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  1. Is it possible that the _ times cleared game affect the unlockable class roll using cheats?
  2. Interested in this as well. Tried the cheat code (Number of times game has been cleared) to 6 and it doesn't do anything.
  3. Art/Character Design The current character design looks cheap and reminds me of the shin megami / persona game. Best artist for character design would be as following: Girls : Yuji Maidens: Kita/Kaya8 Ladies: Kita Boys: Yuji Lads/Men: Kita/Sachiko/Okaya Animals inc dragons/wyverns and were-people/laguz: Chie/Hidari/Sachiko Monsters: Hidari Badass bosses human: Chie Badass bosses monster: Kita/Sachiko/Hidari The reason for these selections are the strong point of the character being memorable, strong impression of the character's personality before reading their backstory at first glance while each character designed uniquely and less likely to have the same-face anime syndrome. The moe character design just doesn't work for me for a classy game like Fire Emblem, such as the artstyle of the kozaki garbage. Kozaki artsyle are probably attractive for masses plebs because it could be seen in pretty much all anime nowadays where they need to take a break for that pleb art style. They could've make a return of the moving mouth and blinking eyes animation combined with the various expression of the 3ds games though. As for their personalities, nothing much could be said up to this point. p.s. Hopefully the marriage/partnering system doesn't return, it's such a nuisance for the plot.
  4. "The links at the left". Yes, they should stay. And may I add a suggestion? How about retain the old site left links art; I mean the boxes that darken when hovering the pointer. Maybe just tweak them a little (such as implement the icons of the new site, replace the numbers, retain the series name or any that I couldn't think of atm), instead of the link-text, because I don't know how to say this but, it just feel like the generic wikia design, in which I'm not a fan of. The Serenesforest uniqueness and simplicity are what make this resource site, like no other. All in all, good job for the redesign the site. Keep up the good work!
  5. How about just the FE8 characters? Is Xyst/Gerik large enough? There's no Gerik in http://serenesforest.net/gallery/20th.html.
  6. Greetings everyone, http://serenesforest.net/gallery/20th.html Anyone else willing to scan the whole artbook in better/best quality? I know, it's all about FE13 atm, but please neglect not of this masterpiece. (I just loved the Sacred Stones art that never seen before) I wish I could get the book myself, but it's freaking US dollars. Very very expensive to import.
  7. I'll try again someday. #1 Ever heard of color contrast? #2 The contrast value doesn't fit well. #3 Liked the picture slideshow, although I feel dizzy and squinted my eyes often with the masked Awakening dragon, distracting. #4 Too green but liked the fireflies/orbs scattering around. #5 Greenish-yellow of the forum's BG. Good. #6 Much effort can be seen here. Should have done better though. #7 Lines looks familiar, but where? #8 Error 404 #9 Hmm.... can't even see although followed the instructions. Not done well for slower PC (viewed from friend's Mac). #10 Okay. #11 Liked the original ideas and simplicity. #12 Sucked. Can see the eye portal though. Oh well, who am I to judge.
  8. What file format the banner would be? JPG? PNG? Could I use (smaller size) animated GIF as well? (sorry been inactive for quite a while since the last script submission. . . )
  9. WOW! More renew artworks of old Fire Emblem! Love it! Love SACHIKO WADA artworks! But, young Roy looks a bit...mature? Thought he was from the DNAngel anime.. Leaf's new artwork have the Sacred Stone artwork design! Love it! Anyway, Wish this great game series would be adapt into anime/CGI full movie! (They already had the great epic storylines and great character designs)
  10. Ah, thanks for your great help, Celice! :) I can move on my own now. Thanks again!
  11. RE: Hi everyone here on Serene Forest Forum! Yeah, I did, Celice. Oh, how shall I reach that Kawa's site? Ok, thanks for the advice. :) Small world! :D Thanks, it actually works! I can run Sappy now, thanks again! :D Oh, I see it then. Actually I have done that, reading fan MIDIs, but it somehow doesn't sounds right to me, like, off-keys, too fast/slow, remix and so on. Well, I just love the original one. :) Like the MIDI in this Japanese site; http://disadvantaged.web.fc2.com/fe.html#contents I might reconsider of your suggestion as well, Agromono. By the way, thanks again. :) Really?! I've tried on NSF & SPC before, but just able to retrieve the wav. files. :( (Recorded directly using emulator/specific media players) Never thought it can actually recorded into MIDI. :O Nice info! :) May you suggest utilities that can actually doing MIDI for both NSF & SPC? (I've tried searching them before, but seems I just found error sites, unavailable downloads, or maybe from not correct sources, then I gave up on that) Bullseye! You're exactly right! :D That's what I'm trying say, the physical tracks, but I don't know how to ask in proper word before. :D Actually, I found this Japanese site few days ago that offer the exact MIDI sounded as in GBA. But sadly, not all the tracks are available. That's why I tried Sappy programs, per suggestion from sites that I Google myself (which I'm a newbie about music hacking thingy). Here the site that I'm talking about, it's been ages of for me finding this, (it's Japanese, that's why can't find it with English Google! Silly me! http://disadvantaged.web.fc2.com/fe.html#contents By the way, thank you so much to you nice guys here for guiding me in this, I truly appreciate it! (FYI: I'm the one that contributed the Sacred Stone main script in this main site years ago, after I gave up on music hacking BEFORE started the script, yeah, just if someone bothers to read the script though. )
  12. Hi everyone here on Serene Forest Forum! How to extract MIDI from Fire Emblem GBA 6/7/8? I want to learn the exact scores on Synthesia. I need the RAW MIDI, not fan/sequencer one. Or maybe someone here can provide the download link for all the RAW Midi files? The problem; I have´╗┐ downloaded Sappy 2006 Mod 15, but when I try to open the .exe, it's showing a message like this; Run-time error '339': Component 'vbalCbEx6.ocx' or one of its component dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. I have reboot my computer but it seems doesn't work too. I'm using Win 7 Ultimate, 32 bit. I'm also try the older version of Sappy, but it still showing the same message. Does this thing using command prompt? If it does, how to fix it? Any solution? ASAP... Thanks for concerning. Just trying my luck here...
  13. Hi, Quirino. I would like to help you. Just send me the text dump and its corresponding position in the game.
  14. Agree with Ike-Mike! Scan them carefully. Wow! Its truly classic and brings memory of the first Fire Emblem.
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