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  1. from this thread: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73221896 Thoughts?
  2. Those all look great. I've yet to play that DLC, or even use most of the children characters, so I wasn't aware of what their native classes are. Assuming that those are the classes that they'll end up as, what would you recommend as far as fathers go? I'll just go from there and change things around to suit personal preference.
  3. I'd like for everyone to be somewhat unique, and to bring their own strengths to each fight. That, and it'd be nice if they all stayed within their (canon?) class, i.e., Nowi/Nah as Manaketes, Noire as a Sniper/Bow Knight, Sumia/Cordelia as Dark Fliers/Falcon Knights, etc... That's mainly what I'm going for, which is why I'd like to at least optimize the mother/father pairings - to make up for the sub-optimal classing. And I'm planning on marrying Lucina with a +mag/-def MU.
  4. Looking for some assistance in finalizing the children for my next playthrough. I'll be playing on hard with the intention of doing everything, and getting use out of everyone. This is what I've got so far from reading this thread, with Libra and Kellam not seeing any use: Olivia + Frederick Cordelia + Lon'qu - How much would Severa lose with Gregor as the father? I really like Cordelia/Gregor's support, but it's not that big of a deal. Sumia + Chrom Sully + Donnel Tharja + Gaius - I intend on making Noire either a Sniper or a Bow Knight. Is Gaius the best father for that? Nowi + Vaike Maribelle + Virion Panne + Stahl Cherche + Henry Lissa + Ricken Miriel + Gregor Is there anything you'd swap, or any fathers that aren't as good as Kellam/Libra would be? Also, how do proc skills work with each other? Would 50 skill Ignis, Astra and Aether mean a 0% chance of regular hits, or are they checked one-by-one?
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