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  1. Sorry that the thread is a little bit old by now, but was the culprit behind the softlock ever identified?
  2. If you caught these before, my apologies, but a couple points I personally noticed. (Though, props to Heroes of Shadow, it's a great translation) In the final chapter of the game, there's some dialogue which uses God with a capital G. (As well as some support conversations, I think). This is really weird, especially when characters still say "oh, gods!" This deserves another look. In Luke and Roderick's support, they specify "getting laid" and "the lay-deez." The first of which would never be in an official translation, and the latter sounds like cringy internet speak. Additionally, some of the dialogue really overtly talks about dying and killing. Was FE11's dialogue this overt (it's been awhile since I've played it)? I thought they would usually say something like "defeat." I'll look through the script again shortly. Are you keeping the "damns" and such? Not that it bothers me, and it does bring the game script closer to Awakening, but it feels unusual compared to SD. One final personal note: I still think "Heroes of Light and Shadow" is a better subtitle by itself. New Mystery sounds like a typical Japanese remake name, and it's only in FEH because a lack of an official title. I think the former is what NoA would've picked, as not only does it keep "Shadow" as a motif, but the war is the War of Heroes, which doubles the relevance. Using both sounds way too long, but I understand Some edits: What exactly is Pales referring to? Is this just supposed to mean the palace?
  3. I remember playing with the sync patch and the recruitable ballistae were still red (since FE12 has no allied ones). Did you fix this with the graphical update?
  4. That's quite peculiar, but I don't know the technicalities of it. However, it now does not work on my flash cart.
  5. This is awesome! No rush, of course, but any idea when a complete patch will be out? I know it's best to wait for Heroes to be added, of course. My two cents on the subtitle: I really liked "Heroes of Light and Shadow" over "New Mystery of the Emblem" and thought it's more like the name NoA would've given us. Shadow Dragon wasn't called New Shadow Dragon, after all, since the original never came out in the west. Plus, Heroes of Light and Shadow and Shadow Dragon as titles both link the motif of "shadows" much like Binding Blade and Blazing Blade, or Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. I'm perfectly fine with using both titles, as you have, but the "New" always seemed out of place to me. Though I suppose I can think of it as something like the Emblem having a new mystery to it compared to its mystery in the previous game. The Shadow Dragon "Fire Emblem" font is a great touch, though. For a final question, what are you doing with the character's item names. Stuff like "Rody's Lance" would not fit when changed to "Roderick's Lance." These aren't in your changelog, so I'm curious if you checked them over them (or just did replace-all). I've got a couple in my save, so if it carries over with the patch, I'll give it a look. Oh, and finally, have you considered changing the "How's Everyone" to whatever it is in Awakening?--"barracks," I believe. Edit: is my patcher not working, or is it supposed to be smaller?
  6. I'm curious why the patched rom becomes so much larger. It's impossible to inject into Virtual Console, which makes me sad.
  7. This sounds interesting. I actually found this because I was hoping someone would make a hack to add back the extended hard-mode epilogue that was cut from the non-Japanese releases. I've seen very little hack work done on ISOs, so if you have the capability to do so, I was hoping you might give this a look (or share one that someone has done already?)
  8. I came here to share what the person just above me said. I really hope gringe is intending to adopt the now-official names (yay for this being standardised finally!). Other than the work, I don't see a reason not to personally, but fortunately the text is (relatively?) easy to edit in the GBA games in case anyone else really gets stubborn.
  9. I personally have no preference for one name over the other in most cases, but I really really hope that this translation adopts all of the newly localised names given in the Heroes page. If not, can someone show me how to edit text for my own mini-hack?
  10. It's obviously too late to submit this as an idea, but, I was just wondering why you didn't use Thracia's "Fire Emblem" logo for the title screen. As a secondary question, what graphics editor did you use?
  11. This looks awesome! Could you include a version for Binding Blade, hopefully?
  12. I of course don't mean to nitpick, but if you ever do a v1.1, make sure to call it the Sword of Seals now.
  13. Haven't seen any updates on this in awhile but I'm hyped about it. Any updates coming soon?
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