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  1. Am surprised that there is so much hate for Kris. It's been a few years since I've played it, but I don't remember them stealing the spotlight. If anything I remember getting some personality out of Marth and other Archanea characters for the first time. Anyway having a completely blank backstory, the ability to select your class, having a large control over your growths, and being given dialogue options throughout the game that have minor effects I think makes Kris the best in terms of the concept thus far. It's significantly easier to put yourself in their place than in Robin or Corrin's. I do agree, however, that any future avatars should have less of a focus in the main campaign, or be regulated to a multiplayer mode. Robin soured me on Avatars. In terms of customization, they were a huge step backwards and the amount of dialogue they have makes it hard to put yourself in their shoes. Robin's story completely overrides Chrom & Lucina in the last third of Awakening. Corrin was basically a lord who's hair you could customize. I have a really hard time calling them an Avatar or My Unit.
  2. There are two listings on that site and the one you posted does seem to be the original version. Only problem is unless they have better pictures to guarantee you're receiving the original, it's a gamble. If you don't care either way you might as well try for the original given it's listing is cheaper and cross your fingers.
  3. There was two different releases of the Awakening OST: https://vgmdb.net/album/37510 https://vgmdb.net/album/56216 The former is the original release, while the latter is a reprint. The content is the same in both of them, but the original release comes in a larger box similar to the Fates/Echoes OSTs and overall looks better. There is no artbook with either release. The original release is much harder to find as it sold out quickly and skyrocketed in price, though I did notice one on eBay as of late.
  4. Mystery of the Emblem for me. I have a huge soft spot for early/mid 90s anime. Shadow Dragon is probably the weakest, as it's mostly just a logo. For series diehards, I'd recommend looking up a copy of Nintendo Dream magazine from June 2016 as it comes with large posters of Mystery, Genealogy, Binding Blade, PoR, Awakening, and Fate's box art. They're folded, but they are still good enough for framing in a game room. There was another issue with an Echoes poster, I don't remember which.
  5. Feb 9? That's my Birthday. Neat. :D The things he has in common with Ike are definitely weird to say the least.
  6. Dang, this is starting to resemble some Zelda Timeline stuff. lol
  7. Seeing as Roy was planned for SSBB but was cut let Mewtwo due to Sonic, that and Sakurai is a FE fan; chances are that FE will get 3 characters: Marth Ike Krom But Krom does have rivalry from Roy and possiblely Shiida for the slot. This is what SWF is spectulating. Also shouldn't this go in the SSB thread?
  8. Hey, everyone this is j04353, I've been a member since about May and I never really gave a formal introduction. FE is one of my favorite game series, and therefore I have been loving this site. So far I've beaten FE 1,and all FE games released worldwide, and am working on FE2. However I have run into a problem, for the past few months (since August) I have been unable to access the site using my computer, as it on all parts of the site, a message (403 FORBIDDEN) comes up. As such right now I'm using another computer to come here for the moment. :( So if anyone can help me, that would be greatly appreciated. And I will check back in a few to see if anyone has any ideas. If not, then nice to have met you all, and I hope I will be able to come back in May when I get a new computer. :) Also I have both FE1 and 2 manuals plus some extra FE1 artwork not on the site, I got when I bought both games. And if possible, what would be a good way to post these on the site? Ignoring that I can't access the site normally.
  9. Wow, that makes me wish I knew a little more Japanese. Especially since I think in some character endings they mention FE2. Here's a small update, Jake can be recruited without speaking to Anna. Marich is recruited in the northern village of Ch. 4, not in the western village. Ch. 16 has more forts for reinforcements to appear but only for 2 turns. Shooters battle sprites change depending on what weapon is equiped. Also there is a Sound Test mode (although there are only about 15 songs in the game), which I believe is activated by finishing a Ch. and selecting not to continue to the next chapter. Then by pressing up, down, left, right, A, takes you to it. I've tried to do it once, but it the game crashed and deleted all my data (which is why it took me another month to beat). Anyway, this means that it still needs to be tested.
  10. I'd say SSBM was my 1st FE experience, Roy quickly became my favorite character to use, especially for All Star on Very Diff. My 1st FE game was FE8. I sucked of course, and resorted to GameShark to beat it. Soon after I lost GameShark and sold FE8. Only to later buy FE9. Since then, I have beaten all the U.S. FE games, including FE8 which I bought again and beaten fairly. And have recently bought FE1 and FE2. Of which so far I have beaten FE1.
