party infrastructures. Kanye has none of that and, frankly, I think this is probably a sign of an upcoming album more than of a serious campaign. I mean, that's all anecdotal. While I don't doubt some (at best naive) people would vote for him over Trump or Biden I seriously doubt he'd make that much impact. When McMullin announced his candidacy in August 2016 he had political experience and campaign infrastructure and only barely managed to get on ballots in the first place, much less have an appreciable impact on the Electoral College.
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