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  1. Looks great, there was a lot of stuff added to it! Even the texture of the hair is different!
  2. Nice avatar! Is he a character from FE or is it an OC?

    1. SirRob


      Hi! It's an original artwork from Senri Kita, the person who did the character art for Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. I Photoshopped in Phoenicis Hall as the background. I found the image on a blog, I think... but I don't know what happened to it.

  3. Thank you everyone for your interest in my art, and thank you especially to the people who commented and voted. If you're interested in seeing more of my art, you can visit my deviantArt gallery, or for the more adventurous, my FurAffinity gallery. I haven't uploaded this to either gallery, but I plan to in the future after I work on it some more. Also, if you have any other thoughts or feedback, I would definitely like to hear them!
  4. Whoa, Battlefield ended up taking over Origami Grima in the end, that number 3 spot was a tight race. I'm glad Awakening and the Grima sculpture were the grand prize winners, they totally deserve it. And grats to everyone who made it to the top.
  5. Hi, chiming in after seeing you wanted constructive criticism. But on a technical level I can't really say much, because I think it's great. Like Shaman said, the sense of temperature is awesome. Going into constructive feedback, Eliwood's fingers are a bit off. His belt, while it looks fine when looking at the whole picture, looks strange on its own; I think it would be better defined with darker lines, or maybe the lighting could be less harsh, or maybe the base color could be changed. I think the castle-looking structure behind the fire could either be expanded upon or removed entirely. The perspective on Nergal's arms seems a little off to me too, although I think the hands are good in scale and perspective. I believe I voted for this in the first round, but I didn't vote for it in the finals. As I said, on a technical level it is one of the best illustrations in the contest, but the color palette, which is this illustration's best quality in my opinion, does not mesh with my perspective on what Blazing Sword is. If this were any other game, I think it would have left an even greater impression on me.
  6. Hi, I made The Devoted. I actually started the piece before the contest was announced, because I wanted to make a nice little poster for my room. I had to put it on hold in December, though. I heard about the contest in January and scrambled to finish it. Cleaned up the lines, colored, and shaded everything in half a month, working on it every day. It was really hectic; I believe one day I worked on it for around 10 hours. I'm a pretty slow artist; even with all that time, I only finished about an hour before the submission period ended. Once I am able to, I plan to go back and work on it some more. One thing I definitely want to add is a fully fleshed out background. The current background uses a texture I made for a series of drawings I've been working on, and the sky and mountains were last minute additions. The composition was a rough process; this is probably one of the most extensive single illustrations I've worked on, and with every character I added to the composition, I felt more and more like it would be very unlikely for me to finish! There ended up being a lot of negative space, but I'm hoping the background addition will help with that. For what I submitted, I think I could have quickly sketched up a forest in the space between Ike and Sephiran, but I didn't think to do that at the time. I use livestream, so I had some friends watching me work on this, and they pointed out some stuff and supported me. Streaming my art does a lot to motivate me. Uh, well I rambled a lot. I really appreciate all the support the community has shown for a stranger's work. The whole contest has been very encouraging for me, and seeing so many people show enthusiasm for one of my favorite video game series is really great. Thank you. Also, to the people who commented on my work, thank you for the feedback as well. Since I do plan to go back and work on it more, the constructive feedback really helps me out.
  7. I voted for 10 works. I voted for a few that I didn't vote for in the first round, because while I felt those pieces didn't really need my vote the first go around, I think now all my favorites deserve all the support they can get. For a while I was debating on whether I liked Alluring Blossoms or Light Inheritor better; Alluring Blossoms is rendered at a high level and has a pleasing color palette that works with the tender emotion it's portraying, while Light Inheritor, fitting to its name, plays incredibly well with light and shadow and sets a tone of solemn duty, which is a theme present in the series as a whole. Eventually I just went with both lol
  8. I would really love to see this photographed professionally in a medieval or natural setting.
  9. Since I was curious, I did a bit of snooping on this piece. According to a reddit page I found, it was created using Source Filmmaker, a video editing app made by Valve. Maybe this was all made from scratch, but it's possible that the models are found objects. However the composition, posing and lighting effects are likely all original. It's definitely a valid submission, but I think labeling it as an illustration is misleading.
  10. As a voter, limiting the choice to one when there's 50 options would make the process very difficult for me- especially when comparing different media.
  11. I put my votes in. In a future contest, I think having a mandatory short description for the stories would make things easier to look through.
  12. Getting to this story after reading so many of the other entries was a real slog. I came into the story with the expectation of skimming through it and tossing it. But this really was an enjoyable read, so I'm glad I was able to look through it before the voting ends. Strong concept and theme.
  13. Alright, gave it a read. :) Thanks for letting me know.
  14. I read a bit of it now, but I stopped at the part involving the queen because I was worried about getting into major spoiler territory. The fight between Xander and Ryoma was eloquently written though. I found myself reading it out loud. I hope these submissions will get archived after the contest, because I think I would enjoy reading this after I've played through the game.
  15. Oh wow, I missed the back side. Glad the post was updated.
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