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  1. Thanks for all the pictures everyone! I think that should do for the advanced classes of the classes I'm considering. What about the base classes though? I'd kind of like to see them, if it's not too much trouble for you guys to get pictures of base classes. I don't know if you can "unpromote" in this game like you could in Awakening. To reiterate, the male and female generic models for Mercenary, Fighter, Samurai, and Ninja are what I would like to see next, if it's not too much trouble.
  2. Elise? Legal? Wot? On an unrelated note, here's a thing I found: [spoiler=Big Image]
  3. Thanks. Do you have a picture of Master Ninja in a more "neutral" pose so that I can get a better look at the outfit? And do you have rear-view pictures of these classes by any chance?
  4. Thanks! Hm, I was leaning towards Mercenary/Hero, but I don't think I really dig those tight white pants. Maybe Samurai/Swordmaster then... Well, at any rate, I've got time to think about it. Oh, I just remembered, whoever Kamui marries gets access to his secondary class, right? Out of curiosity, what do female characters look like in those classes? Any female character is probably fine, as long as they use a generic model in that class. None of the female characters I'm considering to have Kamui marry have any of these classes as their primary, so I presume they'll probably just use a headswapped generic model.
  5. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you going through the trouble. So, these are all of the endings, correct? Every single one? No one has unique endings unless they marry Odin, Laslow, or female Kamui?
  6. Thank you! That is much better. I really appreciate that. I would greatly appreciate the Nohrians' and the children's endings as well. Hm, so nobody except Odin and Laslow, and also female Kamui in Revelations, have unique paired endings? That is really weird that the female Kamui would have unique endings, but not the male. So Kagerou won't have a happy marriage unless she marries Odin? That's sad. :(
  7. Thanks for all the pictures so far everyone. Keep 'em coming. These are really fun to see. Also, I have a couple of specific requests. I'm considering taking Mercenary, Fighter, Samurai, or Ninja as Kamui's secondary class tree whenever I am eventually able to get this game, and I'd like to know how he looks in those classes (and their promotions) before I decide. Male Kamui, just to be clear. Front and back pictures, if at all possible. Sorry if this is a tall order.
  8. Geez, "MESS archive" is right. It's poorly formatted and half in Japanese. Some of those don't even specify a name (at least not in English). Is there any list that's a bit cleaner, and completely in English?
  9. I'm looking for a list of endings for each character and possible pairing, but I don't know where I can find them. The Fire Emblem Wikia has some, but the list of endings for each character is nowhere near complete. Only a handful of paired endings are present, and I'm not sure if they're the actual endings from the English version of the game, or fan translations of the Japanese version's endings. Can anyone help me in this regard? I want to use the endings to help me plan my pairings.
  10. I made this topic once a long time ago, but I don't recall having any luck. Now that the game has been out in English for a few months, I figured I'd try again. So yeah, I'd like to see some pictures of characters in classes besides their default, just for fun. Perhaps their secondary class tree, for starters. Maybe also some classes that they don't normally have access to. Maybe some characters in "unfitting" classes (like Sakura as a Fighter, or Benny as a Mage, just for example). That might be entertaining to see.
  11. Thanks. Some of those were worth a good chuckle. Is that really all there is though?
  12. Thanks, but that's not really what I'm looking for. I looked at all of those, and they only had each character's base class and underwear, and MAYBE one promoted class. (And some were just the base class and nothing else.) Like I said, I'm looking for pictures of characters in classes OUTSIDE their default trees. If nothing else, could someone who owns the Japanese game just grab me a few quick front and back pictures of the specific characters in specific classes I mentioned in my first post?
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