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  1. Thanks. For the most part the paired endings are predetermined. I've heard a lot of feedback on the first two parts of the game (Ch1-18x) so I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the third part (Ch 20-30) if you'd be willing to share.
  2. I did experience something similar in one of my test playthroughs where Isaac randomly disappeared but returned when I reloaded the save. After a few tests I was unable to replicate the issue. I'll try taking taking a closer look at what might be causing the issue. The Player phase theme for Chapter 26 is "Green Earth Theme" from Advanced Wars 2
  3. I have no idea how I missed that 0 gold Bolganone Tome in the shop lol. Thanks for pointing that out! As far as supports, Supports exist in the form of Talk Events, so more like FE4 than GBA style supports if that answers your question.
  4. Ver 1.4 is now available for download. Major changes include a redesign of many chapters in the part of the game. as well as general rebalancing. I'm still working on incorporating some of the ideas discussed in the above posts and elsewhere, especial the Quality of Life updates. Should also have this posted on FE Universe either today or tomorrow.
  5. I know I said I was adamant on the chest keys, but you guys got me seeing the light here. There are better ways to do what I want to do. Originally, Lionel didn't carry over stats, so he wasn't strong/fast enough to enemy phase, meaning provoke would pull in enemies and you could finish them off on player phase, but with the stats carrying over, Provoke probably hurts more than it helps.
  6. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was trying to deflect your criticism or come up with excuses. Criticism is very helpful for seeing problems that my designer bias may leave me blind to. I've only really received this level of criticism from a couple people and it is what makes the game better. Ch 3 and Ch 5 are going to get redesigns, especially Ch5's Boss. Ch4x will be entirely redesigned since it the most recent addition and nobody seems to like it. I will also try to provide more info to the player when possible so they can make more informed decisions. I'll also try to tone down some of the enemy crit rates. That said there are still a few things I'm fairly adamant on. Legendary Weapons will stay infinite use. It doesn't make sense that these godlike weapons that have existed for hundreds of years would break after only 20 uses. To balance them, only certain characters can wield each one, and after Ch6, almost all of them have some sort of extra requirement to obtain. For example, Seraphim can only be used by a total of 4 characters and can only be obtain in part 1 and 2 through specific conversations. This mean you might go through the whole game and never see/obtain/use some legendary weapons. Player choices. Calling everything is this hack a "risk", was a poor choice of words. While I understand that some things are excessive and I will need to tone those down, I do very much want to emphasize choice for the player. If there is a chest on the map, that does not mean you'll always get what is inside. I intentionally place more chests than keys, and the contents of the chest are never required, only "nice to have". The same is true for Villages and other miscellaneous side objectives. These are designed this way so a player has to choose and that choice is never "wrong". You don't "lose" the contents of the other chest because you never had them. For example, in Ch17, there is a a very large group of enemy reinforcements that appears part way into the chapter. A few of them are very strong. You can opt to ignore them, complete the chapter without fighting any of them, and you don't lose anything. You can also opt to fight them, at great risk, for exp and to potentially obtain a legendary weapon. You simply will not be able to obtain everything in 1 run. This isn't meant to hurt or insult the player, but to give the player a more individualized experience. One player might get a Brave Sword, another might get the Restore Staff. While you might think the Brave Sword is useless, somebody else might think the Brave Sword is a fantastic weapon option for Amos or James who can't wield legendary weapons. Choices you make in some chapters effect later chapters. You won't know this at the time. You might have no idea what triggers certain events that other players may never see. This is the experience you get with Seven Keys. I'll take your advice and try and get this posted to FE Universe sometime soon.
  7. First I'm curious as to what difficulty you are playing on. This will help me understand how these issues can be addressed. While I'm not very upfront about it in the hack itself, this Game is divided into 3 main parts. its was actually developed in 4 main segments. Ch 1-6 are the first part. The first part serves as an intro to the world and more importantly, the importance of the Dragon Bloodlines and the Draconic Weapons. The pre-promoted characters are meant to be overpowered. The Draconic Weapons, even more so. Up to chapter 5, Dugald and August should be able to handle everything on their own. Ch5 however, features a Boss wielding a Draconic Weapon. Therefore he is meant to be incredibly difficult to show off exactly how strong these weapons can be. On Hard difficulty, taking him down might require the sacrifice of other units. Ch6 can easily be soloed by Sinclair on any difficulty level so any sacrifices made in Ch5 will not impede further progress of the game. If the game feels like its moving fast, that's because it is. Ch7 starts the second part with an almost entirely new cast. Also worth noting, everything in this hack is a risk. That's one of the main themes. You can get good items from chests, but you have to decide if they are worth the trouble. In later chapters of part 2, there are entire sections of the map and side objectives you can skip over. That said, the Next update will change alot of stuff in the first part, so your feedback is appreciated. Especially Ch3. I think ch3 is bad and have been wanting to redesign it for awhile. Thanks for your feedback, it is very helpful!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Enemy ranges and HP Bars are definitely something I will look into to adding. As far as the talk option not using an action, I had considered this before but ultimately elected not to implement this change. While several Talk events are just simple conversations to developed characters and story, there are also several that trigger events. Some Talk events give items, Weapon levels, and even unlock future events/Characters/Gaiden chapters. Its really a personal choice so if enough people think it is an issue, I might change my mind. As far as the characters who seem to have an extra Knight Sword in their inventory, this was intentional. The item is sort of a status symbol for those characters. The next update will have some changes to ch2 and ch3 so I definitely be looking at how I can improve ch2. The next update will also expand the Library so I may move a lot of the Opening Text there.
  9. I'm very much open to feedback! Feel free to hit me with ideas or criticisms or questions.
  10. Ver 1.3 is now downloadable. Major changes include: New Events regarding Verity's recruitment, Added symbols for combined lineage and no lineage, a new playable character.
  11. Version 1.1 is now available for download. There is an issue where the title screen still displays "VER 1.0" even though it is ver 1.1
  12. Generally, characters taken their items with them when they leave. For characters who only leave for short periods of time, like 1 or 2 chapters at a time, you can still access their item during battle prep. That said, certain items will not transfer from generation to generation.
  13. Karlak, this is a small oversight. Originally, Isaac could be recruited earlier and would have a conversation with Lydia. His earlier recruitment was scrapped during development, but this conversation was not removed. The conversation was only some short dialog, so it had no effect on gameplay. While Isaac can join at the start of the next chapter, Lydia cannot be recruited in the third part of the game. Hopefully this addresses your concerns.
  14. The main story is complete, with the exception of a few gaiden chapters, but those shouldn't change the main story at all, just add a little extra spice to it.
  15. The 33 chapters mentioned above are available in the Version 1.0, but I do have a few more gaiden chapters planned for later versions.
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