  11. Oops, your right, sorry I must have not been playing attention. Thank you.
  12. HI, this is j04353 and I just beat FE1. I did it with a famicom cartage + converter, not the ROM. And seeing this is the least played and discussed FE game I thought i'd give some insight on the game, that hopefully the main site hasn't. Summary: 1. This is the arguably the easiest of the FE games (the latter on Normal Difficulty) and is much easier than its remakes, due to many differences that were changed in other FE games and that are easy to abuse in this game. 2. This is pure 8-bit FE. 3. This game is probably the easiest FE game to play without translation due to the 2 remakes and lack of extra menus/items/features. Differences:(Please note that some of these may not be fully tested) Stats/EXP: 1. All stats max out at 20 except for HP (52) and Resistance (7). 2. There are no growth rates for Resistance. 3. Promotion gains are based on the base stats of the upgraded class and if a unit stats are above them during promotion, then they gain nothing in that stat. (So you really want to save stat boosters until after promotion) 4. All EXP is carried over during Promotions. 5. Units will gain the same amount of EXP despite their LV. Classes: 1. Social Armour Knights are unable to promote 2. Shooters have the same ranges as normal archers. 3. Chainy can attack with swords, he only gains EXP when he attacks untransformed, when he copys another unit he also copys their current HP not just their max HP, he can copy mamkutes. 4. Healers only gain EXP when attacked by an enemy, equal to that units defeated EXP base value. CPU/Chapter Maps: 1. All CPU's main pirortiy is to attack Marth, even if another Player unit is almost dead, if Marth is an attack option for them they will attack him 1st above any other Player unit. 2. Enemies weapons/items have unlimited uses. The game also does not show/highlight items that are dropped. 3. Reinforcements appear at the start of enemy turns, allowing them to be used the same turn. 4. CH. 15: has more grass then in the remakes, Garnef will not chase after you unless you are within range, reinforcements however appear at the start of the chapter. 5. CH. 20: Camus is now placed on the seizeing castle and will not move, Generals (including Lawerence) will move towards you after a few turns, 6. CH. 23: There are 4 Garnefs, however only 1 is holding Maph and they won't attack on the enemy turn unless Marth is within range, Turns: 1. At the beginnings of Chapters you can only select units for that Chapter, and you must use the allowed # of uints given to use or you cannnot begin the Chapter. 2. You cannot trade items, only give items. 3. Merlinus style tents appear in every chapter to hold items (max 30). Withdrawing costs nothing, but depositing items costs $10. 4. Max weapons/items you can hold are 4. 5. Due to no battle prep at the begining of chapters, it must be done at the end of chapters. Shops/Arenas: 1. ALL SHOPS (INCLUDING SECRET SHOPS WITH STAT BOOSTERS) HAVE UNLIMITIED ITEMS 2. Arena battles cannot be exited from, all arena battles are played at closed range making archers/shooters on ether side useless (Not fully tested), arenas have instant deaths traps occasionally, 3. You use the item you have equipped in your inventory in the arena. 4. There is a way to know which unit a unit will fight in the arena based on the gold shown at the start of matches (I'll post how to know later in the Site Content part of the SF Forum). Other changes/Easter Eggs: 1. Only Marth, Mage Linda, and Mediuth have their own battle sprites, 2. If Falcion is equiped and battle animation is turned off, the battle animations when fighting will still happen, 3. Chainy only copys the male battle sprites and his portrait will not change, he can also use promotion items while transformed. 4. Mediuth (for some reason) has 71 EXP dispite being at max LV. 5. The only Character that you gain that has RES is Gato. 6. Miracle Sword is a rapier and can only be used by Marth, Dragonstones have unlimited uses, Tips: (Since you can't call yourself an FE Master (I'm not yet) without beating the 1st game, I hope this may help some people). 1. Due to enemy fixation on Marth, he makes a great bait unit to place on the front lines to protect other units. 2. Since healers are nearly useless in this game, here is the best way to gain a good healer, - In Ch.3 there are 2 thieves, kill 1 and place Rena on castle when the other is in range, and each enemy turn she with gain 40 EXP without being harmed, 3. In arenas, have a mage fight an archer and they will be able to attack without being counterattacked and win every time. Only works with mage Marich and Linda. 4. Word to the wise, don't directly watch the Triangle Attack unless you want a seizure. I may update later, but for now feel free to post questions/talk about the game here. NO I AM NOT A TRANSLATOR. I was doing a walkthough of the ROM game on Youtube, but since this game is very slow and hard to speed run through, I stopped. But if people would like to see a walkthough, just ask.
  13. I may have some FE1 save files, but since I bought FE1 to play on my NES I may have deleted them. So I will have to check. But check out a site called RPG Classics, they have a FE1 walkthough (It's not very good) full of good pictures from every chapter.
  14. Fire Emblem 3,4, at Orchestral Game Concerts 3&5
  15. Best: FE7 Marcus Worst: FE1 Jeigan (His growth rates are the same as FE3 Book 1 but his base stats are even lower)
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