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  1. Here's what I think might happen... There's no reason for a Fire Emblem game to be any larger than what can fit on a 3DS. Therefore, they can just publish the same game on both the Switch and the 3DS a bit like they did for Sm4sh. I doubt that Nintendo wouldn't double release it if there was demand for it.
  2. LOL don't actually show it or your game will 1) be very dark 2) be 18+ by law.
  3. This sounds great! If you need someone to proofread, I can help. I actually know what a comma splice is. Please pick me!
  4. Why not take your younger sibling out for walks? Y'know, get a leash and some poo bags, spend some quality time together, enjoying the fresh air. :)
  5. Are we gonna get a world map like Sacred Stones or nah? I really liked being able to walk around. :)
  6. Loopulk

    FE8 Mad Mode

    Is there any way to make super trainees available from the get-go? That would be nice. :)
  7. Games rated E may include "minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence." If this is an RPG, "minimal" won't cut it. This really should be E10.
  8. Okay. I'll probably just watch that one let's play then. :)
  9. Do you have a file with all of the dialogue? I can't be bothered to replay everything since some of it was hard for me.
  10. Does anyone proofread the dialogue? Like I know that there are six writers/editors but I've seen at lease four comma splices during my play through up to 1-8.
  11. Why is it surprising? It's super refined junk food with lots of sugar.
  12. And even if someone is "properly" Calorie counting, that won't matter if the metabolism is made to suck due to other poor habits. Fact of the matter is, y'alls aren't encouraging these habits which are good for anyone (again, with a super duper tiny amount of exceptions). Also, not all Calories are made equally. Things that are less refined (like organic nuts) are harder for our bodies to digest than something more refined, so we won't "get" all of the Calories in unrefined things. Plus, Calorie counting can get stressful...
  13. We easily feel like trash when overeating, though. We also feel lightheaded when we don't eat enough. Our bodies are pretty reliable. Furthermore, if I am not right, then do people manage to lose weight doing what I do while eating healthy food? Like why are you guys chiefly encouraging Calorie counting and not things that are unambiguously healthy like getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water? Calorie counting should only be temporary if employed at all. Drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep are good habits.
  14. I was referring to not Calorie counting. I did a quick scan of the page and CTRL+F "Calo" and found nothing, so I'm assuming that that's not relevant to Calorie counting. And there are of course some exceptional cases, but Zerxen is probably not one. If he were one, he should go see a doctor. I mentioned that like three or four times so far. Why are you bringing it up as if I don't know? Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that by Calorie counting, food becomes more of a game. People are more focused on the Calories and not actually enjoying the food (which they should do), thus not feel as satisfied and not feeling full as quickly.
  15. People normally at until they're full. That's how our body functions. Nobody's going to develop an eating disorder by eating like someone normally would. Whenever you're trying to lose weight? So you've tried on more than one occasion? Maybe Calorie counting didn't work or isn't sustainable. Normal people don't Calorie count. Really? A lack of Calorie counting is what caused you to be overweight? So you're telling me that you only ate health food, drank plenty a water, got enough sleep, and exercised daily? Well I'll be! If that's the case, go see a doctor.
  16. So eating like a normal person will give one an eating disorder but Calorie counting won't? If you want to destroy your body, go ahead. I've never had to go hungry for years and I feel great.
  17. Wow! Two days! What a reliable time to determine if something is a habit or not. Two days? Really? And to Esau, my original argument wasn't based on evolution. I simply tried that because you didn't believe that people could get eating disorders by rigidly limiting food intake based on energy alone. Many things we do simply out of habit. Once we don't do that thing, not doing it just feels wrong. Calorie counting is the same thing. Once you're in a place where you cannot count Calories, you'll feel groggy, and since you're associating it with health, you'll feel stressed out too (not healthy). Also, it does matter when you eat. For the next month (so we can see results), I dare you to not eat anything until 30 minutes before you go to sleep if you truly believe that eating time does not matter. One more thing, Zerxen. Are you not able to walk/run outside? Being on a treadmill is boring and often leads to a less natural running form (one that humans were not evolved to do) such as bouncing and over-striding.
  18. "All calorie counting does is prevent me from eating while bored." Implying that you did eat when bored previously.
  19. Let's give him advice that won't give him an eating disorder. If he is overweight and eats when he's bored (he admitted that to me in a PM), then he might already have an eating disorder, so let's not replace that one with another. Our bodies have evolved so that if we eat when we're hungry and stop eating when we're full, we'll be at a healthy weight assuming that we're not eating junk. Why can't you trust thousands of years of evolution? Swap out previous junk food with healthy food. Drink more water and get more sleep if needed. Exercise more. I really don't see why limiting our food intake based strictly on energy is required.
  20. Humans were made to survive if starved. That doesn't mean it was healthy to do so. If there was no junk food back then and they were healthy, then that's a clear indicator that junk food made people fat. As for your comparison to other things (reading, flying), we're talking about something that old humans did do and were evolved to do compared to what you are doing in that same activity. With flying and reading, there is nothing from back then to which we can compare them while we can compared eating back then to eating today. This is a main problem with Calorie counting. You won't often know how many Calories are in a meal. It's unneeded stress. Plus, do you really think that the restaurant owners care about your health? Most do not. They want good tasting food because that's what brings people back.
  21. LOL I didn't say I eat whatever I want. I eat how much I want. You should never have to not eat when you're hungry in a normal situation It's simply not normal and our bodies are not made to be hungry for extended periods of time. Good eating habits means eating healthy food. I don't know why you insist that he do something that causes eating disorders. Calorie counting is artificial and unnatural. Why can't people just trust their bodies? We get hungry and full for a reason! Do you not trust that thousands (millions?) of years of evolution could tackle something as simple as eating? What I'm saying is relevant to the topic because it's important to feel good too! How is he going to exercise if he feels like trash? He's not. He needs to feel good and fueled and refreshed. He needs to feel inspired, and by constantly counting calories instead of eating and drinking healthy things, he won't feel those things. Zerxen, why did you gain the weight? Was it because of poor eating? Eat better then. Lack of exercise? Exercise more often and more intelligently. Maybe lack of sleep? Sleep more. Water? Drink more (especially in the morning) so that you don't feel thirsty unless you're in an exceptional situation.
  22. Funny because he (as of you posting this) NEVER mentioned Calories ONCE. You can say that my "feelgood mentality" is ineffective, but it's worked for me and it's worked for many others. I haven't had a soft drink in two years and I'm always in an uppity mood. I'm never physically fatigued unless I have just exercised, so yeah. Oh, and I eat as much as I want and I'm continually losing the stomach fat that I gained during puberty. Hmmm, weird! I wonder why... And don't assume my stance on health. I know that being obese is unhealthy, but I also know that not everyone is going to have the same body-type when healthy. Ultimately, Calorie counting won't allow someone to find that body-type either. Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're no longer hungry (or slightly before, also assuming that one's not speed eating). It's over any frame of time (kind of). Also, just out of curiosity, how old are you?
  23. Agreed 100%. This would also open up the option of even having changing portraits when units promote. :)
  24. I think the real problem with this discussion is about how we're talking about losing weight and not becoming more healthy. Want to lose weight? Cut off your arm! Wanna lose even more? Jump in a volcano! Don't calorie count, Zerxen. Use common sense and what feels right (with logic too, of course) to guide you. You can play with numbers all you want, but they really don't include important things such as our stress levels, when we eat, how much sleep we get, and how much water we drink and when we drink it.
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